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Old 2011-10-19, 05:01   Link #161
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^ Good eyes, though I won't cross out
the possibility that Kishi just goofed-up.
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Old 2011-10-28, 19:25   Link #162
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Why is Madara not using a perfect susanoo (with armor)?
Is it just unnecessary? Or something Kishi wants to bust out later?

Furthermore it seems it is active while his rinnengan is active..
Does that mean that nagato could have used susanoo had he known about it?
Or would we have to know exactly how tobi gave nagato the rinnengan to know if nagato had a "hidden ems"
sharingan is boring... and sasuke is a bish
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Old 2011-11-08, 16:04   Link #163
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Since he has the Rinnegan, can Madara revive himself?

I have a very speculative theory about Black Zetsu and Madara.
Very certainly at some point Madara and Tobi agreed on the moon eye plan, then Madara died.
I have a lot of different ideas about how Tobi and Madara are related, but the most likely to me is that Madara resurrect the guy who wrote the tablets (or someone close) belonging to the Uchiha clan and the soul was implanted in a White Zetsu (it would mean Tobi has the face of the Shodaime).
But why would Madara die? Not too sure, but what I suppose is that at some point the Yin part of Madara (or some of his power or his body) was extracted to form Black Zetsu required to control the White Zetsu (and the tailed beasts' power).
It is very weak as a theory, since my only explanation is the analogy to Izanagi and White = Yang = Senju power, so Black = Yin should be equal to Uchiha power.
And it is not necessary Madara, it could be any Uchiha like Obito

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Old 2011-11-09, 00:02   Link #164
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Originally Posted by Aquillion View Post
No. Remember, Impure World Resurrection brings back the soul, not the body (well, it recreates the body, but its focus is the soul.) That means that Madara Uchiha is very definitely dead, and whoever is in the mask is not him.

My own theory, as I said in the other thread, is that the man in the mask is Madara's brother, Izuna Uchiha. Izuna would know everything that the man in the mask has shown, and was exactly as strong as Madara, so he'd show the same strength.

Additionally, when the man in the mask was talking to Sasuke, he specifically said that Izuna Uchiha gave up his eyes willingly. Only two people would know or care about that -- Madara and Izuna -- and we know he isn't Madara.

Finally, as a younger-brother older-brother dynamic, it has symmetry to Sasuke and Itachi, which is the kind of thing that shows up a lot in Naruto -- Madara makes a big heroic sacrifice, Izuna goes evil because of it.
I like the theory, but it's still possible Tobi is Madara. There has been a lot of soul splitting lately, so Madara could have split his soul in the past for some reason and only part was just resurrected with IWR. It also gives reason to Tobi's comment that he wants to be complete and therefore complete his soul once again.
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Old 2011-11-09, 13:00   Link #165
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I still think Tobi is Madara. As i've stated before, why would Kishi have Mu summon Madara if all the other kages could have done the same. Why? Because Mu has that body splitting technique, remember half got sealed away and the other Mu wasnt at full strength before summoning Madara. So essentially Madara used that same technique as Mu before he died and thats why when Tobi encountered Danzo, he said he wasnt at full strength. Both Madara and Tobi knew Nagato had the Rinnegan, where's tobi claimed he gave it to him. It's either that or whoever Tobi is studied Madara's body like Kabuto and Orochimaru did.
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Old 2011-11-09, 20:19   Link #166
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Things just aren't adding up. Kishi has too many flaws and plotholes to fill.
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Old 2012-03-13, 15:18   Link #167
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With the recent chapters I noticed how Madara longed for his dead brother. So, I saw the links between these two brothers and Sasuke and Itachi and were wondering if Tobi may have manipulated them like he did for Itachi and Sasuke. Then I wondered where Madara's brother was. I still think Madara acquired the Rinnegan to use the revive power. With the recent chapters showing Madara's motives, I think now than more than the sage's son he would use it for his brother, so what could happen to his brother? I still don't know what Black Zetsu is, but now I tend to think Black Zetsu is a failed attempt to revive his brother. Madara had some issues to attach the soul to a body. I prefer this hypothesis to my previous one. If it happens to be true, likely Tobi has Madara's body.
There are still other possibilities though.

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