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7 out of 10 : Good 37 14.12%
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Old 2011-09-15, 14:49   Link #61
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
I had quite a good time watching Angel Beats!.
As usual in Key, and unlike in many series, the protagonist is fun, interesting and neither a hot-blooded idiot nor a stupid good larva unable to do something by himself, and the girls are loveable and great to have along. Tenchi in particular was absolutely adorable.
The idea of the plot was very original and allowed for lots of fun.
The jokes were often very funny and the emotional moments were touching.

Too bad that, like many pointed it, it was very disjointed and suffered a LOT from being FAR too short. Lots of things also didn't make sense (for example :

) and many others weren't adequately explained (seriously, the whole explanation about the world and the NPC was a garbled mess that left me in a very confused state and not really getting the picture). I won't even talk about the ending, which was also quite a mess (well, not the final ending, the "just before the end" explanation).

It could have been a GREAT serie, with good humour and interesting characters, but bad pacing, horrid exposition and ultra-compressed constraints took their toll.
Still, I spent a nice moment and had quite a bit of fun, so I give it a nice 7 ("good").
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Old 2011-09-15, 19:25   Link #62
Tasty Ninja Weapon
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: The edge of reality...
Age: 25
I always put down the continued fight with Kanade to that the whole "she's a normal person thing" was only a theory for a while, and why stop the fight because of a theory?
I also believe reading someone say that the series was meant to be supplemented with the novel and such, which explains alot about the SSS and how it came to be.
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Old 2011-09-24, 21:57   Link #63
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Lost in a delusional world.
The series grasped an aspect of life which hadn't been explored. After the third episode I began realizing the true message, this anime was trying to bring forth. At first I thought it was one of those humor/romances, and I dropped the series as soon as I saw Yuri holding a sniper rifle.

But I ended up giving it another chance because I thought the humor would amuse me. And as the series progressed, I felt different as if I were looking at it the wrong way. They're backgrounds started to unfold and they began captivating me in they're ironic, and cruel, fate.

They gave detailed backgrounds to few characters, which sinked you in with them, unfortunately the same can't be told for the rest as it really seems rushed. Considering the number of plot holes at times you don't even know where the series is going, as they change things a lot, different resolutions go back and forth.

Nevertheless it proved my first reactions wrong, and my final remarks would call the series nothing less than beautiful. I also learned that the cruelest thing you could do is take away a child's right to live before he can realize how beautiful life really is.

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Old 2011-09-27, 20:03   Link #64
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2009
I think this is one of the best anime series I have seen
animation- stellar and well done, great eye candy
charachters- I love them, great desings and apealling too
music- amazing, great theme, rock songs, and a excelent OST
avatar- Cecille from Luminous Arc
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Old 2011-10-12, 17:37   Link #65
鷹王 (Hawk King/King Hawk)
Join Date: Oct 2011
First anime I cried to :'(

Feel bad fo' tha' nig that gotta spend eternity without his only lover...
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Old 2011-10-12, 22:57   Link #66
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2011
Originally Posted by Sun-Ken-Rock View Post
First anime I cried to :'(

Feel bad fo' tha' nig that gotta spend eternity without his only lover...
I feel you man same for me. An anime has never touched me and broke my heart at the same time as Angel Beats! did It's one of my all time favorites and ill re watch and read it as many times as I can
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Old 2011-10-12, 23:09   Link #67
Tasty Ninja Weapon
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: The edge of reality...
Age: 25
Originally Posted by Sun-Ken-Rock View Post
First anime I cried to :'(

Feel bad fo' tha' nig that gotta spend eternity without his only lover...
I had to ban myself from rewatching ep 13 after I watched it the second time, made me cry like a baby.
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Old 2011-10-31, 22:47   Link #68
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Put it simply, i loved Angel Beats! comedy episodes (oh god the test-switching ep + ED song playing + Hinata's wookie voice = epic), but the drama ones were pretty meh...that ending with Kanade and Otonashi didn't make me cry (LOL i actually cried for Yui and almost Naoi, but not the two MC's..sad lol)

Animation: 9/10 (It's P.A. Works, so it's gorgeous.)

Story: 7/10 (It had a good start, but really fluctuated. I didn't like that they skipped most of the main cast's graduation arcs and went straight to Kanade, Otonashi, Hinata, Yuri and Naoi (Naoi of all people?)'s graduation. Definitely lessened the emotional impact. They should have kept the comedy aspect completely.)

Music: 7/10 (Alright. I loved the final ED song, that was the real sad part in the whole series, seeing everyone fade away...)

Characters: 8/10 (Without AB, we would have never gotten TK. That is a very scary thought indeed.)

Overall: 8/10 (Loved the comedy moments, last episode was okay but the ending song was very sad, but overall meh.)
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Old 2011-12-12, 22:21   Link #69
Akuma Kousaka
Zolushka Lyubov' Live!
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Age: 27
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Within the anime fandom it is almost impossible not to catch wind of the attention around Jun Maeda. Starting with Air TV, he has been renowned for creating stories that have captured the hearts of viewers. His most recent venture for a televised series, Angel Beats!, is a more comedy oriented-spin amongst the drama.

The problem with the comedy, though, is that it's usually dependent on the setting. Often times it consists of traps or devices from the environment interfering with the characters, rather than the quirks of the cast members working in tandem to create humor. As a result it can become predictable, but thankfully the timing and music makes each of those moments hilarious.

Not that there was much personality to play off in the first place. Most of the cast is underdeveloped, and even among those fleshed out they didn't walk away without some problems. Most notably, a relationship that Yurippe suddenly fosters which makes no sense given the lack of positive interaction with who she befriends.

Worse still, one-shot elements and random direction hurt the series further. Or it would have were it not for the simple fact that the fantasy elements are immediately established within the setting, and, as a reminder, the approach is less serious against its contemporaries. It is also worth noting that in addition to distinguishing itself from Air TV, Kanon 2006 and Clannad with a comedic approach, the latter three do not immediately have the fantasy elements, but rather suddenly incorporate them as the plot calls for it. Angel Beats! knows what it wants to do, and this time around Jun Maeda maximizes the secondary traits of the show's predecessors to great effect.

But in true fashion of a Key anime it is guaranteed that there will be drama. Perpetrated solely by the external or internal actions of the characters themselves rather than dictated by the environment, it is at those moments where the few, fleshed-out characters can really shine. Nao's arc for the former and Yui's arc for the latter, as an example. The final scenes in particular are very touching, and the ending has a way of making sense given the context of the story.

Overall, Angel Beats! is an anime that gets by with humor, rather than drama, though it still pulls on the emotions when it counts. Keep in mind though, that as a pure comedy the lack of character development leaves it reliant on the setting, while trying to function as a drama leaves it outclassed by Kanon 2006 and Clannad, again because of the underdeveloped cast. Though it stands to see some improvement, it's quite enjoyable if one can look past those problems.

By the way, is there an option to change the vote? I gave it an 8/10 way back but that was before my score curve took a nosedive.
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Old 2012-02-22, 05:00   Link #70
Love Yourself
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Northeast USA
Age: 32
I won't write a huge review, since there are plenty of others and this series is already considered old by now. However, I was moved by it and wanted to write a few thoughts.

The appeal of this series was partly in its characters, but largely in its premise. The idea of being in something of an idyllic purgatory that could go on forever, spending day after day with a nutty group of friends, is pretty interesting. The way the series sets that up and then presents the character disappearances was masterful. Seeing a character one moment, and then they're just gone - not even fading out into sparkles, or some other such effect - was very powerful. What made it even more moving was the realization that the characters who had remained behind could still go on forever, but those who disappeared would not likely come back. Even if those who remained behind decided to accept their fate and be reincarnated, there were no guarantees that they would remember anything of their time in the world, of their former lives, or that they would be near to those who they had spent time with as a lost soul.

It was that contrast of having eternity within your grasp, yet ultimately recognizing that relationships could be lost forever, that I really enjoyed within this series. I'm only sorry that it ended at 13 episodes.
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Old 2012-02-24, 12:20   Link #71
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: A Yellow Submarine
Age: 23
This anime made me cry, laugh, jaw drop, and face palm all in one sitting

9 out of 10! (Can't wait for the next novel after Track Zero. Hopefully, there will be one)
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Old 2012-02-25, 06:53   Link #72
~`Seito Kaichō`~
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: ~`Afterlife`~
I won't give an editorial about this one. Only one thing I could say, is that the whole series was very touching. Even though it's only a "Fiction", you'll feel the emotions of every character rushing in your heart.

The only problem that I saw in here was the Plot being RUSHED. It would be better if they didn't. Well, I don't know what happened, so I'll just zip my mouth.

My overall rating is, 9.5/10.
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Old 2012-03-01, 20:21   Link #73
Classified Info
I miss Haruhi
Join Date: Sep 2011
Just finished rewatching it, and remembered why i loved this anime;

I often wonder about existence, God (is he does exist), the afterlife and so on, and finding such themes in an anime was already a rarity. Beside its premises, i liked the character's sad stories, and the whole concept of accepting your past life and carry on for the next stage(I don't really believe in reincarnation, but how it was put in this anime was... it was just so much acceptable that it didn't bother me at all; instead, i loved it, and took it as a part of the story).

Because ye, the anime was about people getting over their past live, and overcoming all the regrets, accepting their life and carry on. I liked the character's development, and i felt bad for Kanade when i discovered that she was trying to release their souls since the beginning, but was mistaken as the bad guy. Loved how Otonashi was able to understand her, and how characters(the main ones) were developed.

The ending was one of the most touching moments in anime/movie i ever experienced: the scene where Kanade reveals to have received Otonashi's heart, accompained by that so much fitting music, gave me a chill and my eyes got wet. My sight turned hazy when Kanade, after thanking Otonashi all the time, disappeared, while Otonashi's desperation and cries were getting covered by the ending song, while disappearing. One of the saddest ending i've ever seen(even tho it's shown that they reincarnate and meet again in another life), and the one i loved the most.

The "Another epilogue" episode was actually a good secondary road, and a coherent ending, considering that Otonashi had asked Kanade to stay with him and help the ones who'd have come in the future, but i prefer to stick to the ending where Otonashi disappears after having been spam-thanked by Kanade, because otherwise it would be too sad. Do you remember what that guy said, in the 12th episode, about the one who programmed all that world? He was waiting to encounter again his beloved one, and eventually turned crazy because he couldn't wait anymore. It would be so much sad and melancholic...

The only thing i felt bad about was how the anime was rushed. This was one of those titles which had to be 24+ episodes long. They skipped the "graduation" of all the other members and forgot to cover some holes in the story. Still, a sequel of this anime would be pointless. I could only think of a remake, but i have already watched and accepted it as it is, and i loved it.

Sorry for the textwall, but i really felt the need to express my thoughts after having just finished watching it again.

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Old 2012-03-17, 13:18   Link #74
Hello. Newfag speaking.
Join Date: Mar 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed the overall humor and excitement throughout this anime as it did have painfully hilarious scenes bashed in with a *ahem* tearful ending. Even though the animation had it's good days and mediocre ones, the lighting and expressions were good enough for me. The plot holes seem to add some mystery and confusion to this anime, but after rewatching it 3 times (I think I'm obsessed), I seemed to understand most of what was going on.

Another remarkable work by key.
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Old 2012-03-18, 22:30   Link #75
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: 42 10' N (Latitude) 87 33' W (Longitude)
Age: 39!_episodes

I had rewatched this series and edited the episode summaries (just not quite done yet). It feels good reliving the emotions derived from this series. Oh the laughter and tears.
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Old 2012-04-25, 00:06   Link #76
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2012

Animation Quality: 9
Voice Actors: 10
Script: 8
Soundtrack: 10
Enjoyment: 9
Emotional Involvement: 10
what sucked the most was that the ending actually made me SAD. i'm never sad
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Old 2012-09-06, 10:02   Link #77
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: America and wish's he could be in space and fly as soldier under char azanable
Hell, This anime which i followed that season to see if it was your run of the mill typical School life anime and romance, It's whole plot shoved that showed me something, it shed light onto giving me the want to watch more. I rather enjoyed and it was full of entertaining moment's like the OVA Operation tension. This Episode made me laugh my head off, Plot line wise i would give it literally perfect to be honest. They have great soundtrack, which is beautiful to listen and understand. The anime in itself, had a great cast even in it's English dubbed, which that surprised me. The English dubbed showed significance that even English voice actors can portray character's just as good as the Japanese cast for the voice. I really wish they would bring the manga which is not the story of the anime.

The character's weren't all explained which kinda left me bummed, It centered around a select few. Which i was like "whyyyyy" But all and all it was a great Anime!

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Old 2012-09-06, 18:50   Link #78
Join Date: Apr 2010
The plot was fantastic, and had a good message, but it needed more time. 13 episodes simply wasn't long enough for what they were trying to do. The few episodes toward the end are a bit of a blur...mostly because they were not good. I felt the rush of the pace and the lagging plot threads that told me they should have gone on a bit longer instead of trying to tie loose ends so quickly. I needed a better explanation for what was going on than that cowshit dialogue that occurred between Yuri and no-name at the end of episode 12.

EDIT: I read back on some of the reviews just now and mostly agreed with the criticisms about the plot, so I wouldn't say 'plot' so much as 'plot concept'. I was very intrigued as I found out the rules of their world (which are still not fully explained on top of that!), but we don't learn everyone's motivations...what's the point of all those support characters if they ultimately end up doing nothing of importance and disappear simultaneously at the last minute? Granted, the only one I really wanted to learn about was the mysterious TK, but I'm open to the idea that they could have done something cool with the other characters too.

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Old 2012-09-07, 02:23   Link #79
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Very Good

I actually liked it.. it's one of the few animes that has a lot of twist in the end...

At the end I still asked myself this. "Why isn't she the one?"
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Old 2013-01-07, 04:58   Link #80
Cherry Blossoms
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Hey guys!!! Who love the ending of the season????

I feel so.....

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