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Old 2009-01-15, 01:48   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Greenish Growth View Post
Yeah...someone created a chart that looked like this:


Too bad the last "Gift ~ eternal rainbow" character photo doesn't look as crazy as the other two, but the scene makes a whole lot more sense if you're familiar with the anime.


Miyako Miyazawa was in "Bamboo Blade" not "Kare Kano".
Sorry. My bad on the mix up.
Nice pic though, thanks.
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Old 2009-01-15, 01:52   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Greenish Growth View Post
Bamboo Blade character:
That doesn't enter in either yangire or yandere criteria. Miyako's true personality is like this, not relevant to her love nor a "sudden" change. She is supposed to be always like this.
Just that she obviously doesn't want to show that ugly side of hers to Dan.

Originally Posted by brocko View Post
Anyway a thought just recently popped into my head. Are terms like 'Yandere', 'Yangire' and 'Tsundere' limited to female use only or are we able to subject it to male as well?
These term are not associated with gender at all, but considering the catered audience, you have 98% of the time, these characters are female. Male tsundere aren't that rare, however.

Oh and please, do not list Mion as a yandere/yangire, she isn't like that at all.
(Rena is already a very peculiar type of yangire altogether, so dubious. And Shion is almost out of the yandere category).
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Old 2009-01-19, 22:40   Link #23
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Ok, a bit of a random post, but I recently just saw a series called Chaos Head. It wasn't really a Yandere series, but it was still bloody brilliant. So I decided to start a new section on the top list for Shuruba* series. Elfen lied will be moved to that section too.

*Shuruba, at least I think that's how it's written. Is another new term I learned just recently. Actually I learned it from Chaos Head. Basically it refers to Series that have multiple bloody or violent themes.
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Old 2009-01-24, 10:20   Link #24
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My best Yandere character was Kagura from Fruits Basket...she's plain hillarious...not a phsychopath but she realy almost killed Kyo with her love(and fists:P)
I think she is the maximum of a non-homicidical Yandere character.
I think Sekai can't be classified as Yandere because she mostly kept her mind even when she loses Makoto(and other note: a typical Yandere character can't kill her love i think no matter how homicidical)
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Old 2010-04-16, 04:47   Link #25
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Rolo from Code Geass R2 is a Yandere

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Old 2010-04-16, 07:04   Link #26
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Originally Posted by willyvereb View Post
(and other note: a typical Yandere character can't kill her love i think no matter how homicidical)
Oh yes she can If she learns definitively that she can't obtain her love she could just as easily snap and brutally murder him (... or her of course) simply to stop anyone else from having them.

Also, I really object to the idea that Nanoha is yandere; she's one of the sweetest and most caring girls you could hope to meet and doesn't have that psychopathic side inherent in actual yandere girls. She's just a bit more physical in showing her love than most
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Old 2010-04-16, 19:32   Link #27
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Here's a male one: Russia from Hetalia Axis Powers. He 'looks forward to seeing how everyone's going to beg for their lives'.
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Old 2011-12-27, 20:21   Link #28
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yuno the biggest yandere O.o
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Old 2012-01-03, 06:35   Link #29
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My favorites yanderes that comes to my mind were Katja from Qwaser of Stigmata and Fujiko from Demon King Daimao.
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