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Old 2009-03-06, 17:00   Link #1601
Youkai of Coincidence
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The bad thing was that Kendo is actually harder then it looks. >_<;; senpai's pushing you to walls, knocking you down and hitting you when your down. >_<;;
Sounds like high school, only fewer hours, and I can quit it anytime. Sounds good to me, I always wanted to do it, but this series have awakened my old desire.
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Old 2009-03-18, 12:37   Link #1602
( ಠ_ಠ)
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Last week's epsidoe of Tentai Senshi Sunred had a cross-over with Bamboo Blade.

Tama-chan is seen passing by on a bike, while Antkiller performs the Atomic Fire Blade on his fellow monsters.
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Old 2010-01-04, 03:20   Link #1603
Version 3.0
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Just recently completed watching this series and I love it so far! the characters were all fun and enjoyable to watch. Tamaki was the best to watch overall out of everyone in the show, but each had their own aura to contribute to the show. Just wondering, i know the manga is ongoing, but is there going to be a second season? Maybe it was mentioned or announced somewhere in the past, but this show is pretty good!!

Spoiler for second season!?:

Overall score 9/10.
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Old 2010-01-06, 09:41   Link #1604
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Bamboo Blade was indeed a real treat to watch.

And about that second season, almost a year ago in Feb '09, they had an official poll asking fans whether they would like a second season or not and pretty much all the options were yes votes in one way or another So even though there's been no official announcement it's a pretty good sign of a season 2 i would think
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Old 2010-01-06, 14:28   Link #1605
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Yeah i really do hope they make a second season. I just finished reading volume 7 of the manga and it seems like a good place for the second season to take off from. Thanks for the info brocko on a possible second season. Bamboo Blade really was a treat to watch and a second season would be even more awesome!
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Old 2010-06-15, 10:15   Link #1606
Blayne Barudorii
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I'm not sure if anyone has asked this but is the little guy with the hot girlfriend wearing a yarmulke/kippah?
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Old 2010-12-12, 18:19   Link #1607
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I was curious about the title 'isn't that a shinai' and since it's classed as sports I think kendo. I think because it creates a trisyllabic title that is more memorable and has alliteration? I expect so since BamBoo Blade B builds on that concept. Was 4B the 2nd manga series also adapted into this anime or I wonder if that might be an OVA or something.
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Old 2012-03-08, 22:35   Link #1608
The Flame Crussader
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Is there a good fanfiction site with Bamboo Blade fanfics besides xD?

Or is there a good BB fanfic thread here on AS o.o?
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