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Old 2012-03-31, 09:46   Link #21
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Originally Posted by silvercover View Post
aw man. you mean we dont get to see a risa episode?

Right at the start, why the hell would Miya want Junichi's "approval"? Gosh dang all these implied incest "jokes" - and I'm talking about multiple series, not just this one.

Anyways, nice to have a fanservice episode as an easy letdown to the idea of the series being over. Had this ended with 12 - I mighta been sad for a bit. Kekekekeke
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Old 2012-03-31, 12:35   Link #22
You are Reading this!
Join Date: Feb 2011
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A nice way to end a series, helped took my mind off some stressful things. Loved Miya's island song, and the writers nearly went all out here, throwing all heroines into a public bath episode.

And despite what some may say, I personally feel that Amagami SS+ was a decent success, and will be fondly remembered. Adieu to it! A third season would be a blessing.
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Old 2012-03-31, 14:07   Link #23
In harmony with the flow
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Well ... it was ok ... kinda funny at times amidst all the fanservice. Must admit I giggled with Ayatsuji and Kaoru laughing together evil-ly in the onsen together.

Not so bad, I guess. But you know - the thing I liked best were in the OP and the ED. In the OP the sequence after showing Junichi with the video camera swung to Ai. I don't remember that in the earlier eps, and I was pleased to see her pop up then. In the ED I was not expecting Miya to be the heroine who would be shown saying "Suki Daiyo!" ... I was actually touched to see the way the animators showed her saying it - made me smile.
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Old 2012-03-31, 14:46   Link #24
Senior Member
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Jessica and Haruka Combo


I'm so envious of Hibiki
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Old 2012-03-31, 15:05   Link #25
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Potatoland
Originally Posted by Flower View Post
In the OP the sequence after showing Junichi with the video camera swung to Ai.
It was Miya
How come whenever I get out of my bed in the morning, world becomes more dumb.
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Old 2012-03-31, 21:12   Link #26
Nekokota Festival
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Onsen and towels is there nothing more then this series needed
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Old 2012-03-31, 21:21   Link #27
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: 42 10' N (Latitude) 87 33' W (Longitude)
Age: 39
Now, when Rihoko fully jumped into the pool of fish -- did she not realize... those fish... could go... where... um... y'know where I'm thinkin'...
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Old 2012-03-31, 23:26   Link #28
Julio C
Bury My Shell
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Risa and Keiko having a conversation?
Spoiler for show:
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Old 2012-04-01, 16:12   Link #29
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: USA
Age: 31
Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
Boring episode, not really much to say about it...
Yeah, it was boring. Teacher episode would have been much, much better.
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Old 2012-04-01, 16:16   Link #30
In harmony with the flow
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Shall the flowers bloom atop the mountain?...
Originally Posted by idiott View Post
It was Miya
Oh? How about that.... Hmm - I will have to give it a closer watch then.

Thanks for the heads up though.
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Old 2012-04-05, 05:03   Link #31
Join Date: Apr 2012
This was a fun episode. Just like the first season, I really like the episodes where all the arcs are kind of melded together and Junichi is just a pervert for all of them. It's good stuff. Sad that it's over, though.
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Old 2012-04-06, 11:15   Link #32
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: CO, USA
Lol, I didn't realize that Hibiki was a tsundere . Overall, a nice fan service episode fit for the ending (as in a OVA).
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Old 2012-08-18, 03:17   Link #33
Nishikino Maki (* ̄▽ ̄*)
Join Date: Oct 2008
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I find it funny that people actually consider this episode boring. If you really think so then you have no libido at all. I'm just saying.
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