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Old 2003-12-11, 16:12   Link #1
Mister Squall
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
One Piece - Is it good?

I remember hearing something about this series and how it was the most popular manga in Japan, so seeing it listed on Animesuki, I downloaded the first 40 episodes.

I watched the first episode, and I'm being very honest, it looks really goofy and American animated. That's not to say I'm not going to watch the show, it's just that at first I was kinda turned off by how odd the animation was.

So yeah, I was just wondering if this anime is really all that good as people make it out to be? So far my absolute favorite anime so far is Naruto, so how does it compare to that? I really wanna hear your opinions.
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Old 2003-12-11, 16:24   Link #2
ore wa kanpeki da
Join Date: Nov 2003
yes the character drawings are a little flat and goofy but the storylines are very addictive. You'll be hunting all day for the next eps once you get hooked.

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Old 2003-12-11, 16:28   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
I personally like One Piece more than I liked Naruto. The animation really draw most ppl away from it. However, ppl that give it a chance realize that it's quite good. Beside I actually like the drawing. Somehow it add in more humor. the character are well developed and the fight are great. Watch more eps. Maybe when you saw Zoro which should be in eps 2. You would like it a lil more then later on comes Mihawk.
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Old 2003-12-11, 18:32   Link #4
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Mayfield Hts. Ohio
Age: 30
I agree with Jn183 with liking One Piece better than Naruto. And I think its really good, hence the One Piece sig and avatar. Has lots of enjoyable characters, the humor is great, the fights are great, and I like the designs and animation better then other animes.
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Old 2003-12-11, 19:08   Link #5
Join Date: May 2003
I still don't have the first 1-10 epi .. it will take another 300 hours . But anyways, when I first watched epi 21, I wasn't down with the drawing, it was actually annoying to see character drawn like that.

But after three epi, I am enjoying it ... just keep in mind that each arc is FREAKING long!!
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Old 2003-12-11, 19:23   Link #6
merely a ghost
Join Date: Jan 2003
Age: 30
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Just two words.

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Old 2003-12-11, 21:40   Link #7
Join Date: Dec 2003
One Piece is just as good if not better than Naruto, although it took me up until episode 17 to decide that.
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Old 2003-12-11, 22:34   Link #8
Kay Hearts
Cute ahiru ^v^ *quack*
Join Date: Nov 2003
I first started reading the manga since it miracously got published here in Mexico. Sure at first sight the character design was kind of strange to me (Iīm stereotypical girl who just loves shoujo) but since I study design I just got the impression that styled worked well and it was original in itīs own way. After watching first eps of the anime I got that same impression you got from the "americanized" animation, but fortunatedly for me I love animation from everywhere so I didnīt mind :P

I think itīs main good point are characters. They are so well developed and have such good background stories that will fit somewhere in the episodes (or at least up tu ep 17 which is where Iīm right now ^^)
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Old 2003-12-11, 23:52   Link #9
kisses for all
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: ぶちゅー!
Age: 34
One Piece manga is great. Best stuff in Jump, hands down. One Piece anime is... a sorry imitation. I've been reading the manga since it started and I don't think it really starts to show its potential until the Arlong saga, vols 8-11 or so (I'm not sure of the corresponding episodes in the anime). Unfortunately I think a lot of the fun and style of the manga is lost or weakened in the transition to animation, and the filler non-manga parts of the anime are simply atrocious, although for people who are just looking for something mindless to watch, One Piece is great. I don't know if I would say that the OP anime is better than the Naruto anime, since it seems that Naruto got a slightly better adaptation than OP did, but I don't think very highly of the Naruto manga in the first place, so I guess it will depend on individual opinion.

In any case, OP has some great characters and a great story, you just might need some time to grow attached to them. And if you can't deal with the art style, you really need to step outside of your preconceived notions of how an anime "should" look.
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Old 2003-12-12, 01:16   Link #10
Mr. Bushido
Join Date: Nov 2003
Originally Posted by Vicious
Just two words.

let me add a word between KICK and ASS Vicious san.

kicks MAJOR ass

it kicks naruto's ass in my opinion.
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Old 2003-12-12, 11:54   Link #11
Nine Devil
Master(Vicious)'s Padawan
Join Date: Nov 2003
I started watching cuz of My senpai Vicious-san heheheh nice anime.Btw Vicious-san it was in your anime list
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Old 2003-12-12, 12:49   Link #12
Dragon Flame
Wet Kimimaro Love
Join Date: May 2003
Location: New York
Age: 32
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its Gumo Gumo no KICK FUCKIN ASS!!!

its old school style animation, reminds me of Lupin and others from way back when
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Old 2003-12-12, 15:22   Link #13
Weapon of Mass Discussion
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: New York, USA
I defer all discussion to One Piece poll: Who Likes it?.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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