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Old 2004-12-06, 10:55   Link #41
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Originally Posted by snoopy
Oh oh! Suzuka, I'm enjoying that... I wanted to translate it months ago, but those text bubbles have successfully made it way way way way way more trouble than it's worth. And this is coming fro ma guy who thinks Air Gear isn't too much trouble.
The manga is like a soap opera, and I feel a bit guilty about liking it as a result. Not sure I understand what you mean about the speech bubbles, though. Do you mean their shapes?

"Yoru made Matenai", which can be found on GHD's manga tracker, by Oota Saki-sensei was another guilty read. And slow too; I'm still short the volumes. Tsukasa-kun was a really bad boy...
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Old 2004-12-06, 12:56   Link #42
Arcadia of My Youth
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Perhaps I should explain it a lil bit more. xD

Mekakushi no Kuni is one of the few shoujos that really got me, aside from Hanayori Dango and Parfait Tic. Well, it got published in Indonesia (up to vol6 latest) and I'm on vacation here so I happened to come across it in my sis' manga collection. What really strikes me is it's different from your average shoujos: the way the story flows and develops. The story is mainly about this girl who's able to see the future of the person she has physical contact with, sometimes. Though the premise sounds like a supernatural kind of story but the manga progresses quite differently as it focuses more on the implication of this so-called gift on her life and how she subtly changes the life of people around her. Later in this story, she comes across 2 guys who have the same abilities like her, except one of them can see the past while the other, the future, similar like her. These 2 individuals use their abilities differently (one of them even enjoy watching busy streets as he can foresee accidents!) and possess unique characters.

Well, I'm not sure whether this manga got scanlated or not but it's definitely an interesting read.

Shanaou Yoshitsune, similar to Mekakushi, got published here and it's up to vol10 right now. It's basically an alternate history of this famous ancient japanese hero called Genji Yoshitsune (and thus, the 20th CB reference in vol16: Genji Faction). It's your typical shonen with actions, humors and surprisingly, lots of drama elements mixed in. It's still a good read nonetheless.

I hope I didnt get too long-winded. ;D
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Old 2004-12-06, 14:18   Link #43
♪♫ Maya Iincho ♩♬
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For me, the only manga scans worth reading right now is
- Mahou Sensei Negima
- Pretty Face
- Full Metal Alchmiest
- Mar is pertty good

Besides these, any other to me is quite boring.
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Old 2004-12-06, 14:32   Link #44
Strange Love
Join Date: Feb 2004
Touch is my absolute favorite. Others would be:

2. Yakitate! Japan
3. Hen
4. I"s
5. Pretty Face

I wanted to put Miyuki in there but I already have an Adachi manga in the list. Has anyone mentioned I"s yet by the way? I'm shocked.
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Old 2004-12-06, 15:59   Link #45
Boobies² = Fun
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Originally Posted by Bullsquat
Touch is my absolute favorite. Others would be:

2. Yakitate! Japan
3. Hen
4. I"s
5. Pretty Face

I wanted to put Miyuki in there but I already have an Adachi manga in the list. Has anyone mentioned I"s yet by the way? I'm shocked.
You put HEN above I"s 0_o Is that a mistake?

btw- anyone still doin Hen?
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Old 2004-12-06, 16:53   Link #46
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Age: 35
Originally Posted by LynnieS
The manga is like a soap opera, and I feel a bit guilty about liking it as a result. Not sure I understand what you mean about the speech bubbles, though. Do you mean their shapes?
yeah, the shapes kill me. You either have to redraw every bubble or you have to hyphenate every word
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Old 2004-12-06, 17:57   Link #47
kisses for all
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Age: 34
I read Japan Tengu Party Illustrated in the past few days and I think it's the first time since reading Akira and Nausicaa that I have come away visibly moved by how potent, meaningful and consistently brilliant a manga can be.
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Old 2004-12-06, 18:05   Link #48
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My favourite unlicensed (and unfortunately unscanslated) titles = two shoujo and a shounen.
Patariro = at 76 volumes and climbing, I don't even expect to see this licensed any time soon. It's so funny too!
Akazukin Chacha = light-hearted and funny. It refreshes my heart.
Ushio to Tora = ;__; License? please? anyone?

I also read a lot of scanslated stuff that's been mentioned already: Ippo, Yakitate, Houshin Engi, that sort of thing. Scanslations appeal to the lazy side of me () while the untranslated manga calls to the "I really want to read good manga no matter how hard it is to find" side of me.
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Old 2004-12-06, 18:10   Link #49
Fighter Volk
Thanks sakurabatou @ LJ
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: NYC
I have lots and lots of unlicensed manga that I like, so I'll narrow it down to unlicensed unfinished ones. These are in no particular order, by the way.

20th Century Boys - this manga is unbelievable. Coming from my favorite mangaka, Urasawa Naoki (of Yawara! and Monster fame), this is probably the greatest manga out there right now. The plot twists never stop, the plotline draws you in and doesn't let go, and the characters, although many, are all wonderfully fleshed out. The recent volumes (16 and 17) haven't been the greatest, but they are the introductory volumes to third and probably final arc.

Death Note - I only discovered this one very recently, but I'm very glad I did. I have read through to the thirty-eighth chapter, and the quality has been great through and through. The whole manga is basically a duel of intellect between the two main characters with a supernatural backdrop. The most recent plot twist has led into a not-so-interesting situation, but I am eleven chapters behind, so anything can happen...

666 Satan - a gem in the field of the typical shonen. It has many of the elements that make up the average shonen manga (the ninth and most recent volume even has a fighting tournament, the uber-shonen cliche, although always fun) and yet it rises above most other such mangas. The scanlations and/or translations have only reached the second-to-last chapter of the third volume, but they're coming, if slowly. Chapters one through nine are available over at Toriyama's World, although it appears they have stopped the project. Ten through twelve can be found at The releases are slow, but at least it's an active project.

Fullmetal Alchemist - I've read the first five or six volumes of the manga and it's very enjoyable. Thus far, I still like the anime version better, but the manga is a strong standalone, too. I would definitely recommend it to any and all fans of the shounen genre, especially since it actually has a deep plot and some of the greatest characters in any shounen series I've read.

Pluto - the latest project from Urasawa Naoki. This time, he is adapting a story arc from Tezuka's Astro Boy and retelling it in his own style. It is reminiscent of Monster, albeit in a futuristic setting, but it shows real promise. The downside is, the chapters are released monthly... anyway, Mangascreener is scanlating this.

D. Gray-man - a very new Jump series. I have the first volume but so far have only read the two scanlated chapters. It seems like it could turn out to be something good eventually. The art really appeals to me, especially since the main character's design reminds me of Edward Elric from Fullmetal.

Gantz - this manga screams original. The fourteen volumes out so far and all the chapters since have not even once made me lose interest. Filled with enough violence and sex to make a Berserk fan proud, and with a superb cast of characters (of which anyone and everyone is subject to death at any time), this manga is absolutely worth reading. Good quality scanlations are being done by Omanga and Band of the Hawks, while Shocwave is the best source for lesser quality but up-to-date scanlations. Stephen has translations for the first seven volumes on his site as well.
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Old 2004-12-06, 19:14   Link #50
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My ranking for better unlicensed manga installments is sorted out the following:

# 1. Elfen Lied Explores the darkest and most twisted side of human nature. Young, psychotic diclonius girl, with nekomimi horns, Lucy, crusades to clean up society from the stench and filth of the human scum known as people or us. Driven by deep, profound feelings of hatred, vanity, and disdain, aggravated through systematic childhood abuse and isolation, Lucy hacks/rips literally through people on her way to make the world her perfect place to be. Two sides from the same coin: the vector-armed, psychologically unbalanced, hunger for murder, Lucy; sweet, gentle, kawaii, fanservicing, Nyu.

# 2. FullMetal Alchemist Two ingenious brothers who messed with mother nature and ended up losing a part of themselves. Now they vowed to each other in recovering everything that was taken from them. Join Edward and Alphonse Elric in their epic crusade for the mystical Philosopher's Stone, and so will they fulfill the promise to revert back into their original bodies.
And don't miss the smash-hit sequel parody, "The Flame Alchemist"; yeah, in your dreams Mustang.

# 3. Pretty Face Brawly and brainless karate boy (thank God, not another karate kid) gets scorched up during a car accident; immediately declared dead and spent a whole year in comatose state. When waking up, a sex-hungered, plastic surgeon had reconstructed him, and now his face is exactly as that of a dream-girl acquaintance of his. Fortunately for our misadventurous hero, Randoh Masashi, that loony-crazed doctor spared his healthy manliness (Damn!! Close to get our dream girl!!), however, his bad luck lingers on as he meets up with his girl acquaintace, Rina, and she mistakenly confuses his new face to that of her long, lost twin sister, Yuna.
Things can't be worse for him, can they?
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Old 2004-12-06, 20:01   Link #51
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Ichigo 100%
Death Note
Hunter X Hunter
Yakitate Japan
Full Metal Alchemist

These are quite popular I guess, so no review needed.....
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Old 2004-12-07, 20:34   Link #52
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Join Date: Jan 2004
pretty face
ichigo 100%
hunter x hunter
jisatsu circle (short and completed)

those come to mind right now
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Old 2004-12-08, 00:23   Link #53
Strange Love
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Originally Posted by 音楽は死んだ
You put HEN above I"s 0_o Is that a mistake?

btw- anyone still doin Hen?
You shouldn't be surprised after seeing my sig and avatar.

I'm so obsessed with this manga. Yuri love story to the max.
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Old 2004-12-14, 23:20   Link #54
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1) Pretty Face
2) Gantz

i'm also reading Ichigo 100%, Pastel and Gacha Gacha
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Old 2004-12-16, 08:00   Link #55
Crouchety Old Man
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Not too sure if it has been licensed, but I heartilly recommend School Rumble , its a riot reading it and recently beyond Volume 5, Tenma's class is having a semi serious paintball tournament (capture the flag) to decide what will be their activity for the upcoming cultural festival.

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Old 2004-12-18, 01:07   Link #56
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All my fav mangas are BL.

1. Love Mode by Yuki Shimizu (11 volumes)

2. Hoshi no Oka paradise by Jun Kajimoto (2 volumes and counting)

3. Sakende Yaruze by Satosumi Takaguchi (5 volumes)

4. Ludwig II by You Higuri (3 volumes)

5. Ikoku Irokoi Romantan by Yamane Ayano

6. Yuuwaku no Kaori by Mako Toyama

7. Nothing Without You (Kimi Sae Ireba) by Shiuko Kano

8. XI by Mika Sadahiro

9. Haru wo Daite Ita by Yuuka Nitta (9 volumes and counting)

10. Hardline by Dan Karan (8 volumes)

For more BL, visit
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Old 2004-12-22, 19:57   Link #57
Kempis Curious
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Age: 43
Thanks, y'all, for putting up those websites... manga isn't as high a priority as anime, but this is the time of year to be in warm bed with a laptop, a hot drink, and a buncha manga.
(At least, in the northern hemisphere it is.)

I've read a shonen-romance with lots of bikini girls recently, called Pastel, probably not licensed.

Also... CARN SARN IT Yotsubato! got licensed. Crap. That was a great manga.


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Old 2004-12-23, 06:28   Link #58
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Death Note
Pretty Face
Ichigo 100%
Bleach (though licenced now)
Yakitate!! Japan
Black Cat

Tried reading some 20th century boys, maybe a volume in.. haven't really intrigued me yet.
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