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Old 2011-11-02, 17:38   Link #21
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So are you okay with this?
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Old 2012-08-25, 01:54   Link #22
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I have a dilemma

I recently wrote a Sword Art Online fanfic. When I started writing this, I had planned for it to be two chapters long. Chapter 1 is supposed to be the calm before the storm; a relatively peaceful moment before the real story starts. Chapter 2 was going to be shocking. Bold. Daring. Brutal in every possible way. It was going to be the Total Eclipse episode 2 of Abicion fanfics, and that should say something when most of the mindless shock value schlock I've written already turns out pretty much like Total Eclipse episode 2. It was going to do something so brilliant that it would at first make you think you were reading the second half of a completely different story, but then you realized it was all leading to the same point in hindsight. I had everything perfectly in place for what could very well be one of the greatest plot twists of this century. I can't tell you what exactly I have planned for the next chapter since I'd be spoiling my own surprise, but it's a doozy.

But now I have a problem.

The first chapter actually has a positive following.

I haven't dealt with something like this before. Most of my stories are one-shots that usually end with most readers going "oh hey, it's the bajillionth Abicion fanfic where the main girl turns evil / kills everyone / gets eaten. Well that's a thing. Moving on." I can't remember the last time a growing number of people actually wanted to see more of my writing. I've never faced the pressure of reader expectation before. I've come up with three possible solutions I could use before I finish chapter 2, and I was hoping I could get a little feedback from you guys.

1. Post the second chapter exactly as I originally envisioned it, potentially alienating Chapter 1 fans in the process.
2. Do the same thing as #1, but with a little bit of warning. You see, I already have part of Chapter 2 written, and it opens with a quote. I'm thinking about going back and adding that quote to the end of Chapter 1 as a preview. It doesn't give any specifics away, and it may even seem completely random until you read it in the context of the rest of the chapter (it's another quote from Spoony's Prometheus review. I've been using those lately), but it will at least make you more mentally prepared for what's coming up in Chapter 2. It's basically a "Don't say I didn't warn you" measure.
3. The corporate sell-out route. Ditch the existing concept for chapter 2 entirely and start from scratch to ensure the fans will be happy and the Yandere Lisbeth plot can continue indefinitely.

what do?
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Old 2013-01-13, 21:35   Link #23
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Getting Creative With Hagoshod

I recently bought Discotek's DVD of the Casshan OVA:

However, being the type of person who feels incredibly awkward owning a DVD with cover art that depicts what looks like the hero copping a feel on the unconscious female lead (classy), I decided to create my own alternate cover based on the third volume of the original Laserdisc release. The logo is from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom:

This has been Getting Creative With Hagoshod.
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Old 2013-01-17, 03:32   Link #24
Himono Onna
Join Date: Jan 2013
That cover is excellent and I definitely prefer it over the original, well done you've got some real talent. Have you ever thought of making posters? I bet you could sell them~
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Old 2013-01-20, 23:48   Link #25
神の金槌 (ユダ=マーテル)
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JudasMartel's Pretty Ambitious Shoujo Basket Project Chapter 1 - David Foster Wallace

Hmm, what is this guy known for, by the way?
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