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Sol Falling
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Nobara no Hanayome

Yamada Chizuru was a normal high school student... that is, until her mother left for a "journey" leaving her with a debt of one hundred million yen! As if that wasn't nerve-racking enough, Kuze Mitsuru, the Umegaki gang's Sandaime, saves her by buying her to be his fiancee?! What will become of Chizuru's days?

I been reading too much shoujo lately. Whoa. Anyway, this one has freakin' gorgeous art. You know you've got a good shoujo when the main girl is hot. At least, that's my philosophy.

I've got like 4 shoujo series open in my tabs right now to read through. This one didn't have all that much praise/discussion going on about it, so I actually wasn't expecting much for the story and started with it first. Basically giving it a go because of the art, y'know. But unexpectedly, the story is actually pretty great. This is a no-screwing-around straight up romance between a future yakuza clan successor and a distrustful high school girl. The series looks set to finish up in 2 volumes without any endless love triangle or misunderstanding bullshit. If you're just looking for something short, sweet, and to the point, this series has got you covered.

Anyway, goddamn the girls this mangaka draws are gorgeous. I really love her clean artwork. This seems to be the only serialization she's done to date, but I will probably check out her other works and keep an eye out for any new ones.
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