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Old 2011-10-18, 09:44   Link #221
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I think Nagato was left in danger as a child because the Demon Statue of the Outer Path was needed to extract and harness the Bijuu. Even if Madara was counting on Nagato to revive him, He or Tobi were probably willing to risk leaving Nagato in danger hoping that some sort of trauma would eventually force him to summon the statue.
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He probably used an incomplete technique (Izanagi) to make a fake body and transfer his mind and chakra as well (as said in one of the many theories outside AS).

Dang it Avalon, you c(XD LOL)-block Shirou and Reinforce, but don't protect his mind in other ways? What is wrong, you woman?
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Old 2011-10-18, 15:22   Link #223
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Originally Posted by beyondsaving View Post
Said the same thing in an earlier post of mine, the dimension Sasuke and Karin were put in to heal. Makes sense to me.
I assumed that Sasuke cannot be healed so fast, even if he bites Karin. He did bite Karin in his fight against KillerBee, but it did seem that he just healed but didn't regain his 100% power. So if we assume Sasuke needed to be healed by Karin and then to rest about a day to be able to fight Danzou with his full power, and we assume that the fight happened only one or two hours after Daznou left the kage summit, that means that time in Tobi's dimension flows much slower.

Originally Posted by beyondsaving View Post
In any case, the more I think about it, the more likely it seems that Tobi is Madara's brother. The only person who confirmed Izuna as dead (as far as I can remember) is Tobi, and he is a proven liar. Revenging/Avenging seems to be a strong motif through the Uchiha blood.
Either revenge on the Senju for killing Madara or maybe Madara took Izuna's eyes by force and he wanted to have Nagato resurrect him so he could take them back LOL. Assuming you wouldn't want to take an Edo-Tensei summons eye and have it go *poof* in your head after releasing the jutsu
The funny thing is i had this idea of Tobi being Izuna because of Izuna's strange story. I assumed Kishimoto wants to make a plot twist, and part of the plot twist is that what Madara told about Izuna is actually true. I mean he told that Izuna gave his eyes willingly, but we all think that Madara lies, but what if Madara didn't lie. If Madara didn't lie then we have an Izuna who believed in Madara and the Uchiha clan being stronger than Senju and Hashirama that he was willing to sacrifice himself. If after this sacrifice the clan betrays Madara then it wouldn't be Madara who hates the most his clan, it would be Izuna who hates them the most. He would hate them so much that he would be willing to kill them all, that is what Tobi did when helping Itachi. Izuna would also be obsessed with eyes after living blind for a long time, and we see how obsessed Tobi is with eyes. Of course i assume here that losing his eyes didn't mean that he dies, that is the other interesting part of Tobi's story about Izuna: i don't remember if Tobi said anything about Izuna, but if he said that Izuna died because his eyes were taken then he probably lied. A story of a blind Izuna living in Konoha under the rule of Hashirama, plotting on revenge for decades, eventually meeting Zetsu, beginning to collect eyes, maybe even assassinating the 1st hokage (nobody would suspect a blind man, but in reality since eye translplantation is so easy in the Narutoverse he was not blind, that would also explain why did the 1st hokage who was the strongest ninja of his era die at a young age). Such a story would be really interesting in my opinion. It would also give a better reason for Tobi's hate, because this explanation of Madara simply being an evil warmonger seems to be too weak for Naruto standards.
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Old 2011-10-18, 16:45   Link #224
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Originally Posted by mrShady View Post
Did the clan really die? I know the country of origin got destroyed don't really remember if the entire clan was wiped out.
Well the main thing about the Uzumaki clan is that they had special chakra (it showed as being green in the anime if I remember correctly). This gave them longer life and more influence over the bijuu sealed in them. No one ever commented on Naruto having this same kind of special chakra.
Naruto is an Uzumaki, however he has no bragging rights since he seems hardly related to any of them not even mentioning the sage.

The only reason he got his mother's clan name was to conceal his identity. So no by basic logic and normal circumstances in Japanese tradition he is not an Uzumaki. Regardless of that I do consider him an Uzumaki because that is his name, however he has hardly shown any of the clan traits. That's why I can't really see him show off with his heritage.

Any way Kishi just made a biological blunder when he showed Nagato with the same eyes as the Sage. There's no way a person that is alive now has the same genetic traits of a person that lived ages ago. That doesn't mean mutations can't continue, but they develop or water down. He just took creative liberty with common biological law in order to create a more interesting story.
Normally I'd be almost starting a flame war in defense of Kishi but it seems Hunter and Company have taken care of that (back and forth arguing). Saving me many many paragraphs of writing. Anyways, I wanna say I completely disagree with your ill-found logic. Dominate and Recessive genes anyone? Middle School science class anyone? If its not interesting to you, stop your whining and pick something better up. All in all the story isn't everything I expected from it, but I'm enjoying it every step of the way. Some people look like their dads, some look like their mom. When you combine two together you get some from dad some from mom. Keep in mind, many hosts of Bijuu die instantly. He managed to host the most powerful one as an infant. Thank mom. I know Kishimoto has a better idea about what hes doing with his characters in his story than you do.
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Old 2011-10-18, 22:01   Link #225
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I'm curious to see how the interaction between Madara and Tobi goes if they really are the same person.
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Old 2011-10-18, 22:08   Link #226
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Originally Posted by Mateus View Post
I'm curious to see how the interaction between Madara and Tobi goes if they really are the same person.
I'm convinced now that Tobi is Izuna, Madara's brother.

It makes no sense to have all this secrecy about his identity if Tobi is simply another incarnation of Madara.

Izuna is really the only character we know of who could be Tobi and have it make sense.
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Old 2011-10-18, 22:30   Link #227
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Originally Posted by MysticNinjaJay View Post
Izuna is really the only character we know of who could be Tobi and have it make sense.
I would like to refer you to my first theory of a time traveling Sasuke as a viable alternative
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Old 2011-10-19, 00:24   Link #228
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Chapter 560 thread has been created...though spoilers are still hours away. Please move all relevant discussions to the new thread.
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Old 2011-10-19, 00:27   Link #229
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Originally Posted by beyondsaving View Post
I would like to refer you to my first theory of a time traveling Sasuke as a viable alternative
so in naruto universe Hououin Kyouma is really excist

just a joke. oh man, its still confusing but ur theory is acceptable, but judging by tobi's attitude to itachi, i dont think so...
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