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Old 2011-11-17, 23:08   Link #141
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Originally Posted by GuidoHunter_Toki View Post
Well you just got to suspend your belief, because obviously such a situation is unplausible and dangerous. Maybe there is some invisible element that is protecting them, I don't know.

When I think about it Kayneth's powers remind me of water bending from Avatar, just with mercury (a much more deadly material).
Kayneth have affinity for water and wind, which grants him complete control over the flow of Mercury. So if he can block bullets with it, of course he can prevent mercury from entering people's bodies.

Also its highly likely that the construction worker at the beginning of the episode was already under Kayneth's influence, but need contact with the mercury for more specific commands.
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Old 2011-11-18, 05:13   Link #142
Yu Ominae
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I did wonder if the guy's arm in the start...

Spoiler for SPOILER:

Even if we were at odds with each other, I still thank you for training me, Instructor Bowman - Yu Ominae, reflecting on Bowman's death after killing him in Phantom Island
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Old 2011-11-18, 07:27   Link #143
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I think it just emphasized on the inner physical change that led him to be brainwashed when he came into contact with the magical mercury.
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Old 2011-11-21, 17:56   Link #144
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Seventh War: Evil Forest

I just want to say that I'm at the verge of my seat craving for what's going to happen next, because Kiritsugu smirking at the cliffhanger shows that he's still to pull out his best of aces.

And, since I forgot last time to mention about the special alteration to the rules, regarding that Caster has gone out of control, I do agree with Kiritsugu that's fixed in the end.
I'm reminding myself that Kotomine, both Father and Son, agreed with Tokiomis' plans since when they began making the prepartions for the Holy Grail War. Their dialogue clearly says that Archer's going to deal the coup d' grace on Caster.

If anything, this wild-goose chase for Caster's head is nothing short but a bait likely to lure Saber, amongst all Servants, and target her Master.
1. Saber's still under the effects of Lancer's curse.
2. Assassin, at least, was able to compile a great deal of data about Saber's and Lancer's Noble Phantasms and abilities; Berserker's will be dealt for later once Tokiomi has reformulated the plans for an efficient strategy, though the data about him was gathered as well.

It's intended that, at least, Caster can cripple Saber to an agonizing state, and, probably, have the other Masters targeting Saber's Master to get two stones killed once the dispensation have been lifted after Caster's demise.

Other things to comment is that listening to the soundtrack is gorgeous, particularly all the scenes featuring Saber and Lancer v.s. Caster, then Kiritsugu facing-off against Kayneth.

But the best of the cream was Rider getting adapted to late-20th century pop culture and fashion. C'mon the guy's also a King, like Saber, and if she goes for the fashion of the current era, then him as King cannot let himself get lagged behind; even Archer's sporting casual clothes during his breaks.
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