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View Poll Results: Nisemonogatari - Episode 11 Rating
Perfect 10 59 42.45%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 38 27.34%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 19 13.67%
7 out of 10 : Good 16 11.51%
6 out of 10 : Average 3 2.16%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 2 1.44%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
3 out of 10 : Bad 1 0.72%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
1 out of 10 : Painful 1 0.72%
Voters: 139. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2012-04-09, 11:29   Link #101
Corpse in Pieces
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This is pretty much what I expected after hearing stuff about the novels. 7.5/10
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Old 2012-06-15, 15:07   Link #102
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Damn them for putting that cookie close to the ending. Now I really wanna see the Fire Sisters meeting Senjougahara. It's bound to be epic.

"Onii-chan, stop always being so lewd with us."

"Die, insect!"

Oh well, it was fun. Maybe we'll get to see it sometime in the future, if not it's okay, I guess. I planned to eventually learn Japanese anyway, since there are just too many novels out there, where the anime ending isn't anywhere close to the novel's plot progression. Always ending up with just half the story really sucks. >.>
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Old 2013-01-28, 02:55   Link #103
Marcus H.
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Anime Series #162 GET! And I was delayed by almost a year!

The last episode seems more dramatic than any other episode in Nise because Koyomi got beaten up worse than his experience with Karen in Karen Bee, but it is also the most juicy episode because of the exploration of the concepts of "real" and "fake". It is quite a surprise that a circle of friends belongs to a Good, a Neutral and an Evil alignment. I'm sure it would be interesting seeing the three hang out together.

Nise reveals just how unusual Koyomi's notion of "brotherly love" is, although it might be more realistic than what I'm actually thinking. I can't base my opinion on personal experience since I'm a single child, so

I have to agree that it wasn't able to surpass Bake's brilliance, but both series get an overall score of 9 for me.

It might just be me, but Hitagi is really stunning with that white sundress, and her short hair is fine with me.
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