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Old 2012-01-31, 21:34   Link #41
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I loved being a new fan because it was great discovering anime at a time when the only thing on US TV was reality TV. As for non-reality TV after sticking with so many shows just to be disappointed in the end I found anime's way of telling a story with a beginning middle and end quite refreshing.

Not only that anime was what got me into animation and comics in the first place. It was through anime that I learned any medium can tell a great story.

I still love being a veteran anime fan. Now I am more discerning about what I watch. I don't say no to mainstream stuff if I like the story & characters but at the same time I like to seek out more unique and even classic series. I never understand when people say they've seen everything because I've been watching anime for 10+ years and there are still series left to discover.

Sure there are periods where I watch less anime than others. I have other interests besides anime but I don't see myself ever not being an anime fan. And yeah it's true anime no longer has that "newness" for me but I never liked anime because it was something "different", I liked it because of the stories it tells and well that hasn't changed. Maybe the only thing that has changed is when I started out I mainly watched shounen series that came on TV, with discovering online fandom & fansubs I have certainly branched out much more. I don't turn my nose up to shounen but well I love that there is so much more to anime than that.

As for loving Japan because of anime well I think I am more interested in Japanese culture specifically because of anime but I've always been interested in Asian culture ever since I looked at my grandparents photo album of their trip to Japan & China (which is probably why getting into anime was easy entry for me. I also always liked foreign film so subtitles were never an issue. In fact I think the only aspect that was initially an issue was the animation but I got over that quickly). But that being said I definitely do not think Japan is some utopia, no place is. Japan is interesting to me, perfect no!
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Old 2012-01-31, 21:50   Link #42
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I also think it depends because an innocent anime viewer can develop into a experienced one if they don't treat anime like clothes (like love that certain anime today but completely forget about it 1 year later). Since I grew up with anime even though I'm open to new animes being released I am pretty much critical towards anime more than I was 15 years ago. For stop liking shows it is rare for me because I usually hate it or like it though.
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I think it depends on the person, really. I've had probably fourteen years of anime viewing experience and shows today can still impress me. We all have our hated cliches and stereotypes but along with those comes our favorites as well. I know for sure that I'm never going to get sick of my favorite romance formula shoujo anime uses over and over and over again.^^ I just enjoy it every time!
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