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Old 2003-11-24, 01:01   Link #21
~ Got Love? ~
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Originally Posted by Ainana
Just curious, but why do you think there's a lot of fighting anime inspired by DB (I don't watch it so I'm just wondering). And are you sure it's not the myth behind DBZ that things are based on? (DBZ, by the way, is based on the very famous Journey to the West as far as I have heard)
I never said that DBZ was an original and it is a fact that it is based on Journey to the West, well character wise anyways. Since Dragonball Z was such a success in Japan I think other mangakas doesn't want to stray away from a proven formula. Yuyu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece and even Naruto are all inspired by Toriyama-san's work. I'm basing this on the interviews done by Shonen Jump on each mangakas. Dragonball Z was the reason I got into anime, I've moved on since then but I'll never forget.

And I hope that the kids who are following and enjoying it for the first time would someday become anime fans and follow other animes. It happened to me and my friends.

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Old 2003-11-24, 08:46   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Flash_Squirrel
Alien Nine.... >_> Most underrated anime out there.
Dunno if its underrated, but its very good ... licensed though as someone already said, but as a 4 episode OVA, well worth the money.

And you got me interested in Princess Tutu ... as if I donīt have enough stuff that I "just have to" watch. Damn you
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Old 2003-11-24, 12:58   Link #23
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Saiyuki is inspired by Journey to the West

The thing is you really can't say if a fighting anime is based off another fighting anime since fighting is just....fighting...ya I don't get me either...

DBZ in my opinion isn't underrated...its a show with nothing more then....just fighting.

But DB is underrated having its rep spoiled by Z and GT...
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Old 2003-11-24, 16:51   Link #24
Lost in Time and Space
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Originally Posted by Muraki
But DB is underrated having its rep spoiled by Z and GT...
I agree. The Original DragonBall is some good fun. I used to watch it before DBZ became popular and when DBZ arrived here on TV, I was pretty disappointed.

I also suggest Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo, Masaru. It's funny.
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Old 2003-11-29, 01:35   Link #25
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Galaxy Railways(think thats the name) I bet is underrated. I lvoe it. the first 3 eps are highly touching and worth watching. SUcks they are released slowly but with all the other project the groups hae you cant blame them, just download it
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Old 2003-11-29, 20:20   Link #26
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DB did inspire a lot of anime/manga like One Piece, YYH, Naruto, HxH, Flame of recca, etc.
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Old 2003-11-29, 21:16   Link #27
F&C Fanboy
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Originally Posted by aquilus
Dunno if its underrated, but its very good ... licensed though as someone already said, but as a 4 episode OVA, well worth the money.
Sadly (and I say that seriously) Alien Nine suffers from the Animenfo crap reviews complex.
"The main char cries all the time, the anime suxxor" might scare a random buyer, or turn off a potential fan.

Its one of the best anime out there, its just pure art. But you know, there are people who cant appreciate art.
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Old 2003-11-29, 21:33   Link #28
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
this has nothing to do with condor hero, but here are some series that i think are completely underrated:

Blue Gender
Cat Soup
Sol Bianca
Earth Girl Arjuna
i - wish you were here
Please Save my Earth
Ayatsuri Sakon
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Old 2003-12-01, 02:48   Link #29
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
flame of recca?


the most underrated hmmm

i'll go with

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu

Hardly anyone seen it and it's funny and random like hell.
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Old 2003-12-04, 01:32   Link #30
Destroyer of the God Deus
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I definitely agree that Earth Maiden Arjuna is very underrated as will as Blue Gender. Gender started off pretty weak but got really damn good. Berserk is very underrated, the story is very complex and dark. People only see it for its violence. Another highly underrated anime is Narutaru. Started like a Pokemon wannabe and then just shocks the holy shit out you. Didn't get very popular and that sux because a second season probally won't be made to conclude the series, since the first series aired before the end of the manga.
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Old 2003-12-04, 10:19   Link #31
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flame of recca aint shit

the manga is good as well, finishes the story off
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Old 2003-12-04, 11:47   Link #32
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IMO Flame of Recca has got nice fighting stuff (aaah, the fire dragons and all that shiz, It was one of the first anime I watched, guess I have a soft spot for it), but actually a lot of it is quite cliche. IMO.

Princess Tutu also may seem too predictable (especially at the stock animation part, for such relatively good animation in the rest of the series - some of the parts where Fakir was dancing got me set, I wuv Fakir - I guess they had to compensate by using stock animation. Also that suffers from the syndrome where you change anywhere and anyhow and nothing stops you and hardly anyone notices you even though you jump into an egg and turn into Princess Tutu.) in the first few episodes, it almost turned me off except that 1. My friend said it was really really good and I trusted her so I kept watching and 2. The parts where they were in school was really funny and also 3. Ahiru's voice is soooo cute ^_^; Seriously - HOW did they get her to really sound like a duck turned into a girl?

The first season gets better at the end, and the second season starts off intriguingly, and later, it gets really good. Things begin to make sense, and you can really see how the fates are interconnected, and it can give you some insight into the process of writing a story - how one thing affects another, etc... Also, you see some (IMO) very good character development, and while many things may seem very superficial at first - it is a very good trick, it is actually not superficial once you get past a few episodes and you think about it. Like Fakir's reasonless telling Tutu to stop returning Mytho's heart - you'd probably think "aaah he's just being evil", but trust me, keep watching, everything falls into place.

Neko-sensei can be quite unfunny to some people, but I still find it hilarious, I usually don't mind repeated jokes but somehow, this one was cool. Because he always acted weird after saying his ubiquitous line. He really acted catty... nya. Which reminds me - I thought it was very interesting and cute how they had various animals also learning in the school. It gives it a little bit of a crazy and yet fantastic touch... I especially thought those little weasel thingies in front of the boy's dorm (season 2) were really cute. ^_^

Also worth noting is a nice use of known classical pieces as the background music. Much of the time, the music matches up with the theme or the title of the episode, and the individual themes are also memorable and fitting. There are some moments when it's odd, but it was VERY good in episode 13 - while it might seem a little contrived, it was still a very well done melodramatic climax. Go watch it, you'll know what I mean. During the climax of "Swan Lake"... truly, if I was a bit softer, I'd have cried at that scene.

You may cringe at this series if you think "aaah another mahou shoujo series" - and indeed, sometimes the over-tinkly sounds during the stock transformation scene do irk me a lot, but there is a lot to appreciate in this anime. You must look beyond the superficial and you'll realise there is a special charm about this, it's not a sugary fairy tale... Just a really good one. If you still don't think so, then you probably don't like this kind of series anyway (Well yeah, that happens.)

Sheesh... there, I wrote a whole long load of crap on Princess Tutu, to insert a little annoying n00by request: onegai onegai ONEGAI shimasu, could some extremely kind soul please seed Princess Tutu #24.5 up to #25.5, I've been trying for a very long time but because there is not enough demand, won't auto-reseed. >_<!!! PLEASE!! I'm doing my part to upload anything that has no seeds, to my greatest capability.

Oh yes, someone mentioned Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna - I reccommend this as well, however I warn you you might be uncomfortable from what many complain about - the apparent environmental preaching. I didn't see it that way, in fact, it was all pretty true, only that they needed a little more counter-points to make it a little more well balanced...

However, I don't really disagree if you say that they could have been less obvious in the portrayal of the points. It was too obvious.

Another thing was that there wasn't so much character development. Some people also found the characters to be too cliche or annoying or both (especially for Chris, though actually I almost completely agree with his points.)

Of course, there's another important point about this anime to distract you from that Namely, the very nice CG.

This series, as someone said, looks a million dollars. If you don't like CG, forget about watching this series. (I know some of you would rather appreciate fully hand drawn anime as it shows the drawing and animating talent of the animators.)

A lot of the CG was very well done, only some (like Raaja's rendering) were not that good. The people who made this did say that they intended some scenes to be "Ah, that is CG" and some to be "That's CG?!!". And unlike some anime which overloads on the CG and forgets about basic animation or facial expression, don't worry, while its not particularly astounding, it's definitely there.

Edit: Oh my god... I watched Episode #24.5 and #25.0 of Tutu, and... omfg. OMFG indeed. I might scoff myself for being so impressed with that episode, but it's so... so.. good... beautiful animation... amazing voice acting and.... I should show this to a small kid, they'll start having nightmares about crows..... *speechless*

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Old 2003-12-06, 01:29   Link #33
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Originally Posted by wao
IMO Flame of Recca has got nice fighting stuff (aaah, the fire dragons and all that shiz, It was one of the first anime I watched, guess I have a soft spot for it), but actually a lot of it is quite cliche. IMO.
Never seen the manga, but the anime sucks.


My first anime is ranma in chinese.... then DBZ in chinese, saw Brawly
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Old 2003-12-07, 04:08   Link #34
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I'm watching Green Green right now and its aabout as perverted as they get, but its very funny. Everybody says its a horrible Anime, but I dont think its too bad.
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Old 2003-12-07, 17:20   Link #35
getting in comps' heads
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Wow, TuTu's seeming slightly less underated now O.o I've seen season one and first 1/3 of season 2, it's alright, much better than what you expect from the title.


Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu is one of my all time favorites, it's just awesome. There's also an OVA, be sure to watch the TV series first. it's at the very bottom of AS's resharing of old subbs:
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Old 2003-12-07, 21:28   Link #36
lighter junkie
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i'm not so sure, but here's a few of my suggestions.

dragon drive
detective acdemy q

Witch Hunter Robin! it's not underrated, but if you haven't seen it, you're missing out the world.
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Old 2003-12-09, 18:54   Link #37
Combating Spoiler Scum
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Age: 34 want underrated- try Gilgamesh. What a great show! Yet everybody says the animation sucks and didnt give it the chance to get good.

And I do know that a lot of people appreciate Scrapped Princess, but I still say it's underrated considering how incredible it was.

Im gonna have to try Condor Hero and Princess Tutu now.
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Old 2003-12-11, 09:56   Link #38
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Twin Spica
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Old 2003-12-11, 10:26   Link #39
Lancer McCloud
Beliving a sign of Z
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Id recomend Dominion Tank Police. I dont realy know if it is that underrated but if you like action and/or slappstick comedy it is an exelent choise.
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Old 2003-12-11, 23:17   Link #40
Big Blue Thing With Mops
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GASP GTOnizuka! Who says Green Green is horrible... GG was very interesting for me... I mean, it's quite light-hearted and the perversion doesn't go THAT far. Besides, their antics really make you laugh. As for underrated animes... I think Excel Saga is just a tiny bit underrated. That show definately made me pop a few guts from laughing... heh.
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