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Most complex characters

Most complex characters
1. Masatsugu Hattori (Grander Musashi RV)-the coolest and most complex anime character of all time. He possesses a sense of honor and obligation to mother nature.

2. Ichirou Ohgami (Sakura Wars)- an excellent officer and gentleman. Also soldier, leader, protector, tactician and comrade. He is single-minded, possesses moral values and knows what is best for his team's interests. His virtues of loyalty, honor, duty and integrity are unsurpassed as a man.

3. Moran Shetland (Last Exile)-Moran is the most unique, complex and complicated LE character because of his soldier's mentality, his indomitable will to survive and his struggle to adapt. His charater is revolving and evolutionary.

4. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)- the only DBZ character whose personality has evolved three times. He is one of the few anti-heroes existed in the animedom. He has stubborn Saiyan pride that leads him to have a grudge against Goku. Vegeta is so proud and stubborn he refused to let anyone surpass him. He always tries his hard to get sronger than even Goku.

4. Benitora (Samurai Deeper Kyo)- has a fascinating background and an equally fascinating personality. He is very loyal to and caring for his friends. His struggle with his inner demons and his fears of becoming his father made him a complex character.

5. Tien (Dragon Ball but not Dragon Ball Z)-changed from a ruthless assasin turncoat to a honorable warrior with a complex nobility.

6. Carl (Grander Musashi RV)- a ruthless, cold-blooded and uncaring fisherman who had a change of heart after watching his first love Marlene die.

7. Kaoru Konoe (Gatekeepers)- always striving to compete in any field such as athletics and romanceand win. Winning has been her primary goal in her life.

8. Spike (Edens Bowy)- the god hunter who is neither good nor evil but follows his instincts. He was born to hunt and kill gods and accepted his birthright.

9. Kenshin Hmura (Rurouni Kenshin)-the Captain America of the Animedom. He has an eternal battle to overwhelm and conquer his past. He wants to put aside his past but his past will not let him forget it. He changed from a cold-blooded killer to a compassionate and peaceful warrior with a sincere heart. He tossed his killer instincts after ten years. He is very protective of his friends and loved ones but is unwilling to take a life no matter how evil it is. His compassion, gentleness and kind heart made him a unique character and also made him different from most other humans who have murderous urges and basic desires. Ironically, Kenshin is the most humane character.

10. Demon Eyes Kyo (Samurai Deeper Kyo)-the coolest badass guy of Samurai Deeper Kyo. He is cruel and merciless to anyone who stands in his way except for Yuya whom he has a soft heart for but he refused to admit it to himself. He refuses to believe his feelings and tries to control them but his own feelings are controlling him.

11. Aoshi (Rurouni Kenshin)- a traumatic soul who is haunted by his friends' deaths. He wants to fight Kenshin and become the strongest but he was doing it to avoid his memory of his friends' deaths.

12. Eikichi Onizuka (GTO)- He may be simple as a pervert but amazingly unique and morally complex as a teacher. He is very sympathetic to his students and understood their problems with life and helped them a lot even though his mind is totally perverted. His lessons to the students are incredibly inspirational. He has gained the loyalty of the worst teacher-hating class in school history. He's the teacher you want to study with.

13. Denilmo (Edens Bowy)- another complex character. She was a goddess and fell in love with a God Hunter named Spike whom she has been watching since his birth. Ironically she was killed by Spike.

Char Aznable (Gundam)- quite a philosophically complex character who's lived through the evolution of his philosophical ideals and a survivor with sharp killer instincts.
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