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9 out of 10 : Excellent 22 22.45%
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6 out of 10 : Average 11 11.22%
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Old 2012-01-05, 21:32   Link #101
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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Is it just me, or has sound effects been added to the OP?
I'm glad the sound effects were only in that one episode, they really ruined the opening with what sounded like effects taken from a powerpoint presentation.

Otherwise, decent episode - overall I'm a little frustrated they still refuse to accept that they're all friends. I can imagine one of them having a sudden realization and pointing it out to the rest of them and they'll all act like it's a massive revelation.

It just seems strange, because they all seem to be otherwise somewhat socially perceptive, though deranged, it's not rocket science to realize they're friends - in fact they're probably closer than most real friendships are.

Just a little peeve of mine, I realize it's all part of the irony of it, I just figure most of the characters are presented as a bit too smart to think like that.
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Old 2012-01-12, 02:39   Link #102
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In my opinion, they did a good job wrapping up the season. Honestly, i was never a huge fan of the anime because i felt that it didn't do the manga justice, but the ending improved my opinion on it by a lot.
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Old 2012-03-19, 08:04   Link #103
Come on everyone
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The opening theme seems to have some additional sounds this time.

Not much to say except, Yozora = true friend. It's touching that she still cared for him even after all those years. And coming up with some intelligent writing on a piece of paper to make a club for getting friends.. she's my favourite character in this show.

After 12 episodes (and the OVA) I still want more.

Going to miss our tomodachi...
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