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View Poll Results: Who is your Favourite Mage(s)?
Natsu Dragonil 88 45.60%
Lucy Heartphilia 64 33.16%
Gray Fullbuster 76 39.38%
Makarov 24 12.44%
Erza Scarlet 118 61.14%
Laxus Dreyar 33 17.10%
Mistgun 45 23.32%
Mirajane 52 26.94%
Elfman 5 2.59%
Lisanna 20 10.36%
Happy 30 15.54%
Juvia Loxar 44 22.80%
Loki 30 15.54%
Jellal 36 18.65%
Levy McGarden 31 16.06%
Cana Alberona 13 6.74%
Gajeel Redfox 42 21.76%
Porlyusica 4 2.07%
Macau Convault 2 1.04%
Jet 3 1.55%
Droy 2 1.04%
Urtear 25 12.95%
Other 28 14.51%
Reitei Lyon 4 2.07%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 193. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2012-03-13, 15:56   Link #81
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I remember the days when people thought Lyon's full name was actually "Reitei Lyon" when "Reitei" was actually his title, literally meaning "Sub-Zero Emperor". Funimation ended up translating it as "Cold Emperor".

And in case anyone brings it up, no, Lyon's Japanese name リオン (Rion) wouldn't be translated as "Leon"; that name would be spelled レオン (Reon) in Japanese. But still, as long as people can understand who is being talked about, it's fine.
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Old 2012-03-14, 05:15   Link #82
Upon a wishing Star
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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
It's one of the earlier translations, before his official name was released. I suppose Mystgan makes sense, as in hidden face, but everyone can use whatever they feel comfortable with.

Too bad Zeref hadn't entered the stage when this poll was created
I see ... sounds reasonable to me. Thanks for telling
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Old 2012-03-14, 05:18   Link #83
神の金槌 (ユダ=マーテル)
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Location: Cainta, Rizal, Philippines
Erza the Magic Knight
Lucy the Celestial Summoner
Natsu the Burning Fist Salamander
Gray the Sub-Zero
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Old 2012-03-14, 07:12   Link #84
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Age: 25
Erza - She's strong, beautiful, sexy, caring - what else do you want?
Natsu - One of the few main leads in shounen that I like. 'Cause unlike others, he goes looking for a fight
Gray - Well, he's COOL
Laxus - He's cool and badass.
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Old 2012-04-09, 04:07   Link #85
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2012
its got to be gray and lucy and jella and erza
alsoo mavis!! shes ! A W E S O M E !
btw ( shes the first guild master of fairy tail )
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Old 2012-04-29, 15:28   Link #86
The Lost Lamb
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Gray: He is cool ,handsome,.........and became my fav when he cried manly tears when he remembered his time with ul
Juvia: She is strong,beautiful,sexy...............and has a wild imagination
Laxus: He is strong,powerful and totally badass
Mystogan: He is powerful, cool, mysterious...........the saddest thing is that,din't get to see enough of him
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Old 2012-04-29, 15:31   Link #87
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Erza - she's badass
Gajeel - He's cool
Laxus - He's a nice guy inside + he's strong
mochichan is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2012-10-12, 20:04   Link #88
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: The DWMA
i vote natsu and gray
natsu because he eats fire and because his attuide resambles black*stars' and narutos' a bit

gray simply because ice has always been my favorite element with magic
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Old 2012-10-17, 21:11   Link #89
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: turn right and then left
erza is the best
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Old 2012-10-27, 08:36   Link #90
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Natsu - One of the main characters that i like that always give me a hype during battle scenes unlike others xD
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Old 2012-11-02, 13:55   Link #91
Join Date: May 2012
As usual, Erza, Jellal, Gray and Natsu top the votes.

Last edited by Midnight2352; 2012-12-24 at 17:28.
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Old 2013-01-13, 07:32   Link #92
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Voted for Erza, Gray, Mirajane, Loki and Laxus. To me, they're the funniest and most epic mages.
I like him. I'm going to make him my cat.
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Old 2013-01-26, 13:55   Link #93
Disputatio exaro nex
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Age: 34
Erza (best fights and character) and Happy (quality comic relief thanks to teh Rie) above all, I also like Makarov, Mirajane and Juvia though. A shame that Juvia's potential got wasted like that though.
Ultramarinus is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2013-01-26, 17:45   Link #94
Join Date: May 2012
Age: 40
mine top 10
1 - natsu - freaking fun and overpower and a good male main protagonist not too much cliche (not being tsundere, chickening, total pervert), maybe too much childshi but this is his fun side and i like the relationship of him with lucy one of the best and more fun of this manga/anime

2 - lucy - not overpower like her friends but a good female main protagonist full of charims and half crazy like the others(still learning with then ^^ ) he magic is very fun i like her summons specially virgo, tauros and aries

3 - happy - master supreme troll with no fear of troll(he even have courage to troll erza(this is a cat with balls)), very funny and i love his troll moments with lucy(his favorite target)

4 - juvia - her freaking mind is out of nowhere she alone make her pairing( gray + juvia = gruvia) the most comic pairing even overcoming natsu and lucy who already too much fun, when i remember the last manga chapter(316) omg i can't stop of laught hard.

5 - erza - the supreme queen of queens, she make peoples like medaka-chan(medaka-box) looking like a trash, make the "mary sue" term means like noob near her

6 - mirajane - her big sis manner(one-sama) is very good i like her, and sometimes her pranks.

7 - elfman - "OTOKO'(nothing more to say ^^)

8 - gray - i like him however his "tsundere" or too much "cold" side disturb me some times specially when come to girls because he regret to the "chickening guy" cliche

9 - Levi - i like her "solid script" magic and manner but the way they make her look too much child and even sometimes they draw her too "chibi"(little)(more little than her look most of the times, even looking having the same size of wendy rare times)

10 - ichya - man!!!! even having little screen i can't stop of laught everytime i see him.
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Old 2013-01-27, 00:34   Link #95
Join Date: Aug 2012
Gildarts, Mirajane, Gajeel, Gray, Erza, Happy, Ultear.
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Old 2013-02-22, 13:23   Link #96
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Erza & Mirajane. I liked Mystogun a lot until all the mystery just up and vanished and he became average.
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Old 2013-02-24, 04:13   Link #97
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If I hadn't already voted not sure what I'd do. At this point it's such a huge and impressive cast. A lot of characters that you can get behind and like. Obviously focus can only be stretched so far, but still pretty nice world of characters.
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Old 2014-12-06, 03:55   Link #98
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Where's Kagura at thooo
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fairy tail, favorite, poll

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