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Old 2011-08-12, 12:54   Link #21
Cinderella Gang or Die
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Originally Posted by GreyFlcn View Post
How about some more?

Oh God, I can't even
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Old 2011-08-28, 19:13   Link #22
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The truth exists beyond Steins;Gate!

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Old 2011-08-28, 22:19   Link #23
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I have to say... That AMV was beautiful.. The effects, how they fit together so well, and how it kept to beat with the song. I give this one a 8/10 because there were some parts where it felt a little off.
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Old 2011-09-03, 03:14   Link #24
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May have been already posted, but hey

Spoiler for spoilerish for those who have yet to catch up to the middle of the series:
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Old 2011-09-15, 22:33   Link #25
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Steins;Gate x Megaman
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Old 2011-09-28, 15:50   Link #26
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An excellent piano cover of "Hacking into the Gate":
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Old 2011-09-29, 06:53   Link #27
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spoilerish amv

Spoiler for final episode spoiler:
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Old 2011-11-03, 04:09   Link #28
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Ah, Shining Finger!

Let us start here from Square one. No... from zero!
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Old 2012-02-12, 05:12   Link #29
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Spoiler for Rihanna - We Found Love (and spoilers):
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Old 2012-02-13, 21:23   Link #30
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I miss Haruhi
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Old 2012-05-28, 21:11   Link #31
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Found this one earlier today:

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Old 2012-08-30, 12:42   Link #32
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Dr. Horrible and Stein's;Gate. I had to do it.
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Old 2012-08-31, 04:13   Link #33
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^Words cannot describe how awesome this shit is! *.*

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Old 2012-08-31, 09:23   Link #34
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That's pretty good there.
Now I wish Kyouma actually invented a freeze gun with Daru.
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Old 2013-10-08, 10:56   Link #35
Kimi no na wa?!
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So, for anyone still browsing this subforum...

EDIT: Original for comparison

The name of the game is Rhythm Heaven Fever. The person put so much effort into the parody that I was moved. T_T
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Old 2013-10-10, 09:17   Link #36
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I've seen the shorter version of the first video before, love it <3
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