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8 out of 10 : Very Good 18 17.65%
7 out of 10 : Good 28 27.45%
6 out of 10 : Average 13 12.75%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 11 10.78%
4 out of 10 : Poor 4 3.92%
3 out of 10 : Bad 6 5.88%
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Old 2011-07-07, 00:22   Link #21
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I seem to be one of the few who really enjoyed this anime. And I didn't really watch it for plot or amazing story or anything. I knew it wasn't going to be like that at all just from the previews and pics and what not before it aired. So I waited until it was at episode 11 and then just watched the whole thing in one day/night and it was fun. I love this series because it's light, fun, funny, and just good entertainment in general. I miss it a lot. I'm really really hoping for a second season because I need more of this kind of anime. I miss the great fun I had while watching this over spring break. And judging from the popularity it seems to have, I think season 2 is highly likely. I watch enough serious/ well written plots n stuff. I need more of this!!!!!
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Old 2011-07-07, 06:23   Link #22
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^ well sir, an OVA has been announced, season 2 not quite but it's only a matter of time...
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Old 2011-07-07, 15:20   Link #23
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So I knew I would at least find this amusing, considering I always love a good harem with lovely girls... and while not perfect, this was a very excellent anime (please note that I've read maybe a couple chapters of the manga and none of the LN, so I wasn't influenced). Other than Ichika's denseness driving me mad half the time, I loved the fact that practically all the girls were semi-tsunderes, even though only Houki remained a true tsundere. Not to mention she finally managed to overtake both Cecilia and Char in the last episode on my list... as a matter of fact, I literally yelled, "Cecilia, you BITCH!" in the last few minutes of 12. Houki scored major points in that scene, and Cecilia lost major points there too...

anyways, I look forward to the OVA... I forget whether this series is licensed or not, but I'll be buying the DVD's/BR when I find them state-side. I give it s solid 8/10
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Old 2011-08-07, 08:31   Link #24
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Wow. This was pretty. . . bad.

I think what ruined the series is the plot. I would have liked the series more if it was a nice forgettable little high school romcom with Char as the main character and Ichika replaced by something a bit more interesting than a rock.

But that can't happen! We have to put the plot in so we can hide the fact that this is trashy and unintersting! But the creators didn't realize that the plot was horrible, boring, and intrusive in so many ways!! They create a nice class competition only to be ruined by some evil force we never get to know or even more, care. It's so messy, its worth crying for.

But getting back to the High School life part, its trash but entertaining. From what I seen, the girls don't give a fuck about Ichika, they just want him because its a harem show. Ichika is as interesting as a wall freshly painted white and when all the girls try to make conversations with him, even Char in the end, he replies with the UTTER MOST GENERIC WAY A HAREM LEAD CAN REPLY. What's interesting though is the hot chicks and how all of them try to steal that stupid rock/freshly painted wall. Char stole the show though, she was the most casual and had the best conversations with that rock/freshly painted wall. But a rock/freshly painted wall will always be dull therefore praising her would also be hard.

I was actually pretty fine and all rolling with the flow in this show; I thought the beach episode was awesome and hot. But the plot really destroyed everything in the end, forgetting Houki in the beach episode so they can put her in the plot in the next episode where her character gets ruined just so we can see "Naked Characters in Space". Char and the others just goes back as part of the harem and the lead girl gets the lead guy; Oh wait its a harem so we need to end it with that rock/freshly painted wall get chased by his harem for concentrating on one person (even Char does this ughh.).

In the end, I don't hate this show but it doesn't come close at all for me to like. It at least earns the "Most wasted character in the show" in the form of Char though I don't know how to treat that as a compliment. Fucking plot, I wish Infinite Stratos was a normal high school anime.

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Old 2011-08-12, 19:31   Link #25
Loves the Experience
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While I only watched the anime because the raw material intrigued me (don't ask), I was surprised at the fact that the show can be good when it wants to. Aside from that though, it was pretty 'eh'. I liked the adults more than the kids and while I don't hate the plot as other people seem to, it definitely needed more work. And with a harem series that doesn't bother doing things differently, that's not bad.


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Old 2011-11-22, 00:32   Link #26
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The series was good. The problem is they decided to make a series with a seriously incomplete storyline which turned the IS anime series into nothing BUT fanservice. It was enjoyable but...
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Old 2012-04-01, 05:44   Link #27
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Just finished it yesterday, so...

Here we go, yet another harem anime with the same old clichés about boys'n'girls.

I had some hope at the beginning, with a male lead that seemed a bit blasé and had a shadow of a backbone. The background wasn't too bad, and there was even an actual reason why there was only a single guy in the middle of a horde of girls.
Sadly, even if it didn't come crashing down, it still never really took off. The actual story is never developped and feels really like just a pretext, girls are hit-and-miss, and the hero just miss his possible potential and stays bland, boring and forgettable.

The saddest thing is that, despite the harem genre being the dumbest of the dumb, there was some possibilities to make a good serie. But the old tropes and clichés just couldn't let it go and had to ruin the few good parts.

There is just too much focus on predictable, generic and REALLY worn-out and tired conventions. Everything can be seen coming from about one light-year ahead, and it feels like the author actually checked a list of guidelines from a "How harem anime must be" rulebook and shoehorned his story inside.
Some characters that could have been enjoyable (most of them, actually) are simply removed/destroyed/ruined/twisted so they act like the usual cretins in the genre.
The French character is about the only one that is genuinely pleasant, natural and actually able to think some things through, but even this one is not spared by the aura of stupidity emanating from the male lead and affecting everyone in the vicinity.
As for the hero, he is not as completely passive as the usual harem lead (though still annoyingly so), but he "compensate" in the "oblivious to everything" side, which is so exagerated that it makes parts of the serie simply unwatchable.
Maybe the "dense idiot that doesn't get it" was fun the first time (maybe), but it wasn't the 1000th, and it's certainly not became any funnier after the millionth same generic copy-paste.
I'm aware that the cliché of "never realize that these girls are hot for him" is supposed to be "for fun" and not supposed to "make sense/be believable", and is already by itself rather insulting to the intelligence of the viewer. But at the very least, be consistent. We've someone who has been grabbed and tongue-kissed by a girl in front of 50 persons, told "be my bride", who wake up in the morning with said girl entirely naked beside him. And he's still not supposed to have understood what she wanted ? Excuse me ?

There is still a few saving graces : "Charles" is, as said above, a really nice character that is about the only one feeling "normal/natural" and not just a contrived archetype of selective idiocy and informed abilities.
The background is not uninteresting, though it's completely underused.
Battles are nice-looking (even if kind of unexciting).

To sum up : too much of the same old cliché, too much harem, a few nice things. If you switch your brain off, you may be able to have some pleasant time.
I'm giving it a 5, half of it because of Charles, as I'm feeling generous.

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Old 2012-04-01, 08:01   Link #28
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^ Sir, you certainly haven't read 'his' novel version. You might be... ahh, disappointed.

But I do agree Anime!Char is the best overall, topping out over everyone else.
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Old 2012-05-13, 19:32   Link #29
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(review quite and entirely subjective. you've been warned.)
My hand "slipped" and I clicked on 10/10. Oh man.

The thing that is really interesting is that many other anime wanted to make their plot deep+sorrowful+teary+whatever. I watched enough anime with "deep" plot, so man, let me enjoy this as I want.

Haters gonna hate.
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Old 2013-07-23, 21:44   Link #30
Lumine Passio
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Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Age: 12
I gave Infinite Stratos anime 7/10. Actually, IS has a lot more potential in Novel section. It help us to dig deeper into character's psyche and technology stuff. Sure, it's quite "graphic" with these ecchi things, but I also fear the possibility of bias (as The World Only God Know demonstrated with Kanon). And about the battles, I must say that I am less than impressed. Wish that they could raise the standard to Gundam 00 (or Unicorn)!
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Old 2013-08-10, 10:54   Link #31
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Location: Visual Dream Panire
Overall Total Score: 7.5, so let's give it a 8 for now.

IS is a classic nowadays harem.
I had great time watching the show, and will watch the Second Season for sure.

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