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Old 2010-02-21, 22:58   Link #381
lonely soul
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Originally Posted by Key Board View Post
Thank you.
Knowing that the novel is so different makes me feel better.
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Old 2010-02-25, 06:12   Link #382
faiz blaster
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So, what is this rumor that the novel is not finished yet? Heard that there is even a 14th volume out already.
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Old 2010-03-01, 13:36   Link #383
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Well some month ago people said that Vol13 was the last volume now here we have volume 14 on sale in
But it look like a extra novel that give as untold information about the story, any body can confirm this, novel readers, we need you now.

EDIT : the salamander or we could say the dragon is way cooler than the owl, Kurogane Kai also, much better if you compare it to the light novel one, not sure with the anime version though, we dont get "blazing Kurogane" but we do get engetsu. Vol 14 appear to be a extra volume though.

BTW : got scan from some forum for the novel 1 -14, Is it possible to post those scan ( illustration Only ) here ? because i see that they do a similar thing for Toaru threat ?

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Old 2010-04-07, 18:35   Link #384
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I just finished watching this serie.
I can say that I enjoyed it pretty much, especially the second season (the last battle was awesome, the Touru twist at the end was great, and also what she did some episodes earlier was a lot unexpected).

Anyway... what's the very end supposed to mean?
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Old 2010-04-08, 10:52   Link #385
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Originally Posted by Giggi View Post
Anyway... what's the very end supposed to mean?
My personal interpretation:
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Old 2010-08-12, 03:37   Link #386
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I'm glad this series shaped up better in the end overall, I was a little worried after watching the 1st season with it's somewhat awkward plot execution but it was truly was worth riding this whole thing out.

Everything really came together in the end for the most part and Tomo became somewhat of a likelable hero in the end even though he was pulling out some major hax in the Kurogane but that's par for the course with leads like him. They really kicked out an impressive final battle too, much of my surprise since since a lot of action scenes before that in the series was pretty weak imo. Glad they save all the effort for that moment at least.

I was also impressed with how the Misao/Tomo/Kanade triangle played out.

Nice series in the end.

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Old 2010-10-19, 14:56   Link #387
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This review covers both seasons of this title. Heck, why are there 2 seasons to begin with? They are the same story and the first one didn’t even have a semi-closure. Stupid half-seasons! The producers are really afraid of not having their works selling and now EVERYTHING is separated into halves.

Indirect spoilers contained. Do not blame the reviewer if you read them. Keep away from the spoiler tags and you are safe... for the most part.

ANIMATION SECTION: 6 [Bulky robots but smooth breasts]
Is this really a 2009 work? It hardly looks as one. The characters are drawn very crudely, with their facial anatomy looking too sketchy and distorted half of the time. And the 3D mechas have really crude movements. But I must make it clear that the animators were not amateurs. When given the proper time and money, they offered wonders, like the final episodes where the budget is tripled and everything looks awesome. Even in the rest of the episodes, the characters have body language that is far too good to pass for amateurish. The animators simply didn’t care to provide attention to facial consistency or smooth movements. As a result, almost every battle looks like a random line of independent shots, where things pop out of nowhere, pay no real attention to physics and end in quite boring and uneventful ways. But what a surprise, every time the lead is in an ecchi situation the girls have double as much attention and details given to their looks and naked bodies. That tells a lot of what they cared to animate properly, doesn’t it? But I do give them some credit for having variety in background settings and special effects. They did a decent job at mixing hi-tech with religious allusions. Plus, they CAN make decent choreography as well, evident in the final battles. I mean, the dimensional eye in the sky and the energy beams were really something! I was amazed. And the cinematics they used in the opening and ending videos show that they had the talent but not the interest to offer really high quality in atmosphere.
Other than that, they overused the school uniforms and everyone seems to wear only one set of clothes. Most monsters have really lame looks and the koala mascot animal wasn’t even shaking its mouth. Really shame!

SOUND SECTION: 7 [In the name of God’s blissful existence I command you to… Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to grab your boobs! Really! And my Johnny magically appeared between them! I’m sorry for being a normal teenager; I’m terribly sorry!]
Intro and ending songs are ok to listen to. Not bad but not memorable in any way. Voice acting is a bit relaxed but does the trick. If you can survive all those “You pervert!, I didn’t mean to” cliché catchphrases then you can listen to the pseudo-scientific explanations and some really spooky hymns here and there. Nothing is to be taken seriously but it does the trick. BGM… went unnoticed. I already forgot it.
In all it was an ok job although most of the context of the dialogues is pretty skipable material, while most of the music score goes unnoticed because of the uneventful story.

STORY SECTION [Who? What? Where? How???]
Jesus, what where they thinking?! They threw everything in the story in hopes of making it interesting. Too bad they didn’t think it also takes proper planning to actually make it appeal to the viewers. Because they failed hard. If I could describe the story by comparing it to other titles, those would be

Yapidi doo, that sounds like a lot of stuff, yes? And it surely is; variety in themes is what this series is full of. Religion clashes with fringe science, summoning monsters, contracts with demons and ghosts, mechas popping out of shadows, teenagers with superpowers, magic gismo that fulfils wishes, alternative dimensions, ero-jokes… What a huge pile of elements! But as I said, it takes a lot of careful planning to make all of the above to feel right and the scriptwriters simply “phailed”. Everything is so disjoined that the tag “random anime cliché compilation” is the best way to describe the story in a single sentence.
First of all, the general idea behind the story is damn good. The whole alternative dimension theory, plus the pseudo science are actually very interesting concepts. The thing is… you don’t have a clue about all those up until the last half of the second season… which is surprisingly very good just for that. That’s right, all that are explained and revealed almost at the end and it even offers a satisfying closure without half-baked openings for a possible sequel. But what about the other 3/4s of the story? … Random battles and ecchi humor! Seriously, they wasted episodes after episodes in ridiculous sparring and “violent retributions for accidental infringements (ie run of the mill ero jokes)” and left all the juicy parts for the end. Which COULD have worked if it was a 12 episode series… But it ain’t. Seriously, I was pushing myself to finish this series just for the heck of writing this review. And I would have definitely dropped it otherwise, as the story, the pacing, the action, and generally everything were below average up until the last part.
So, what was the pacing up until then? The lead meets a cute girl and has a fight that determines the lives of millions. On the next episode… beach episode! Yeah, that’s what should follow an epic battle for the salvation of the Earth, where each one of them almost died. And then? Another girl is introduced and another huge battle happens. After that… spa episode! Jesus, talk about not caring about the fate of the world! 18 episodes of archetypical date sim girls interacting with the dork lead and lots of subpar battles with robots and superpowers. And of course, the police or the army or in many cases casual bystanders simply DON’T EXIST! And wow, look at that, a high school student council is running around with firepower to level half the world and the teachers or parents don’t mind. Doodily doodily doo! That makes sense…
But as I said, the final 6 episodes are in fact damn good and I almost beg you to skip the rest and watch only those. This clearly shows that the producers CAN offer something good if they try. I have nothing against showing some bare leg from time to time, but focusing on those alone for MOST OF THE FRAKKING SERIES is a damn waste of my patience. It ruined all the seriousness in the otherwise epicly serious story.

TOTAL FOR STORY: 3/10 Only 1/4th of total episodes are worthy. The rest are one big lukewarm pile of boringness.

CHARACTER SECTION [OMG, my date sim performed fusion dance with Noein!]
I keep saying how fan service ruins the personalities of any character and I will use this series as yet another example most NEETs out there can’t even grasp the basics of. Let’s take the lead for example. He is the epitome of indecisive lead characters. The lame, spineless, useless, hateful archetype the scriptwriters keep on using again and again and again for the past 30 years because it helps to identify with the target audience… Supposed… He is such a boring character, who, as his archetype dictates, keeps bumping on boobs and naked women and keeps asking for forgiveness before being accused of being a sex driven beast… A normal teenager, that is. He also has this annoying long line of hair on one side of his head, which is supposed to make him look special but it is REALLY pissing me off while starring at it. I want to yank in off!
And then there is his harem… Man, they ripped off every archetype there is! Each one of them is taken out of the most typical stereotypes found in date sims and eroge… And surprisingly the story is NOT based on such games but instead on light novels. Jeez, the mania crawled in those as well… But hey, at least each one of them has extra features to make them look more unique.

It is a real shame how for most of the story the cast feels generic. But in the last half where things get really good, it finally shows a lot more and WHAM all of a sudden they now seem to be far more than just cardboards. They gain personalities, backdrops, agendas, the whole package. In fact, it turns out by then that there is hardly anyone useless in the story. Even the lead male grows some balls and gets more active. And they all get a decent catharsis by the end of the series.
TOTAL FOR CHARACTERS: 6/10 It is a generally interesting cast that is ruined by lots of dead time and stupid fan service.

The parade of pathetic modern titles continues with the latest addition of this anime. This series could have been very good if it had fewer episodes and far less focus on ecchi humor. The story if fine, every single one in the cast is there for a reason, the premise for epic battles and mystery is there. But they all went to hell by throwing beach episodes and boob jokes and put to death harem situations and uneventful battles, which effectively translate into dead time for most of the show. Further more, there ARE titles which happen to contain all the juicy parts of this series and in far better presented ways. Far better harems, far better mecha, far better mysteries. Thus, this series simply fails to be anything other than a good example of how modern anime suck for focusing so much on lame elements and neglecting the good ones.
Call me a grumpy old man if you like, but modern anime focus way too much on erotism to appeal to a mature veteran like myself. The producers gave up on trying to be original to a great extend. Nowadays they just rehash previous ideas with a boost of 500% more eye candy and fan service. What’s so bad with that? Well… I watch anime for the story and the characters. If I expect ero stuff, there is always hentai or some porn site. But being bombarded by ecchi humor in a series which is supposed to be action, drama, mystery and serious? It’s like they are telling you “screw the story; it’s one of the same; just look for pantsu.” Well excuuuuse meee, why would I be pleased with that? Stupid, STUPID producers. And anyway, even the ecchi ain’t enough if even that is ALSO a rehash of other clichés used continuously for the past 30 years.
To hell with this; I’m going for a beer…

Neon Genesis
Fate/Stay Night
Love Hina

Average: 4.3/10
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Old 2012-03-12, 03:09   Link #388
Cosmic Eagle
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So, has anyone read vol 14 yet?

According to that, it seems to be a continuation of vol 13. Seems also to be the last segment of the story...

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