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Old 2011-12-06, 21:14   Link #81
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I didn't expect Wilhelmina played such a wild card after the Tendo-kyu rose from its grave, but it gave to the three the element of surprise to wreak havoc when the enemy forces least expect it: within the palace of Seirei-den.

Too bad that Fecor realized something fishy to conclude that it was Tendo-kyu, because Tenmoku Ito slashed his way in search of his master.

To tell the truth, I don't see it as a convenience for Tenmoku to materialize and going havoc all his way to reach Shana. The katana and her are destined to be bounded, because as simple as it sounds Shana called for it at her most desperate time. And, I got to say, it was very richly animated all the drama they focused on Shana literally crawling her way to make her escape with just ordinary human strength while bound to the spell of the hougu wrapped around her right-arm.
It was a frenzied response watching her slamming the knife over and over on the Rinne that held her leg, because Shana knew she became vulnerable when all that ruckus rocked the Seirei-den, and still she was remaining immobile for her next course of action.
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Old 2011-12-07, 04:01   Link #82
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sabrac time will come soon
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Old 2011-12-09, 15:15   Link #83
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Originally Posted by elior View Post
sabrac time will come soon


I'm going to watch ep. 10 in a few hours.
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Old 2011-12-10, 04:38   Link #84
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Better around this time. But what the hell is with those DEEN faces? Yea I know Shana is struggling, but having her go all Shion on that thingymajig invokes more laughter.

It's largely been the Rebecca Reed show as all the interesting things happened with her. The chaotic nature of this fight is fun at times but distracting at others.

Shana regaining her powers was a sight to see though. We couldn't have her being a damsel in distress all the times. She doesn't work like that; gotta take matters into her own hands. 7/10
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