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Old 2012-01-21, 23:15   Link #481
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I'll try to rip those photos for you.
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Old 2012-02-03, 11:52   Link #482
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did they release an english patch for the game?
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Old 2012-03-20, 19:03   Link #483
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Heyz, how is the translation for this game coming along? :P
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Old 2017-02-09, 09:25   Link #484
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Incoming heavy duty necromancy.


Anyway as someone who came late to the party (I found Nanoha less than a year ago) I have gotten to the point where I have started playing the PSP games in the emulator. Even though I don't know Japanese

The first one is okay. It's not particulary deep and I feel like range focused characters have a definite advantage, to the point where while playing on the Nanoha's part the only characters that gave me trouble are Zafira (because his auto guard blocks a lot of my shots and he has the skills to force me to fight close to him) and Reinforce can be annoying since she has quick cast beams that can track you even through dodges. This might be a artifact of the AI not being the smartest tool in the toolbox, which is probably exemplified by Signum who is ruined by it. Signum has a lot of short to medum ranged attacks, BUT the AI seems not to be able to understand that her attacks have an actual range, so she will happily continue spamming attacks that have no way in hell of reaching me.

By now I have completed 4 paths and I have lost not once. Then again I was playing as the Aces and Rein where I could exploit ranged shenanigans. Considering that I'm terrible in melee (I have the reflexes of a dead horse) it's likely going to be more difficult going with some of the other chars.

By contrast I tried to play the second game and had my shit ruined in the first fight.

Then again I don't mind the game being easy, I like curb stomping my foes.

Anyway seeing as we do have translations of the three Aces's routes and no translation patch I was looking into the possibility of modding in the translation. No luck I'm afraid so far. The links to the tools that Chinese community used and that were being offered are now dead. I have tried figuring out the file system on my own, and using resources form the net I have figured out how to extract the files containing the dialogue, or at least where I think it is (I can see the talk in English (Rising Heart) but the Japanese is not using Unicode or Ascii). The trouble is that while there are unpackers for pac and lzs compressed files there is no packer that would put the file bakc together from modified file. So bummer there.

Spoiler for How to uncompress Battle of the Aces *.pac files:

Seeing as that route is closed I decided to at least provide subtitles for the cutscenes in video form and this is the first result.
The prologie and stage 1 on Nanoha's path
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Old 2017-02-11, 09:22   Link #485
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The rest of the Nanoha's path subtitled
Stage 2-4 -Dark Piece Signum, Dark Piece Zafira, Dark Piece Shamal, Revi/Levi, Dark Piece Hayate
Stage 5 (The Will of the Book of Darkness and Stern/Starlight Destroyer) + End

Stage 2-4
I only really read the translation as I was adding the subs and couple of things surprised me. For example since I did not know what Shamal was saying to me before I finished recording, I learned too late about her situation and her possible post battle dialogue. As is I trounced her ridiculously since her AI is terrible, but after I learned that she knows that you DESTROYED her only friends (Dark Piece Shamal has memories of Shamal from before Hayate), and now understandably wants revenge and is willing to give it her best shot to defeat Nanoha. But since I trounced her handily in the end on top of the anguish of loosing what she considered her only family, she was not able to do ANYTING against and has FAILED her companions. Had I known that I might have gone easier on her and let her do some damage to me at least so she is somewhat content.

The standout is Hayate, who completely no sells the entire angst thing that Dark Peaces have and is just as happy as the real one and only wants a practice match with Nanoha. And since I bungled that match through overconfidence and she nearly ripped my/Nanoha's face in melee she is happy for it. Nanoha even doesn't have the stomach to tell her that she is not real.

In general it seems that this game is another supplemental material that does more and better Hayate than the main continuity.

Stage 5+E
First off the Nanoha/Stern contains some of the worst translation. I am grateful for he effort and you can get the gist of what supposedly was being said in Japanese, the usual Nanoha's spiel about understanding being important to the point that it's okay to fight if it leads to it and that she has the power to change things by blowing stuff up, but it's still head scratching at times. I was debating changing those lines along the lines of what I thought they were supposed to say but abstained since I don't know Japanese and would be changing the meaning based on a secondary a bit unreliable source.

The battle with Reinforce reminded me of how annoying it is to fight her. She is not really that strong, they explain it in the background by her slowly loosing her powers as she is transferring her power to Hayate, and this one I fight is a bit of a cheap knock off the Darkness of the Book of Darkness made. What is annoying with her are her really quick cast beams that tend to be able to keep tracking you even through dodges. As can be seen in the video she has hit me multiple times right at the end of my dodge animation. That really should not happen. Also I lost to her one match by being overconfident and trying to end the match fancy like with an SLB. When I god shot down initially I thought it was some bullshit because I was certain my beam blocked her beam. But upon reviewing the footage I see that what got me was the beam from her orb which I did not notice.

Reinforce dialogue was nice, and the part with Stern while not being as good as I thought it might be was still the birthplace of a a nice good frienemity. Also this quote by Nanoha is nice:

"I had to shoot out their sadness with my magic." - When you have a hammer ...

Also from the previous one:

"Yuuno-kun's words are always easy to understand, and makes me feel better...... so I'm glad!" - because most of his explanations and suggestions to you involve words like attack, hit, defeat, destroy, annihilate and such. And it's a reference to a part in A's I think where Yunno is explaining to Nanoha how to wake the Book of Darknes's master and Nanoha is visibly aprehensive that it's going to be complicated and then he explains that she needs to hit the Book REALLY hard and she cheers up since that's simple for her.

I'm likely to try doing Hayate again since she should have most interest in this incident. I did Nanoha first because I like her and it is MGL Nanoha, but Hayate should be really interesting.

One question for 0,5 persons who might have watched this thing. How are subtitles? Readable, unreadable? Should I keep trying to show Japanese subtitles too as I have been doing or simply pave over them which would actually be simpler for me?
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