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Old 2011-07-20, 23:10   Link #41
Knowledge is the solution
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I just watched this with my brother the other day. The care and subtleness the movie's overarching themes were treated with is notorious throughout the whole movie. Overall, I felt extremely satisfied after watching the movie, and I couldn't really put my finger on any particular aspect I didn't like. I can't say it was a movie that rocked my world, but it safely enters the 9/10 category in my book.

Thanks to Reckoner for recommending the movie to me.
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Old 2011-07-20, 23:48   Link #42
Guardian Enzo
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Good - another convert!
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Old 2011-12-09, 18:24   Link #43
Me at work
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So,I finaly saw this in theartres today and was quite pleased.Felt like I saw a cross between Tokyo Sonata and It's a Wonderful Life

What I love the most is that to me the movie succeeded in painting colorful characters to really illustrate its message.
All these characters have their charming points and their faults as well as their insecurities and you have to learn to like them for who they are as a whole.
Hiroka was my favorite,I think many other movies would have tried to put her in a certain light,would have judged her,but that's not the case here.My favorite scene of the movie is her chat with Makoto about her wanting to destroy things,that really touched me.

I thought it dragged on a bit at times and might come off as a bit preachy but in the end that's a really minor complaint.

I'm sad I couldn't attend the special screenings with Q&A sessions with the director back in October (there also was a meet and greet),hope they were recorded and will be available as a bonus when the dvd comes out.
I'm also disapointed in french licencor Kaze not promoting it as much as they promoted summer wars despite it being successful at Annecy.
Oh well at least it got a theatre release.
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Old 2011-12-22, 22:32   Link #44
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I dislike using personal anecdotes since there's no way to confirm or deny these things, but oh what the hell... it's the internet.

This movie concerns me enough to tell you my cool story of my life. Go ahead and tell me to get over it. Tell me to man up. And maybe give pity, well actually no, I've sure had enough of that. I'm sure people have gotten over worse. Whatever...

Oh man. I think I teared up after the movie. Makoto's lack of concern for life, himself, and all the things around him, leading him to commit suicide, is creepily realistic. As someone who's had thoughts of wondering if this will all end if I popped a few more pills and would have made it all better.

As someone that's been told there's something wrong with him from as far as he can remember, someone has been forced to wear long sleeved shirts and pants almost all his life because people have been wondering I've been carrying a contagious disease, slit my wrists, or been beaten (strangely, none of this actually happened). I've received speeches from people who gave me moralistic speeches on how to magically cure everything. Some better than others though. Nevertheless, there was a point when I couldn't even move without being in pain.The person who actually gave me the best, more, inspiring one died of cancer the next year. Oh yea... great

But what the hell? What does that have to do with the movie? Well, in my case, eventually I had learned that the haters will hate and the majority of people who look down on you don't matter. I also had a lot of support from various sorts. I developed my own twisted sense of humor. However, some aren't so lucky. Makoto has little relationship with his parents, gets frequently beat up, and the only people that try to get close to him have problems of their own.

Through the very immature lenses of a teenager, a single brash action can end it all. Can they think like that? That the best thing that can happen is another tomorrow? Nope. Adults can't even think long term, what about this kid who doesn't matter. It's a rising problem in Japan, and the issues of self-esteem come to issue.

So for most of the movie we see people that want recognition. Hiroko wants stuff women can have, and can gain extra status through doing it. Shouko wants acknowledgement through someone she thinks can see her for who she is. Makoto's parents are bending over backwards over percieved guilt to their son. It doesn't work. None of these actions are sincere, just attempts to get some kind of self-realization.

But Makoto didn't. And that actually proved to be the problem. He went beyond that point, and none of it help. And thus he killed himself. So it is no surprise that our spirit guide, someone who failed himself, would be the best in guiding someone to the right way.

Parts near the beginning were kinda boring, and the end with Purapura could have been better (relations between the two could be more fleshed out) Overall, the movie was sincere, and played it out very straight, without exaggeration to water down the drama. It just worked. Because it has something very important in common with my favorite anime movie of all time, The End of Evangelion, it definitely was one hell of a watch. 9.5/10 for now.

Humans are social creatures. They can't live alone. But without respect for oneself, they can't really respect others. So the message of this movie is paramount: don't try to take on the world yourself.
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Old 2011-12-23, 02:52   Link #45
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I seen COLOURFUL back on college and I give the SERIES 9/10. The Jokes are done smoothly but totally hilarious.....

Wait... heh? A Movie? Where????
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Old 2011-12-23, 08:05   Link #46
Diamond is Unbreakable
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I...don't know how to feel about this movie.

On one hand I can sort of relate to it, on the other hand I'm still alive, which means I can't relate to it 100% since I didn't kill myself.

Looking at what I just typed also feels weird, I don't know, it's just...weird.

9/10 (Only because I don't give a perfect score.)
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Old 2011-12-23, 14:10   Link #47
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
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It's really criminal how unknown this film is. It doesn't have star power or the flashiest animation, but it's still one of the most powerful anime I've ever seen.
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Old 2011-12-23, 23:22   Link #48
Bittersweet Distractor
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I just don't think the subject matter is something people want to watch for "entertainment" persay. Dealing with the topic of suicide among other things in such a serious manner is perhaps not the most "comfortable" subject for people.

Now for me it doesn't make a difference. Found it to be an absolutely beautiful story. Really is a shame that it won't get more attention.
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Old 2013-01-27, 10:46   Link #49
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Kagurazaka, Tokyo
I missed the news when it broke last week, but Colorful has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. Long overdue - I hope a few more people will see this absolutely superb and emotionally devastating film.
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