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Old 2011-12-14, 23:45   Link #61
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Originally Posted by TJR View Post
By my observation, the general reaction to Shana III has been quite harsh. It's interesting to note that both the second and third seasons have managed to polarize viewers, albeit for different reasons. Those who were fine with both S1 and S2 tend to hate S3, whereas S2 detractors seem much happier with S3 so far.
I like all three seasons, but it's fair to say that each one has a different mix of elements, so I can certainly understand somebody having strong preferences between the seasons.

There's a couple key differences between S3 and S2:

1. S2 has a lot of anime original material. S3 does not, to the best of my knowledge (I stand to be corrected on that, though).

2. S2 had a lot of high school life and romantic conflict focus (particularly in the first half), giving it added appeal to people into that sort of anime content. S3 does not have this to any significant degree, and is much more deeply rooted in the flame haze world.

So there's been two key shifts here. From lots of anime original to very faithful to the source material, and from a more "conventional anime" human dimension to a bit more unconventional action-oriented and plot-oriented show.

For novel readers and/or people not interested in conventional high school life anime, it make sense that they'd much prefer Season 3.

For people who really liked Season 2, it's understandable that some of them might be missing that more human dimension and "conventional anime" feel.

I like both seasons (as well as Season 1), but I like them for mostly different reasons.

So far, I'm probably liking Season 3 a bit more than Season 2, overall. The main reason being that with this season, I feel like we're really going places, like it's only a matter of time before we get a good, satisfying conclusion.

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Old 2011-12-15, 00:09   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
So far, I'm probably liking Season 3 a bit more than Season 2, overall. The main reason being that with this season, I feel like we're really going places, like it's only a matter of time before we get a good, satisfying conclusion.
Yup, I totally agree with your post and the conclusion. I personally did like season 2, but the drive that this season has pointing towards its inevitable conclusion is a big plus. There's a huge sense of "momentum" that keeps the plot moving and building. I actually quite like the "trend" of these "final seasons" for this reason.
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Old 2011-12-15, 08:52   Link #63
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I agree. The plot in season 2 wasn't moving anywhere...

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Old 2011-12-15, 18:10   Link #64
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I liked second half of season 2 but so far, season 3 is suffering from bad storytelling. The transition from s2 to s3 came out of nowhere and left me really confused on why Yuji switched sides. Even though there was this explanation for it, I never really bought it. Also the antagonists could be a lot better than just someone wanting to conquer humankind.
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Old 2011-12-15, 19:59   Link #65
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well, that's Bal Masque's fault for trusting supreme commander's position to a 'fish'... lol
completely owned by Flame Haze's team

can't wait to see Takemikazuchi - Sophie in action

Shana's finishing move is very flashy and awesome... and that closing scene... when Wilhelmina bowed down while Khamsin and Rebecca welcomed Shana back... it's just cool...

finally Shana regain her coolness... time to counter!!! yeah! two thumbs up for this episode!!
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