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Old 2011-12-03, 04:39   Link #1
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Converted .mkv to .mp4 for iPhone, but subs are too big

(Hope this is the right place to ask.)

I've converted some videos using Clone2Go so I can put them on my iPhone and watch them while on the go. But the subs are too big, like this:

Spoiler for img:

Inherent from the video? Or is there a better way to convert the video so the subs are more "normal" size?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 2011-12-03, 10:25   Link #2
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Originally Posted by Peanutbutter View Post
Inherent from the video? Or is there a better way to convert the video so the subs are more "normal" size?
If they are "hard" subs, ones that are encoded into the video, then you have no control over their size. If they are soft subs, like most of those in fansubbed animes, then you might be able to control their size during encoding. Take a look at the program's settings and see if you can set the font size.

If the encoder preserved the soft subs and just added them as a stream to the mp4 container, your player software should let you change their size.
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Old 2011-12-03, 11:33   Link #3
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If you can't set any font size in Clone2Go (as suggested by SeijiSensei), try HandBrake instead.
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Old 2011-12-10, 09:24   Link #4
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Or instead of converting it you could use something like Air Video and just stream it from the computer (without having to copy it to your iPhone). And even tho it's paid, they have a free version that allows you to see three files within a directory (you can also refresh to see 3 random new ones).
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