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Old 2005-01-03, 08:34   Link #141
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Shay, why do you post your text with a space between each sentence?

Seriously, if you look at this incident from another perspective, you can actually rejoice.
Now, this sounds insensitive as hell, but really, aren't you glad you're still alive today? This tragedy made me appreciate more how lucky I am to be alive and you should be thankful that you are too. Not just because the Tsunami killed tens of thousands and you're not one of them, but simply because you survived today.
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Old 2005-01-03, 10:44   Link #142
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Originally Posted by Shay
Terrorists don't just wake up in the morning and think "hey, letís terrorize someone" they immensely believe in what ever it is they are fighting for.

In some cases there is a fine line between a terrorist and a freedom fighter.

Don't get me wrong Iím not supporting terrorism it's just that there is always two sides of the story.

So in short to just brand all terrorists inhuman without knowing all the facts is a bit rash in my opinion, but hey I guess that's just your opinion.
But in my opinion a freedom fighter is someone who is fighting for something they truely believe in, you can say the same about terrorists but do they go fight equally armed people in fair combat? No they use any means necessary to kill innocent people that have nothing to do with their agenda. That is what i believe the difference is
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Old 2005-01-03, 11:52   Link #143
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Originally Posted by Sugetsu
This may sound "GAY" or whatever you wanna call it but to me it is just so beautiful to see that the world is so united at the moment, so much, that even all the wars and chaos seem to have vanished for just an instand from to world, so that we all children, adults, truck drivers, nurses, students, fishermen, in laws, politicians and terrorist are working together to help those in need.

It makes my heart beat very fast!

Damn! Something just got in my eyes! if you excuse me I am going to see check whats up...
Terrorists could care less about the terrorist organizations have donated any aid; furthermore, several terrorist attacks occured during and imediately after the Tsunomi...they didn't even pause for a moment of silence. Furthermore, like the cowards they are, these attacks they made during the tsunami were against unarmed civilians, mostly women and children. Please do not attempt to lump terrorists into the same species as myself. Thankyou.
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Old 2005-01-03, 14:39   Link #144
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The reality of this disaster has begun to sink in with me just now, one week after it happened. In the beginning as the death toll estimates rose inexorably, I watched the news with some kind of sick facination. The numbers rose so fast that it just numbed the mind. Now, I feel my throat closing up at the thought of all those who has lost their entire families and had their lifes utterly shattered.

Of course, giving money to the victims will help their immediate plight, but no amount of money can bring back the dead. This year started off quite remarkably bad. Let's all hope it gets better, and soon.

May I suggest we keep this thread on track and free of debates on the moral nature and definition of what constitutes terrorists? This subject is horrific enough without getting all upset about someone elses opinion.
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Old 2005-01-03, 17:48   Link #145
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Links for searching for missing persons

Here are some useful links for finding your relatives:

also some links to websites with pictures of the dead
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