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Reputation FAQ

To everyone's shock and disbelief, our reputation has been set back a whole year due to the forum hacking. I can imagine you all feel quite discouraged by this fact, but let's cheer up! Do not expect the forum moderators to restore any of your previous aquired reputation, instead help each other our by spreading the love and getting the reputation power higher. This way we can get back to where we were all the sooner. Good luck!

It was somewhere near the end of beautiful 2003 when, (under mysterious circumstances) reputation was enabled on AS forums. Now some users will have a vague idea of what that little green dot underneath your avatar is for, some donít, and some are already very into spreading and receiving reputation.

Scrolling through the closed reputation thread. It occurred to me that the hard facts about reputations are still somewhat unclear and divided over several pages and thus not very accessible for forum users. After careful consideration I took up the task to gather whatever information about reputation I could find and try to explain this option as clear as possible. Not only that, but I will also give some suggestions on how to receive good reputation. Enjoy.

What is reputation?
Quite simply, forum users are allowed to rate on anotherís post. Positive rating will increase your reputation, and negative ratings will lower it. Sounds simple right? However, itís not a matter of simply adding and subtracting.

What will good/bad reputation do?
Well, at first glance it doesnít do a whole lot except that it looks cool underneath you avatar.
It wonít get you any privileges or anything of the sort. What it will do is prove that you are indeed a respected and liked member. So what do you care? Well,
  • If a member has a very good reputation, you can consider his replies/information useful and trustworthy. You donít get reputation for nothing! As the forum keeps growing itís good to know what a member is worth since a single post doesnít tell you a lot about a member!
  • On the other hand, if a person has very bad reputation, you can draw your own conclusions and decide to frown upon his/her remark or suggestion. The few troublemakers that this forum knows can be easily distinguishable that way.

For anyone whoís reluctant up to this point, donít worry! the reputation system works in such a way that itís close to impossible to be a complete asshole and still have high reputation.
It should be obvious that this is solely a personal choice. Some people visit this forum to get information and donít particularly get involved with the users and feel no need to become Ďfamousí. Still, if you would like to build up some fame, the rep system is the way to go!

How does it work?
Each new user starts with 10 reputation points. The points are managed by the forum and need no care from the user whatsoever. You can see your respective good/bad reputation by clicking on the user CP while having reputation enabled (reputation is, as far as I know enabled by default)
If you want to hide reputation, simply go to you user CP, click options, and choose to hide your reputation.
Hiding your reputation does not mean switching it off, It just makes it impossible for fellow users to see your title. As you can see in the example below, the points are still managed by the forum whether you choose to show or hide it.

Spoiler for User CP options:

Depending on his forum behaviour the user can get positive feedback from fellow users. Or a lot of negative feedback in which case he will end up with a negative reputation level like -5 (it is possible to have rep below zero). In you user CP, you will see the latest 5 reputation received with their respective comment. These are divided in three categories:
positive reputation
negative reputation
no points deducted or added.

Reputation power
The big Q for many is how these points are actually calculated. It hasnít gone unnoticed to some that sometimes a positive reputation adds 2 points to your total, or sometimes even more.
The answer to this is Reputation power or in other words: The amount of reputation a user is able to take away or give.

Note: The following facts are depending on the forums settings, It is AS intention to not let these setting be known so people can figure this out for themselves. Trust me though, if you hang around for a while, youíll manage to find it out for yourself quite easily, granted you use some logic.
  • The register date. User receives an Ďxí amount of reputation power for an Ďxí amount of time heís been a member.
  • Reputation points. User receives an Ďxí amount of reputation power for an Ďxí amount of reputation points.
  • And lastly, to avoid any confusion:
    The amount of posts is not a factor on AS forums. To avoid spam for rep, no reputation power nor reputation points are awarded by number of posts.

Neutral reputation dots
I can imagine people being puzzled about this, so some special attention for the mysterious Ďwhite dotsí.
Also depending on forum settings, a user whom has not yet made the set amount of posts, does not have the ability to give or take reputation from anyone.

So it's possible to receive a comment without any consequences. Be it good or bad intentions the user didnít have enough ďpowerĒ to affect your reputation. Hence his reputation is depicted with a white dot.
Spoiler for example:

My personal guess is the minimum of post before at least 1 point of rep power is awarded is between 100-200. Also remember your reputation is a factor (see reputation rules)

Evolving reputation
Depending on you reputation level the color of your reputation dot (which is located directly underneath your avatar) will change.
for a reputation of exactly zero
for a reputation below zero
for a reputation between 1 and 99
for a reputation of 100 and up
for a reputation of 200 and up (etc. etc.)
if you choose to hide reputation

Also depending on the users reputation level, he/she will receive a certain title. This title can be viewed by holding the mouse over the reputation dot. For a full list of titles, check the next image.

How do I rate someone post?
Underneath each personís avatar youíll find this button. If you like or dislike a persons post, you can use this button to send either positive or negative reputation. Not only that, itís also possible to write a short message to comment on your choice.
This comment is totally anonymous so itís up to you if you want to make yourself known to the receiver of the reputation.
It should be clear that the username is not displayed to prevent flame wars or digital assassinations. Moderators have the ability to monitor any reputation exchanged so do not abuse it!

A few points should be made clear when dealing out reputation.
The reputation system on AS works in such a way that it's not possible
  • To give reputation to the same member twice in a row. You must give reputation to someone else before it's possible to give it to the same member again. Right now, you have to give reputation to at least 10 other members before giving it to the same person again.
    (for rants about this rule, check this thread)
    [Please note: Thread #28764, the thread linked above, was lost when the forum was reset to Jan 2005. It now points to something completely unrelated!]
  • To hand out reputation to the same user before a set amount of time has passed.
  • To hand out any reputation if user himself has a reputation of 5 or less, or negative

Right now itís possible to hand out 10 reputations every 24 hours.

Miscellaneous information
  • Though itís only possible to view the latest 5 reputations in your User CP, you can check up on received reputation from days gone by by rating your own post. Simply go to one of your own posts you know you received reputation for, and click on the reputation button to make the following screen pop up.
    Spoiler for example for this FAQ:

If you would like to receive good reputation for whatever reason you can do a few things to speed up the progress. Just remember, itís not a contest. The system is not very susceptible to fraud. If you want to get good rep, you work for it. And most of all, you are patient. A few tips:

Never be an asshole!
Simple, if the person you are flaming wonít negative rep you, someone else will. Remember, the rep system allows anybody to rep any post. Being an asshole will get you negative rep. If you are really afraid about getting bad rep. Donít flame at all, no matter how right you are. The silent oneís walk away with their rep intact.

Help out!
Help out a fellow anime fan, give him that bit of information or a good suggestion. Basically if youíre active on the AnimeSuki & Technology part of the forum. You will get rewarded for your kindness.

Write a useful guide!
(Yes, the irony is killing me.) Being a big help by writing a good guide is always good for positive reputation from admirers. But remember, the moderators wonít accept just any guide, so think before you decide to write a guide. And never forget to PM a mod to ask permission. You wouldnít want to get your guide deleted now would you?

Hang around in the General Chat!
It pains me to be so shallow. But itís the truth nonetheless. The General Chat provides more room for fun talk and amusing threads. Not being bound by anime discussions and worries about spoilers, people loosen up here. People introduce themselves, rate each others avatars and have fun. And where thereís fun, there positive reputation. Make a joke or two and your chances will skyrocket.

Make friends
As obvious as it is simple. If you tend to stick around here for a while. Why not make some friends? Friends give friends reputation (providing they're not being an asshole). And thanks to the rules, you can't abuse reputation exchanging among 2 members. So be sure to make as much friends as possible.

Update 4, 19-12-2005 [Short update after forum hack. Minor changes]
This guide was made by me and only me, however, since the information in this FAQ is not of particular value to me, feel free to copy/use whatever part you need. As long as this whole FAQ in itís entire context is not copied without giving me some credit.

See something missing or something just plain wrong? PM me and let me know, I'll be sure to mention it in the next version!

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