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Old 2012-01-23, 01:11   Link #1
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Unhappy Wide Variety of Anime

I have watched a lot of anime over the years like DBZ, Bleach, Berserk, Evangelion, Claymore, Soul Eater, Samurai 7, Hellsing (both original and OVA), Samruai X and a lot more. Now at this point for me, it is getting really hard to find a anime that catches my interest and was hoping someone could lead me in direction of some new series! Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note, I have watched OP and even tho I liked the animation, the art really killed it for me and lost interest in it. so at this point OP is a last resort until something else comes along.
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Old 2012-01-23, 02:43   Link #2
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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Wow, there’s A LOT to suggest. Still, from the titles that you mentioned, it seems that you like shonen-fighting and mecha genre. So, you may want to try Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas, Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Beelzebub, To Aru Majutsu no Index, History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Basilisk, D.Gray-man, Full Metal Panic!, Break Blade, Gundam 00, Hunter x Hunter (1999 series & 2011 series), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Kekkaishi, Mai-Hime, Busou Renkin and Shakugan no Shana.

If you had enough with shonen-fighting and mecha, you may want to try some more cerebral anime like Steins;Gate, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Last Exile, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Eden of the East, Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu, Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.

All of them are some of the most popular titles. I can mention a lot more. It’ll help if you have a list of anime that you’ve watched so that you’ll directly get some new suggestions and not something you’ve already watched before.
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Old 2012-01-23, 03:21   Link #3
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Do you have a myanimelist or an animenewsnetwork account? Because if you do, you can post a link to it so we don't end up recommending a bunch of series you've seen already.

You can try out G Gundam, it's a mecha series but it does have quite a bit in common with shonen martial series like Dragon Ball. Don't expect it to be like the rest of the Gundam series as this series is an anomaly in the wider Gundam franchise. But it's very enjoyable and has some really over the top action scenes and lots of hot blood. If you like this series, you'll probably enjoy Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which Obelisk ze Terminator recommended, as well.
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Old 2012-01-23, 03:57   Link #4
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You could also try Aquarion (a space fantasy which is served as a homage to 70s mecha anime) and Asura Cryin' (story about a boy and a female ghost piloting mecha together, similar to Zegapain).
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Old 2012-01-23, 04:40   Link #5
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Originally Posted by GreatTeacherKen View Post
If you like this series, you'll probably enjoy Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which Obelisk ze Terminator recommended, as well.
LOL, it's Tormentor, not Terminator . I'm no Arnold .
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Old 2012-01-23, 05:01   Link #6
'אין ייאוש בעולם כלל
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Yes a list of your watched anime would certainly help XD

Regardless, seems you have an interest in shounen, yes? Two that are especially notable by their absence in your OP must include;
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Over the top mecha battles and inspirational themes abound. Watch this asap.
Yu Yu Hakusho - Probably the best "pure fighting" shounen, even now. Make sure to catch the superior english dub.

You may also enjoy Trigun (western/sci-fi/comedy/action), Kaze no Stigma and Elemental Gelade (both action and romance). As usual Obelisk has some awesome recommendations, so I'll try to avoid doubling up (so difficult XD)

Looking for something a little different? Perhaps you might enjoy Kenran Butou Sai (mecha/sci-fi/comedy/romance) which features some rather unique underwater mecha battling. Valkyria Chronicles (war/romance), you may find intriguing, don't be put off by the fact it deals with war, it manages to stay clear of excessive drama/angst for the most part.

Finally it would also be remiss of me not to recommend Spice and Wolf (seinen/economics/romance), which is just one of those anime that everyone should watch.
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Old 2012-01-23, 15:34   Link #7
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Looks like you mostly only watched shounen so far so I will try to mix the genres a bit:

07-Ghost has the biggest part of Japanese seiyus from Bleach. Some characters even act similar.

Angel Beats has some action but it is more of a comedy/drama series which are worth a watch if you plan to try new genres.

Baccano are great action series with very unique way of story telling.

Code Geass are cool mecha series but art style is off, took me a while to get used to it.

D.Gray Man is similar to Bleach. We have a group of exorsists (shinigami) who are hunting down akumas (hollows). Then Noah (Espada) are introduced and battles with each other begin.

Death Note has become a must even for none anime fans.

Fate/Stay Night are nice action series though prequel Fate/Zero is much better. But if you watch prequel first, you kill all the best parts in Night series.

I'll leave it at that for now, hoping that you might give bigger list of what you have seen so I wouldn't have to suggest what you already saw because I still have bunch of possible recommendations.
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Old 2012-01-23, 22:09   Link #8
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U should try
Zero no tsukaima (romance, comedy, fighting/action n fantasy) to see if you like romance and comedy;
Angel Beats (tearjerker, comedy and a bit of action) to see if you like tearjerker.(don't stop at the first ep)
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Old 2012-01-23, 23:06   Link #9
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Seconding in particular Gurren Lagann, Katanagatari, Shakugan no Shana, FMA(including Brotherhood), HunterxHunter, To Aru Majutsu no Index, and a whole other bunch of good series Obelisk mentioned.

Aside from those I think you might wanna give the Black Rock Shooter OVA a watch. I thought the plot and concept(even though most of it is left for you to speculate) was pretty interesting, plus the way it hops from one scene to another throughout was a bonus if you ask me. Made me really wonder how all of it was connected. There actually gonna be a TV series airing this season btw.

The first season of Darker Than Black is one of my current enjoyements, but I haven't watched season two or the OVAs yet. Really intruiging(and awesome) protagonist in it too. Whether or not you'll like probably it depends if you can bear the tradegies that occur I guess.

I'd recommend Pandora Hearts, but you might not be very satisfied with the ending... Nonetheless, I hope these suggestions have help you find anything in particular you may be looking for in the future
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Old 2012-01-24, 01:56   Link #10
AS Oji-kun
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So far the suggestions hew to your preferences, but hardly constitute a "wide variety" of anime. Here are a few alternatives:

Bartender - a gifted bartender soothes distraught souls by choosing an appropriate libation
Bakeneko/Mononoke - a travelling medicine seller in 19th century Japan slays demons created by evil human deeds
Dennou Coil - kids uncover mystery and danger in a virtual reality playground
Kurenai - a teenaged boy becomes the guardian of a seven-year-old girl kidnapped from a powerful family
Monster - a Japanese neurosurgeon tracks a serial killer in 1990 Eastern Europe
Moyashimon - college freshman can see microbes; hijinks ensue
Nijuu Mensou no Musume - a young heiress is kidnapped by a master thief and joins their gang
Noein - conflicts between parallel universes become focused on a preteen girl and her friends (dubbed stream)
Oh! Edo Rocket - in 1843, a mysterious young woman asks a Tokyo fireworks maker to build a rocket to the moon
School Rumble - life and loves in high school; often extremely funny
Seirei no Moribito - a mature female bodyguard becomes the guardian of an endangered young prince
Welcome to the NHK! - a young woman tries to cure a reclusive "hikikomori" of his problem (dubbed stream)

I've avoided romances in this list. For those, I'd suggest Nodame Cantabile, Saiunkoku Monogatari, and REC. I'll also mention Hataraki Man and Planetes, two very different slice-of-life shows about working.

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