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Old 2012-03-03, 03:57   Link #181
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It's alright. Too short (finished in 14 hours and some of that was idle time), but I realize I'm living in nostalgia land and games just aren't long these days (Xenoblade was an exception, I think).

It has, what seems to me, almost the exact same voice cast as Xenoblade, which I didn't appreciate, as it made it that much harder for me to not burden my playthrough with comparisons to what I consider the best JRPG of the last decade (for the record, I continue to think of Xenoblade as #1, but Last Story is a solid story-driven JRPG; it's simply lacking in anything else really, and its characters are definitely more SquareEnix fashion models than I liked). I'm not a big fan of this particular dialect of british voice acting, though I suspect the dialect was chosen on purpose, as I've heard it's attributed to the working class/poor of London. I don't like it though, and wasn't fond of it in Xenoblade either.

As long as you actually enjoy JRPG stories and don't consistently ask for something out of JRPG stories that would make them no longer be JRPGs, you should enjoy this game. People who are more the Nocturne (mechanics-driven vs story-driven) type of JRPG lovers may not find much to enjoy in this game though.

If Graces had stayed on the Wii, I almost would have to call it the surprising console winner this generation for JRPGs at this rate.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.

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Old 2012-03-09, 19:25   Link #182
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Another week has come to an end, but I still don't have my copy of this game. What's taking the post offices so long?!
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Old 2012-04-05, 17:58   Link #183
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i finished this game last night but i feel like some of the characters should have gotten some more closure. Lowell being a prime example of him being -

Spoiler for Lowell:

i wish there was some extra scenes for zael and calista to make the player feel like they have a tight relationship as well. this game felt sort of complete but not really fully complete at the same time. i have mixed feelings about it. i did laugh though during some scenes (i rarely laugh while playing jrpgs now).

this one really got me laughing. skip to 15:00 and watch him choose the same choice three times.

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