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Seta Soujiro

Seta Sojiro
Sorrows hidden in his smile...

Age : 23
Height : 163cm
Weight : 51kg
Date of birth : 18 September 1854
Zodiac sign : Virgo
Place of birth : The Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood Type : AB
Weapon : Nihontou [Japanese Sword]
Skills :
- Tenken [Heaven's Sword, Skills from Heaven]
- Shukuchi [Reduced Earth]
- Shun Ten Satsu [Instant Heaven Kill]

Read more about SETA ^^

Comments on Seta by his creator, Watsuki Nobuhiro!

ďThe model for Sojiro's personality--I shouldn't say this--is the captain of the Shinsengumi first unit, the handsome swordsman who died young, Okita Soushi. Even the name Seta Sojiro is a parody of Okita's childhood name Okita Sojiro. There have been a lot of people reading too much into that, asking "Since he has the same name, Sojiro, could Seta be any relation to Okita?" I'll say it now, the answer is no. Okita is just Seta's model.

Okita Soushi is famous enough that I don't need to write about him here (Those who want to know more should go to a bookstore; I'm sure they'll have good books about him. He's very famous and popular. In the first Ruroken character poll, even though he only appeared in a couple of frames in a flashback, he came out of nowhere to take seventh.) I'm taking the Okita that Mr. Shiba Ryoutarou wrote about in his novel as my model. But not the Okita from "Burning Sword," but from "Record of the Bloodshed of the Shinsengumi", in which Okita's utter lack of human emotion causes great fear in his enemies. I know there are Shinsengumi fan angry with me for putting a character based on Okita on the enemy side, but since he's based on "Records"'s Okita, Seta seems more like a strong bad guy to me.

Other than this model I didn't have any particular design. Instead of Okita's topknot I saw him with a cropped head, so I drew him like that. Other than that, to go with the ever-smiling face, he looks a little like a girl.Ē

ďSojiro was really popular, but in the end, he caused me a lot of grief. I used Okita Soushi of the aforementioned "Record of the Bloodshed of the Shinsengumi" by Shiba Ryoutarou as the basis of his character, but when it came time to draw him, expressing his personality was really, really difficult, and on top of that it came just at the busiest time of the year, the year-end advance. I didnít have time to consider the problem seriously, and my assistant ended up coming to my rescue. (My assistant understands Sojiro a lot better than I do).

Since Okita Soushi died young, a lot of fans were worried that Sojiro would see the light and then die. But actually I had decided he would survive from the beginning. Because of his painful experiences Sojiro left everything to Shishio and gave up thinking for himself; he couldnít finish off his life and escape into death, but had to live on even in pain and atone. Itís a rejected, harsh way of thinking, but itís a choice one should make as a human being. (If you replace Sojiroís relationship with Shishio with that of a fanatical believer who entrusts his mind to the leader of an extremist religious cult, I think youíll understand my reasoning.) No matter how harsh the external influence of family or society, no matter how bitter your life, I believe that the one thing you canít do is give up thinking for yourself.
Well, no matter how much of this I write, because of Sojiroís personality, heíll go on smiling and looking innocent as always. Like Anji, heís a character I feel I didnít use as much as I could have, and Iíd like to bring him back at some point. Maybe itís a false hope, but . . .Ē

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SETA! My #1 favorite character !!! He's soooo cuteeeeee!!!!!!

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He's not really one of my favorite characters, but I have to say; he's still an incredible one.

Soujiro is just his excellent mirror to Kenshin; overly cheeful, yet hiding a dark past. His actions made it hard to forgive him, yet his past makes it hard not to sympathize with him.
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