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Old 2012-01-28, 09:28   Link #201
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Originally Posted by genjichan View Post
Speaking of Sailormoon, Filipino brothers (and sisters) she's back with new dubbers ** hitting the wall.

Back on the topic, I give a fair judgement in Filipino dubbers, they may not be able to match the originals but they manage to preserve or at least capture the right about emotion/character that is unique for the specific character they're trying portrait.
I have a scriptwriter for an online friend (who works for an ADR outfit), and she herself is a fan just like us, so despite her huge workload, she tries to get the translation and the script just right as possible to the original.

She's a long way from the days when the scriptwriters depended on VHS tapes and makeshift ADR scripts supplied by US distributors, which resulted in odd voices (the Tagalog version of Kenshin Himura sounded more of his US counterpart, but really he's kind of a ringer for Robin Padilla (an action film superstar)).

Originally Posted by YayPepsi View Post
I'm not sure, I thought there was only one. The original English dub I guess.
There are two releases: one is the now-defunct Central Park Media version; the other is the Rightstuf/Nozomi version (subbed, I think) which is still on sale.
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Old 2012-01-28, 10:22   Link #202
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The only good dubs 4Kids had ever done were Sonic X and Pokémon (before Diamond and Pearl).
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Old 2012-01-28, 15:52   Link #203
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Originally Posted by sa547 View Post
There are two [Revolutionary Girl Utena] releases: one is the now-defunct Central Park Media version; the other is the Rightstuf/Nozomi version (subbed, I think) which is still on sale.
The same old CPM dub is on both releases.
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Old 2012-01-29, 09:53   Link #204
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I find this thread amusing, because personally I hate more than 90% of the english dubs I've heard. It's a MUCH shorter list for me to list the subs I liked rather than the ones I didn't.
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Old 2012-02-04, 08:24   Link #205
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Originally I was much more forgiving on dubs in general.

In fact I still am compared to some fans (they act is if all anime acting is oscar worthy IT AINT).

That being said, I don't watch them nearly as often any more. Mainly because my Japanese study allows me to watch a lot of shows RAW.

Also just that the casting is very lame in dubs. They don't have but so many voice actors to draw from. And while I don't think they are hacks by any stretch, in many cases I do think our more traditional voice acting industry stars are better.

Also what normally kills dubs is that they cannot do girls right. While our adult anime dubbers can do adult women ok, they generally suck at making cartoon girl voices like our traditional home grown actresses do.

And then there is the bad habit of trying to fit everything to match the voice flaps.

Make no mistake I'm not giving all anime dubbing a pass (I watch B Gata H Kei.........KILLLL!!!!), but yea.

How is the scene in foriegn countries? Places in Europe and Latin America actually have active dubbing industries (for movies and tv as well as cartoons/anime) so I assumed you could be better.
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Old 2012-04-09, 19:12   Link #206
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I found something bad while looking for a scene from another version of this show.

Back around 1976 the condensed version of Space Battleship Yamato was dubbed (in I believe the United Kingdom) for the Japanese to release it in English speaking countries. This was about three years before Star Blazers came out.

It was known simply as Space Cruiser.

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The voice acting to terrible. Aside from Captain Okita, everyone else seems to be just reading from the script. There is little to no emotion or inflection. It is more drab that the bad Transformers: Headmasters Southeast Asian English dubs.

The story flows a little, but there is way too much is cut out. Even the Voyager Entertainment version of this movie in Japanese has more material in it. I mean, they only use the Wave Motion Gun once near the end this film...even though the "Gorgons" are afraid of it and making up tactics to stop its use in the middle of the film. There is basically only one reason to see this version. The ending is changed from the original, so there is about a minute or two of new footage. All of it non-canon after the second film and later TV series came out.

Compare with the Star Blazers dub. At least there is some inflection...and perhaps overacting. It isn't dry by any means.

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Old 2012-04-13, 10:11   Link #207
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Higurashi's English dub was pretty bad in places. Have a listen to Rika saying Nipah in English:
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I've never actually seen the whole Fate Stay Night dub but, this reminds me of something someone posted on another forum:
Saber dodge's Lancer's "Gay Bulge":
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