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Old 2012-01-10, 21:45   Link #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2012
Some good PS3 games

I recently got a PS3. The games I have for it already are No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, Catherine, Rune Factory Oceans along with Infamous 1 & 2. Each of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I recently finished a job, and, looking on the money I have saved up, I can afford to spend a fair share on something for me, so I chose video games. The problem is, finding games that I will enjoy.

Atelier Rorona & Totori (Limited Editions), Mirror's Edge, Ar Tonelico Quga, Eternal Sonata, Valkyria Chronicles and Star Ocean The Last Hope are the one's I'm looking at getting as of now. Can anyone tell me if those games were any good, or recommend some games to add to this list? Games with an Anime aesthetic are preferred.

Initially, I had planned to just use the money to buy the first 4 .Hack games for the PS2, but upon learning that the PS3 is no longer backwards compatible, that was crushed. And buying all 4 of them along with the PS2 seems...
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Old 2012-01-10, 22:39   Link #2
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Join Date: Jan 2008
I'm also very late to the game (got my ps3 about 2 months ago) and was really looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles and Star Ocean TLH, but by now they're unfortunately very much dated. The other games I got were influenced by my friends (AAA titles such as Uncharted and Assassin's Creed 2), but those don't have the anime influence you prefer.
We seem to have the same taste in games so I'll tell you my own to-get list: Yakuza 4 (already out) and Tales of Graces F (Comes out March 13 or so). Yakuza 4 isn't really anime but it's very japanese (going as far as only having a jp dub w/ eng sub option, no english dub available) and tales of graces f is very anime-esque. Check them out if you have the time, you might see something you like.
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Old 2012-01-10, 22:49   Link #3
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Join Date: Jan 2012
Tales of Graces f certainly seems interesting. Not sure about Yakuza 4, but I will look into it more.

Would I need prior knowledge of the "Tales of" series' in order to fully enjoy Graces?

And thank you.
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Old 2012-01-10, 23:02   Link #4
Urzu 7
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: New England
Age: 34
Check out the Uncharted series. There are three of them on the PS3. Start with the first one, as UC 2 and UC 3 improve a lot on the first one's game play.

If you like Metal Gear Solid and never played MGS Peace Walker for PSP, get MGS HD Collection. It has a console version of MGS Peace Walker, as well as MGS 2 Substance and MGS 3 Subsistence in HD. Plus, MGS 3 HD runs at 60 frames per second instead of 30 like the PS2 version. MGS HD Collection costs $40.
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Old 2012-01-10, 23:05   Link #5
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Join Date: Jan 2008
No prior 'tales of' knowledge is necessary.
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Old 2012-01-11, 00:11   Link #6
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Definitely get Valkyria Chronicles. One of the best JRPGs I've ever played. Cell shaded graphics and dual audio, very anime like.

Star Ocean 4 was fun in terms of gameplay, but may fall short on story if you're a really demanding person. I liked 2 and 3 better, but did consider it worth the play. The character models are kind of like anime figures and it also has a classic anime like interface option as well as dual audio.

Eternal Sonata also has dual audio and cell shaded anime style graphics, but I found it a bit lacking in terms of content. It is very linear and also surprisingly hard at points.

If you just want the aesthetics consider fighting games like Blazblue and maybe some PSN stuff like Hard Corps: Uprising. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 also has cell shaded graphics and I think the new Bleach game had too. There are also upcoming games that might interest you like Ni no Kuni and if you care for the licensed games, Saint Seiya and Kaizoku Musou.

There are plenty of others too.
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Old 2012-01-11, 02:50   Link #7
'אין ייאוש בעולם כלל
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: UK
Age: 32
You should certainly get Mirror's Edge, not only is it cheap, but it is one of the best games this gen.

For an anime aesthetic traditional RPG give Hyperdimension Neptunia a go.

Not so much anime, but an oft overlooked JRPG gem is Enchanted Arms, worth adding to anyones play-pile XD
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Old 2012-01-11, 03:24   Link #8
Senior Guest
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Athens (GMT+2)
Age: 28
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Played this one a few weeks ago. It's quite small actually, about 20 hours on first clear and under 5h later on, but it's got high replayability, amazing graphics and combat system, lots of fun toys to play with and easter eggs to discover.
Demon's Souls and Dark Souls - old school hardcore adventure games, you'll die more in these than in every other game combined...but they're simple and fun, provided you can get past the few first stages where you're learning the ropes...the hard way :P
Initially, I had planned to just use the money to buy the first 4 .Hack games for the PS2, but upon learning that the PS3 is no longer backwards compatible, that was crushed. And buying all 4 of them along with the PS2 seems...
As fun as the .Hack series is, it isn't worth four times the value of one game. If you had played one or two and never got the rest of the story, look it up on the net.

Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean should be very good, although I haven't had a chance to play them yet. There's also Dungeon Siege 3 if you're into hack and slash.

Oh, since I haven't added an RPG yet, I'll recommend Resonance of Fate a.k.a. End of Eternity. Decent graphics, smart gameplay, free world map which you can connect any way you like, amazing soundtrack and a good plot, although you don't get much of it in every chapter.
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Old 2012-01-11, 12:37   Link #9
AS Oji-kun
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: At a London haberdashery with Ange
Age: 67
My daughter and I both enjoy playing Dragon Age and its sequel, Dragon Age II. She's playing Skyrim at the moment. Not my cup of tea, since I prefer games where you manage teams of characters rather than playing as a single warrior.
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Old 2012-01-11, 13:26   Link #10
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: CO, USA
I second getting Valkria Chronicles. Very innovative RPG with fun gameplay and nice story to boot. Its also very challenging if you are trying to go for perfect scores. And dual audio is always a big plus (for me).

Star Ocean Last Hope is also a nice buy, though don't expect much of a story. The graphics and gameplay is its selling point.

And regarding Ar Tonelico Quga... Having thoroughly liked the Ar Tonelico 2: Metafalica for the PS2, I couldn't wait to get this game... Only to have out all of my hopes came crashing down. First the graphics are absolutely horrible for a PS3 game. It would barely pass by even on PS2 (around the level of Persona 3). The way the character runs/jumps you'd have to think there is minimal friction and gravity. The story was forgettable at best, and I didn't like most of the characters. I'm usually the type that goes for perfection in RPG's but in this one, all I did was finish the last boss. Many elements of the previous games are still present though, so you might want to pick it up if you are a die-hard fan of the series like me.

Also, if you have played Final Fantasy 13, its sequel is supposed to come out this month, so you can look forward to that.

I've also heard very good things about Demon Souls, so you should definitely check that one out. I'd be playing it right now if only I still lived with my roomate

Honestly, PS3 is very lacking in RPG's. Hopefully this issue will be remedied in the near future.
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Old 2012-01-12, 21:05   Link #11
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Join Date: Jan 2012
Ok, just ordered Eternal Sonata, Valkyria Chronicles, Resonance of Fate, Mirror's Edge and Star Ocean 4. I'll order the Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 Gamindustri Savior Set, along with the original Hyperdimension Neptunia then the former comes out, and will get FF XIII-2 and Tales of Graces f when they come out... Thank you ^^ I'm sure I will be pleased.

And sorry for putting this in the wrong place x.x
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