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Old 2012-03-08, 23:30   Link #41
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Lost in a delusional world.
Lol, I think the ending is going to be big and unpredictable. It's a gut feeling, and those are never wrong, also Sony's a sponsor, and they probably dig the script.
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Old 2012-03-08, 23:32   Link #42
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
Really liked the method of presenting a flashback using different POVs (Keido, Gai and finally Haruka). Biggest surprise was Mana and Shu actually being related by blood after all...oh well. No incest pairings here since Shu only wants Inori, who is not exactly Mana.

And after the much needed info dump, it is time to settle things once and for all. Off to save Inori! (and the world, of course).
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Old 2012-03-08, 23:33   Link #43
Senior Member
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Well, mana's new body is Inori's...
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Old 2012-03-08, 23:36   Link #44
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: USA
Age: 31
That was a good episode. I am glad they cleared up the past now and left the last two episodes for the conclusion.

Pretty funny that Shu's dad got busy in the lab.

Haruka really went from HHNGGHH to HAWT. Kurosu was a lucky man, damn. I'm happy she's not Shu's real mom, haha.

I think the explanation of the stone and everything was great. My only objection was Yuu. He's like, just there. We get a little line that makes me think he's like Mana or something, but I don't care for it. I think it would have been better if he was one of those kids who was with Gai in the lab. We should have been left with very few questions so we can focus on the characters but they left this little hole. But, that's my only objection for this episode.

The end with his friends was good. Needed to show the hero's renewed resolve and he had to reconcile what he did. I think Souta could have been less of a jerk, but he was always an insecure guy, so yeah.

8/10, lost points for Yuu/Daath and explanation of what Inori is and all.

Originally Posted by Flawnalyst View Post
Okay, this one was good. But really, these villains SUCK in both motivation and actual threat.
I have to agree with you on that. It's a little mysterious why they are doing all of this, especially Shuichirou (sp?). It was like he wanted to prevent it when he was researching but after killing Kurosu, he changed his mind. Strange.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
When I put on my fanfic writer's hat, I completely get why they had the Shu/Souta make-up scene. I think that the idea here is to have this signify how the periods of "Brutal Dictator" Shu, and "Reckless Fool" Souta, are now water under the bridge, and their characters will hopefully make clean breaks from that. Basically, I think that GC's writers just want the viewers to put that all aside for the last two episodes, and to accept that the old feuds between harsh ruler Shu and his back-stabbing friends and followers, are a thing of the past.

But some viewers won't necessarily be able to accept that, or be willing to let that all slide and be forgotten.

Am I myself willing to led that all side, and swallow it? Probably just barely, but I can understand why other viewers find it hard to.
I think the 22 episodes hurt them a little too. Given what they had, they didn't do that bad of a job.

Now, as for the backstory between the major adult cast members - I sincerely found that great. Kurosu Ouma and Shuichiro Keido honestly make me think a bit of Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom (of Fantastic Four comic book fame). I loved the handling of their respective characters, their friendship, their professional rivalry, and Keido's refusal to accept Kurosu winning that rivalry.
That's a great parallel. I didn't even think of that. Totally Reed & Doom.

Gai and Keido's broader antagonist motivations are a bit hard to grasp, but their backstories are good, and I love how they tie in so comprehensively to the backstories of many major protagonists in this show.

Also, imo, Mana is a good creepy antagonist to fill the void left by Segai. She seems kind of crazy to me, so I can live with her motivations being a bit weird.
I think her motivation is simple: sex with her brother to bring about the new world order.

My main worry for GC going into the last two episodes, is is that they might be a tad too predictable. Everything has been set up pretty neat and tidy for Shu to rush into the antagonist's HQ, and proceed to take down Sir Gai, Keido, and Mana (if necessary). While I do hope for a (mostly) happy ending for Guilty Crown, I hope that the writers have at least one more surprise waiting for us. Otherwise, the ending might be a tad anti-climatic.
It's really going to come down to the final two episodes. It may make or break the series.
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Old 2012-03-08, 23:48   Link #45
Your wife is hot...
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Shu's mom is kinda hot
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Old 2012-03-09, 00:52   Link #46
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
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Originally Posted by joshuafaramir View Post
Mana's gonna choose Shuu to be Adam and kill Gai. While Gai's dying, he's gonna make a one last attempt to be the good guy and seal Mana with him.
Of course she'll choose Shu. The competition is just the rebound Gai.
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Old 2012-03-09, 02:01   Link #47
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Location: Moscow, RU
Age: 29
Before anything Mana is gonna kill Shuichiro for killing her dad.
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Old 2012-03-09, 02:06   Link #48
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Seattle and Houston... sleeping in a car.
hm, that back story is surprisingly good. Still, if the execution in the early part of the series could have been better..., man, I can't really imagine how much better this anime could be.
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Old 2012-03-09, 02:36   Link #49
Hyakko Fanboy
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Age: 26
I'm the only one that thought the flashback barely explaining jack?

We still don't know the virus phenomenon is either scientific or supernatural case or whatever it is, hell I even get the impression the writer could not decide which one is the case.

What that triggered lost Christmas?

What kind of power Void Genome is?

And yeah what the hell the motivation of the villain?

And still tons of question/hole... especially about Gai.

Geez... let hope two last episode at the very least enjoyable.

Last edited by fertygo; 2012-03-09 at 02:47.
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Old 2012-03-09, 03:40   Link #50
Team Rocket Elite
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What makes you think the virus is supernatural? It seems like it's supposed to be a scientific phenomenon to me.

We saw what triggered Lost Christmas several episodes ago. It was Shu turning down Mana.

Void Genome was created through science and brings out a person's heart like we've seen.
A miracle that you believe in when you know it won't happen......... is hope.
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Old 2012-03-09, 05:08   Link #51
Cosmic Eagle
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Originally Posted by Manic View Post
really, you got that from this ep?

i got the opposite feeling, she's been a crazy biatch since the beginning. Her mother is dying but she just has this crazy grin on her face dreaming about screwing her unborn brother.
You never noticed she'd been infected when she found the meteor? Through the wound on her finger most likely...

Also....their father is actually.....likeable....O__o

す べ て の 想 い に  巡 り 来 る 祝 福 を
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Old 2012-03-09, 06:00   Link #52
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Location: Indonesia
That was good episode.
Really explained much about the past. The only thing left to explain is who the hell is yuu / eyebrow kid? he didn't age, he might be immortal or somekind of alien.

Keido sucks lol, losing to kurosu both in research and private life. Kurosu had a wife (and later remarried with keido's sister) and children, even finished his research before keido and he did it all alone. I guess jealousy really the source of all sins eh?

The scene between shu and souta was weird after all the stuff he did to him. But it's not bad at all considering shu's personality and we all made mistakes at some point in our life just like souta.

"Kurosu was the kind of person who could do anything by himself but he was really lonely and wanted to be with everyone else". Like father like son? shu really tries to do anything by himself but he also wanted to be with everyone else, that's why he takes his friends void with him in the end (really fits with his void power too)
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Old 2012-03-09, 06:59   Link #53
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The real mana died a long time ago when she touched the meteorite. This new mana is what they called "EVE" who is looking for an adam mate and it so happen to pick shu.

anyway mana is 5 years old when she found the meteorite, she doesn't know what is happening to her.
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Old 2012-03-09, 07:09   Link #54
Monarch of Rughzenhaide
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You know... I stopped posting in regards to Guilty Crown because its quality went something like this:

Started off above average and imo overhated ---> actually got somewhat good ---> trainwreck ---> ??

Post Hare death, this series has been really bad and I stopped posting because it would have achieved nothing. Then comes episode 20 and I scratch my head because we actually got probably one of the best (if not the best) episode of the series. Unfortunately, it's placed EXTREMELY late and we only have 2 more episodes after this.

I'm actually really disappointed now. This episode shows that Guilty Crown IS capable of telling a coherent story without pulling the most convenient plot twists out of its ass, but for at least half of the series it decided not to. It shows "what Guilty Crown could have been". Sigh... why you do this production staff.

Ah well, credit is due where credit is due. Except for the very end where Shu went Jesus-mode again, the majority of the ep was some very good flashbacks, which had the unfortunate timing of being too late too little. Actually learnt a lot about Keido, Korosu, Shu's mother, Shu's foster mother, Gai and Mana, and they were ACTUALLY interesting and /gasp, made sense.

9/10 for this episode (believe this is highest I gave for an GC ep), but I am totally not expecting this to keep up.
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Old 2012-03-09, 07:20   Link #55
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So Hiroyuki Yoshino showed his stuff again, great script and ideas. If he does not write craps
all the time he could easily be the best script writer in the anime business.

I think he did project the two generations of Production IG into the characters. While the father
(the Mamoru Oshii generation) could do excellent works on their own - showing the values
of a few true elites - Shuu (the current generation) was not even close; Shuu needs helps from
many more people of lesser classes, yet still couldn't do their jobs clean.

I think it will be quite foreseeable that the final scenario will be done in a very dirty sense.
While things like GITS movie were works of extreme elitism, Guilty Crown will not follow
the footprint - it will be one of its own class.

I have a question right now: what's the agenda of Dr. Kurosu Ouma, story-wise?

Last edited by wm4; 2012-03-09 at 08:40. Reason: Confused about Kurosu.....
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Old 2012-03-09, 07:27   Link #56
a random Indonesian otaku
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Age: 26
an episode which answered many questions regarding Guilty Crown....

now, I got many enlightenment from this episode

let's see... so Apocalypse virus is originally from meteor and can be activated by Genetic Resonance... Mana is the first infected and got corrupted by aliens' virus...

so basically, we need to spread the virus first and then do Genetic Resonance to crystallize people (this explains what is happening in episode 11 and 12)

now about Void Genome... it's a little similar with vaccine??? I don't quite get why Kurosu said that we can control Apocalypse virus by using Void Genome... (need explanation, please)

Kurosu's past is completely revealed and it's awesome... Now, we know who is Mana and Shu's mother (and she got an awful fate)... Keido is crazy.... yeah!!!

I don't know what to say about Souta... He's just an idiot and deserved to die... childish!!!
other thing, I also can't understand how Shu just accept Argo and Tsugumi... heeey!! they're involved in cutting your hand's scene!!!! and how did that white-hair genius from Funeral Parlor can get out from his prison... Gai set him out???

last, is Mana already chosen Gai as her Adam???
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Old 2012-03-09, 08:42   Link #57
True Momo v2.0
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Except Souta, why is none of students and undertaker members feel guilty for "betraying" Shu?
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Old 2012-03-09, 10:16   Link #58
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2011
Originally Posted by noobita View Post
Except Souta, why is none of students and undertaker members feel guilty for "betraying" Shu?
Well, if I squint my eyes and try really hard to see this from their point of view...

I suppose, since most of them didn't actively raise hands against Shu, from their perspective they only failed to support Shu, not openly betray him.

Souta, of course, did push Shu down. And Shu lifted the virus from him, too, so he (deservedly) feels like a git.
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Old 2012-03-09, 10:27   Link #59
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Originally Posted by Mysterius View Post
Well, if I squint my eyes and try really hard to see this from their point of view...

I suppose, since most of them didn't actively raise hands against Shu, from their perspective they only failed to support Shu, not openly betray him.

Souta, of course, did push Shu down. And Shu lifted the virus from him, too, so he (deservedly) feels like a git.

"You are not the looser, you're just the last winner", aha.
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Old 2012-03-09, 11:10   Link #60
Join Date: Oct 2009 shu void can borrow their ability and give it back when he wants to.......he can also give back the virus to souta if he wan to? cant cure the virus?....
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