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Old 2012-01-15, 20:54   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Unknown Soldier View Post
"L-L-Lemon-chan is embarrassed!"
The Lemon-chan scene had me falling down in laughter. Especially with how Louise easily accepted that nickname.
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Old 2012-01-16, 01:30   Link #22
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haha looks like i am one of the few rooting for tifa. Go melon chan make louise eat her words!
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Old 2012-01-16, 02:11   Link #23
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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
The main character advancement here was that Saito was refusing Tifa's attempt to kiss him...
Ahaha, I got a good laugh from that, and how true it is

But overall, it was a really nice episode. Plot advancement, some action, and most of all lemon-chan! Oh man, Saito and his perverted tastes. Who knows what could've happened to the vulnerable Louise if they weren't interrupted. But man, Louise is getting cuter by the episode. And the ED was so adorable; much better than previous seasons'.

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Old 2012-01-16, 13:46   Link #24
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Something tells me Tiffa will get her kiss, and that it won't look good for Saitou when she does (or rather, for Louise, as her familiar/Love Interest will be taken away from her).

And apparently, Saitou likes his girls sweet and sour at the same time. I guess Louise fits right up his alley, then. Can't blame him for going all ga-ga over her Index outfit, she definitely looks good in it.

Also, I totally love the ED.
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Old 2012-01-16, 14:12   Link #25
real men love pink
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eh i think it will do em some good so louise will actually have to be true to herself. She always says he should do this and that cus she is his master, she wont be able to get away with using those excuses if he is the familiar of another person especially if that person is another LI like tifa.

and ed isnt bad the 1st couple seasons were still classic. For some reason i really like her in this getup

Spoiler for for size:
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Old 2012-01-17, 20:10   Link #26
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Ok, well, I had to sign up just to get this off my chest.

Just watched episode one and two back to back, and I gotta say, I'm loving it; ZnT has always been a favorite of mine. The music, the characters, the setting, the atmosphere and *especially* (this is important) Saito's Gandalfr powers. Instantly being able to utilize any weapon as a master just from touching it? Wow, that's awesome. He used it to full effect in many battles throughout the seasons, and it always felt like he was fighting at his full strength.

What about now? With so much growth throughout the three seasons, Saito must be at a level by now where only a very select few in the entire world would be able fight him on an even footing right? I mean, they certainly made it feel that way.
Spoiler for Episode 1 and 2 battle scenes:

Sorry for the long rant, but I really don't understand what they did to Saito. SAITO WTF HAPPENED TO YOU!?!? You used to own everyone, now you look like a child with a stick fighting a master samurai.
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Old 2012-03-16, 00:18   Link #27
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Hmm... Worf Had The Flu?

BTW, Index-Louise FTW!
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