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Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
This is the closest thing we have to an I've Sound thread, and as much as it pains me to revive it, I'll bring it back to ask if anyone has any news on the group's members.
Not sure how far back you need me to go, but:

KOTOKO has graduated from IVE and is now on Warner and has released an album & single on said label. She still works with IVE Sound's producers.

Mami Kawada took a small hiatus, but she's been doing some songwriting & has announced a new single.

MELL took sick-leave for a bit and her newest song is the theme of the new Hellgate game.

There are three new singers: Airi Kirishima, Nami Maisaki, and Rin Asami. The three of them make up the group Larval Stage Planning. They've had one single as a group which was the OP of Bata to Test to Shokanju 2. Each of them has had solo songs, but Rin will be releasing a solo single at Comiket 81. LSP also has another single that will serve as the OP of High School DxD.

Eiko Shimamiya has graduated from IVE as well, but she has said that her relationship with IVE will not change. She will be producing & releasing an EP featuring some of her students, including KOTOKO & Tae aka Lela.

Kaori Utatsuki is still with IVE and will also be releasing a single at Comiket 81. She has been writing & composing her own songs as of late.

IVE has also been busy producing music for other non-IVE singers.

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