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Old 2011-10-05, 14:05   Link #41
In harmony with the flow
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Some people who have watched the Tamayura OVA's have mentioned to me that the characters portrayed there seemed to be somehow "without context" or even without history, and that made it hard to relate to them or to the story.

I think that one of the reasons the series might work for them is that there is more of a context and history that is able to be established over the course of several eps, and it seems that is one of the things ep 1 was doing.

I re-watched the 4 OVA's before watching ep 1 and found myself quickly piecing together the chronological narrative that was haphazardly let out in bits and pieces with what was presented in ep 1, and I found ep 1 all the more interesting because of that.

But it definitely might be a better lead in ... i.e. the series leads in to watching and appreciating the OVA's, whereas the OVA's might make it hard for people to be interested in the series if it did not interest them.
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Old 2011-10-05, 16:34   Link #42
Join Date: Sep 2006
That was absolutely beautiful, and more than lived up to my expectations, so soft and gently bittersweet. Junichi Sato does it again, hurrah!

It is giving me camera envy though, a few years ago I tried to get a Rollei 35S but got outbid both times. Lovely little cameras they are.
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Old 2011-10-05, 18:33   Link #43
Guess what time it is?
Join Date: Feb 2011
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I really enjoyed the designs, particularly the backgrounds in her old town. It felt just authentically dingy enough to connect with, but still nostalgic and pleasant. Made me want to live there.

We'll see how the show itself progresses, but for now, it puts me in a happy place, and that's enough to get me watching.
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Old 2011-10-05, 19:44   Link #44
Join Date: Nov 2003
Thumbs up ep1

wonderful. love the voice cast, art & music and above else the warmth this series radiates
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Old 2011-10-05, 19:44   Link #45
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I liked the OVA, but I just will see when release blu-ray. It is the anime of the season passing in quality SD (upscale of 480i).
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Old 2011-10-05, 21:11   Link #46
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A nice slice-of-life, with echoes of Aria, but having a bit of a depressing backdrop. Powerful scenes with the old photos. I'm disappointed that Chihiro-chan isn't going to be a regular (at least it seems that way, given the move and all); the poor girl's meltdowns wrought some ironic lol's.
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Old 2011-10-05, 23:13   Link #47
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How does one make something so perfect?

For some reason, I decided to watch the OVA and start watching the show, even though I have plenty of good stuff on my hands as it is. Fuu-pyon/Potte is such a sweetheart, this story made me all teary-eyed more than once; Tamayura manages to convey those oft-talked about feelings in a very believable and humble manner. This is already one of my favorites -- I simply cannot find anything wrong with it.

Therefore I was even more delighted to see that this will be a TV series and not another OVA; I'm hoping for a lot of 26 (but that's probably not gonna happen). I think the opening did a great job. Just as with the other characters, Tamayura seems to have perfectly fleshed out Chihiro in a few effortless strokes of its gentle artistic brush. Setting the story in the past was a great choice, it was so nice to see how Fuu-pyon discovered her love for photography. For such an anonymous studio, the art and animation are top notch, even better than the OVA's.

This makes me wonder if I should look for more G-rated animes...
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Old 2011-10-06, 03:34   Link #48
You are Reading this!
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: In the study room
Simple yet refreshing and somehow heartwarming, doesn't has any needless drama or characters that are too 'unique'.

Best for me is probably the backgrounds, where it is smooth and isn't too colourful, but one that eases the eyes.
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Old 2011-10-06, 04:55   Link #49
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That was great, I'd say it's better than the OVAs already, but it was just lovely to watch.
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Old 2011-10-06, 09:33   Link #50
Senior Member
*Graphic Designer
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Location: Brazil
Just watched episode 1 and i really liked it, the atmosfere was so calm and heartwarming.
I dont know but a cried a little in the middle.
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Old 2011-10-06, 09:36   Link #51
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
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Worth A Thousand Words

Not all memories we keep are good. We naturally fear the ones we associate with negativity and try to bury them in the back of our minds. Sometimes some memories aren’t even bad but we think they are. Potte is no different from this, and perhaps generalizes much of her father’s photography as negative ones that would only remind her of his death. Imagine her surprise that when she finally sees the photos after all these years, and is instead reminded of so many good things she had tucked away in her fear of remembering her father’s death. We tend to fear the bad so much that the good things get lost in the mix of our tumultuous emotions and memories. Potte learned today that the bad things go alongside the good, and we can’t have one without the other. She buried her father deep in her memories only to be reminded that even in his death, the good things they had in life will never change, nor will they ever go away. On that day she rediscovered the father she had buried not only in a grave, but in her past.

Photography then would be both the bridge that connects her to her hometown and to her father. The last thing her father left for her, aside from his photos, was his camera where everlasting memories were created and layered on film. She makes his hobby her own, considering that she also has an interest in photography. The photos are both mysterious yet comforting to her, reminding her of days gone by but also inspiring curiosity in her to learn more about the world she once shared with her family. The places and the faces in the photos make her want to learn about the world she had shut herself off from when her father died. She thinks herself now ready to return and learn about the world her father lived in, starting with the town of Takehara where she had spent much of her childhood. With a supportive family behind her she goes off the find the town she only remembers in her memories and her fathers photographs.

A place she hopes to capture herself, with her father’s old camera.

Photographs so easily evoke from us even the deepest and oldest of memories. We humans have highly evolved visual and memory capabilities, and even when we think we’ve moved on and forgotten, even the slightest reminder can easily make us remember things we thought we’ve forgotten. The art of capturing these places, these moments, began all the way when we humans learned to draw art on caves, and now we have the ability to capture them as they are on film. On the fly we can capture these moments as they are, everyday, wherever and whenever we see them. Their ability to evoke so many human memories and emotions might be unparalleled.

Worth a thousand words after all.
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Old 2011-10-06, 11:04   Link #52
In harmony with the flow
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Shall the flowers bloom atop the mountain?...
Good write up/review Meotwister (I followed your link).
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Old 2011-10-07, 03:26   Link #53
Hikari no Clover
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the reason i started watching this was just because i love camera and photography, but the first episode didn't seem to involve much knowledge about it, i hope they will put more camera-related elements later in the series because i saw a lady holding a nikon in the opening, shame i am a canon fanboy though.

beside that, i found one thing that actually surprised me a lot, the plot was set at Takehara Hiroshima where i have visited last year, felt so nostalgic!!!!! i was on a Sai-searching-journey (Hikaru no Go) in Hiroshima alone
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Old 2011-10-07, 08:19   Link #54
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Awwwww. The first episode is just as cute as the OVAs! I want to see more of that crybaby girl Chihiro. She's sooooo much like me, it's unbelievable! We share a love for stuffed animals!! And I also cry at little things a lot.
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Old 2011-10-07, 11:01   Link #55
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Takehara where this series is set isn't that far from Onomichi, the setting for Kamichu! which has a similar small-town-Japan feel to it. The Seto Island Sea coast really is as picturesque as it is represented in both series.
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Old 2011-10-08, 06:36   Link #56
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The first episode was absolutely heartwarming and adorable. Chihiro was such a fantastic friend, and Fuu was as warm and loving as ever.

I have mixed feelings about whether this is actually better than the OVA. I'm not sure which I prefer yet, but both are fantastic, so it's a trifling matter.
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Old 2011-10-08, 11:51   Link #57
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
Join Date: Jul 2004
It took me until now to watch episode one. But what a great episode. Maybe my memory is poor, but it seemed to me this was better than the OVA. It affected me more, anyway.

I was particularly bowled over by the seiyuu work for Chihiro (Fuu's friend). Especially early on, when she was trying to cry and talk at the same time. It took until the end credits for me to realize that the seiyuu was Kotobuki Minako. Good job, Minako. And good job Ayanyan, too.
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Old 2011-10-09, 04:05   Link #58
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Well, I'm dropping this one. It's something between Yuruyuri & Kimi to boku, but more emotional. It's nice, but... not enough to continue watching.

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Old 2011-10-09, 04:16   Link #59
❤Ichigo 100%❤
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Originally Posted by ookamigirl View Post
Well, I'm dropping this one. It's something between Yuruyuri & Kimi to boku, but more emotional. It's nice, but... not enough to continue watching.
Something similar to Yuru Yuri? I'm so adding this to my list, but the references from Kimi to boku is a turn-off, the pacing so slow and its giving off a strong scent of yaoi
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Old 2011-10-09, 08:13   Link #60
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Age: 30
It's really not similar to Yuru Yuri. Pacing is much closer to Kimi to Boku, in that it's a slow, slice of life show, but other than that; not very similar shows.

If you've seen Aria the Animation, that's something I would liken it to. It's not a perfect comparison, but with similar themes and the same director, it's a fair pick.
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iyashikei, slice of life

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