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Old 2011-07-21, 22:57   Link #21
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hmm, i wouldnt call that harem or romance though.

was unexpected but i still enjoyed it.

Ending is a bit odd, how ppl forgave him.
How he became friends with sugawa.
and i wonder how the reception was when kitahara went to the reunion
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Old 2012-01-06, 22:34   Link #22
ROG Lonewolf
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Originally Posted by ninetail1989 View Post
Hello, for starters i dont really read romance manga at all...i normally just read One Piece/Naruto/SlamDunk/Hayate no Gotoku and so on... day i come across a manga name Rinko Days which i started reading it and the only reason i manage to stumble upon it ..its because my iphone got the game LovePlus and when i google it i found Rinko Days..from there on...i like the art...and maybe the storyline.....then from Rinko Days..i went back a bit to romance Manga drawn by Kouji Seo..SUZUKA...its rather old already but somehow i am attached to it....i read finish the whole series in around 2 days..and somehow i cant stop myself from hunting the same type of manga...i kept reading Suzuka again and again.. like somehow i was going nuts over it not to mentioned i even get emotional in some chapters and leak a free drops of tears..

so now, i would like to know if there is any Nice/Decent art romance manga out there which is realistic(no demons/jutsu/magic/all sort of bullshit supernatural thingy) and worth reading out there?something similar to Suzuka/RinkoDays or better?i dont know much since this the first time i actually read finish a romance series...

thx a lot..
Man i know your pain really well, After reading Suzuka my Manga and Anime life has just not felt the same. I loves that show so much, it was the best think i have ever read and i want more of it. . . but its gone So i'm on a desperate search for something as good, or better(Which i really dought because it was so good)!!!
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Old 2012-01-06, 23:17   Link #23
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Sorry to burst your bubble but this topic was dead 5 months ago
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