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Old 2012-01-03, 15:36   Link #301
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Originally Posted by Odraccir View Post
I was just wondering during a rewatch/read...

Spoiler for Chapter 19 of FMP-Manga - or - Episode 03 of Fumoffu-Anime:

So I asked myself. Why?? Actually Souske was in several situations before and after that moment not immune to feminine (physically) charms. But why in this situation?? Is this a strategy of himself to be prepared, because that could affect his concentration? Is there any hint in the novels or something??

I was just wondering...

Sorry, it was not my Intention at all to create a duble-post. But in the moment of submitting, there was an error request or something. So I thought I'd have to write it again, 'cause i couldn't see my reply at that moment. And I also want to excuse, if my english is too bad, but I'm German
I haven't read that story (don't think anyone has translated it so maybe a Japanese reader can shed some light on what he is thinking in it) but yes, Sousuke does still find women physically attractive but going from the books which have been translated he seems to get more hot and bothered when it is something a little more forbidden For example, when Tessa is showering at his apartment in One Night Stand, and when Kaname is cutting his hair in Continuing Day by Day and he sees her figure through the cheapo practically see-through t-shirt (or sees her cleavage in the anime) so I can only imagine that to him a swimsuit is just clothes, but I'd also be interested to know whether there are any hints about what Sousuke is thinking during Summer Illusion of Steel.

To be honest though one of the things I like about Sousuke is that he isn't like so many other kinda dorky anime males which are getting nosebleeds and freaking out about panties and the like all the time
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Old 2012-01-03, 16:10   Link #302
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Sousuke doesn't have to do the freaking out...Chidori does it for him....violently.
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Old 2012-01-05, 09:24   Link #303
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Sousoke and Chidori are one of my favorite pairs in anime.

They're both cool and indeniably inlove with one another (thought they often deny it)

How cute they are!
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