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Old 2010-09-07, 22:04   Link #41
singing heartbreak
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Spoiler for chp 9:
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Old 2010-09-26, 03:39   Link #42
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Anyways : Chapter 11 out ... <_<
And someone have the link with a blog who show the ranking of Shonen Jump.
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Old 2010-09-26, 06:02   Link #43
Working the bags...
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Old 2010-11-17, 06:58   Link #44
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Swot, le manga de Naoya Sugita, se terminera lundi prochain dans le Shônen Jump #51. La série fera 3 tomes au final. Le 1er sortira le 3 décembre, le 2ème le 4 février et enfin le 3ème le 4 avril. La série avait débuté en juillet.

L'élève transféré Manabizaki Kyou est un SWOT, une personne qui passe trop de temps à étudier. Son rêve est d'entrer à Todai et de construire un ''OVNI''. Il trouve un établissement scolaire où le taux de réussite d'entrée à Todai est de 80%... du moins c'est ce qu'il pensait... Ce lycée se révèle être en fait un établissement de délinquants..


In French ... But in english : SWOT is canned. Three volumes out : 1 in december, 2 in february, 3 in april.
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Old 2010-11-17, 14:42   Link #45
bahamut zero
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I can't think of why it was so badly received.....
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Old 2010-11-17, 19:15   Link #46
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so it'll go up to like chap 26 like Ane doki i believe?
Although it was a typical main-stream shonen battle manga, it at least had some resemblance of originality. School equipment wielding main lead didn't seem that bad of an idea.
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Old 2010-11-17, 19:35   Link #47
Bonta Kun
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For me problem here is they changed alot about this series I liked from the oneshot.

Only change I liked was that Hasuno became alot cuter but that can't really save this series from it's rather lack luster plot.
Even the comedy took quite a nose dive for me.

Sad thing is this also happened to another series in WSJ, Oumagadoki Doubutsuen. I really liked the oneshot there but the serialization did not capture the feel of the oneshot at all.
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Old 2012-01-27, 07:27   Link #48
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Man, Naoya Sugita is best known for rushing his every single manga so long that they are canned. Really ? Oh, really !!
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Closed Thread

action, comedy, romance, school life, shounen

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