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Lolli for loli :D
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Originally Posted by Roloko vi Britannia View Post

Lizzy from Kuroshitsuji:
I've always liked her too-she's cute. :3

You know it's just the yaoi fangirls hating on her because she "gets in the way" of their precious OTP.
Which I also support but come on, SebxCiel is terribly obvious. It doesn't make sense why the yaoi freaks get mad aside from their heterophobia.
"A boy and a GIRL!? LIKE EW!!"
I really can't stand fangirls like that.

Kazumi Yoshida from Shakugan no Shana: Yes there is a fan of her and that might as well be me. 90% of hate comes from the fact she is a cockblock. Fanbases should know that most of the time the main guy will either end up with the main girl or no one.

I haven't read spoilers to the light novels so I don't know who he ends up with in the end. I personally want him to end up with Shana and Yoshida coming to the realization that there is a person that actually wants to be with her. Long story short Shana can have Yuuji for all I care cause Ike/Yoshida= my OTP.
Yoshida does annoy me......sometimes but compared to the rest of the clingy, female cockblockers in anime, she's not that bad. At least she's not a mean-spirited BITCH....
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