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Old 2003-12-13, 15:41   Link #21
Kurumada's lost child
Join Date: Nov 2003
That's what the author wants everybody to think, that everything is ok, that kyuby is totally under control. But It is not...
"If you educate people, you cannot control them." ~Jacque Fresco
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Old 2003-12-13, 16:27   Link #22
Join Date: Nov 2003
it would be cool if the Kyubi took over Naruto's body like the Sakura - Ino fight
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Old 2003-12-13, 16:33   Link #23
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: UK
Age: 38
I dont think there's any basis for this anymore though. Naruto has control over Kyuubi's power now. There's nothing Kyuubi can do about it. The only way this could happen is it someone (Akatsuki?) undoes the seal.
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Old 2003-12-14, 22:26   Link #24
A.S.S. Vice President
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: i dont know can you help me
Age: 28
about the kyuubi allying with naruto there is no way in hell that would happen
1. kyuubi is a demon
2. kyuubi has said before that it hates naruto
what i think is going to happen is that naruto will become hokage the kyuubi will come out and naruto will have to seal it into himself or someone else
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