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Old 2004-12-31, 20:47   Link #61
Lord Chairman God King
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Do you really give a damn?
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Originally Posted by _Sin_
Now that I officially won the titles of the Member of the Year 2004, I want to thank everyone that supported me. I wish for world peace and stuff...

*_Sin_ bows*

Yours truely,
Member of the Year 2004
Who's runner up newbie of the year? Makes you wonder about that, huh? You need a vice member of the year Mr. President, I mean, _Sin. (Sorry for giving you such a horrible title as "president". Please forgive me, for you are not George Dubya Bush.)
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Old 2005-01-01, 08:56   Link #62
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Kuwait
Age: 33
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Best : had a nice subway footlong sandwitch

Worst: it had a bit too much tobasco in it

jk :P

best : getting accepted in a university

worst: yah the tsunami
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Old 2005-01-01, 21:29   Link #63
hey there lil girlie
Join Date: May 2004
dammit jubei u got it all wrong!!!

best animated show = Venture Bros.

best tv show = Lost
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Old 2005-01-04, 15:02   Link #64
The Board
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Ontario
Age: 29
Best movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Worst Movie: Garfield

Best Show: Elfen Lied
Worst Show: Joey
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Old 2005-01-05, 04:55   Link #65
Melty Snow
<3 WoW undead girls
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: in a cold puddle
That was the best thread for me, think the picture is gone though .
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Old 2005-01-05, 14:00   Link #66
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: In my bed
Age: 29
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Best subject taken in school: Computer Art

Best movie seen: AVP
Worst movie seen: Christmas with the Kranks
Best TV show: Drawn Together
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