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Old 2012-04-25, 00:37   Link #21
Not Enough Sleep
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Swampert - The Swampert line was my first Pokemon, it was one of the best in its time and still very useful even in Gen 5.
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Old 2013-06-05, 23:54   Link #22
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Hmmm... this is a toughy. I know my all time favourite is Dodrio.

Gallade... Klinklang... Solrock... Vaporeon... Charizard... Parasect... Krokorok... Dunsparce... Raichu... Dewgong... Grovyle.
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Old 2013-06-05, 23:59   Link #23
#1 Akashiya Moka Fan
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In terms of types, Psychic, Dragon and Electric

But my personal favorite who I have to have is #151, Mew (no matter the means...)
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Old 2013-06-06, 00:19   Link #24
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Originally Posted by MUAHAHAHAHAHA View Post
Am I the only one who prefers grass type pokemons? My personal favourites are Chikorita and Bulbasaur.
While I'd say my favorite is Charmander (just liked that little guy), will say second place actually goes to Chikorita. One of the rare grass types that I'd definitely find a place to keep on my team.
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Old 2013-06-06, 01:07   Link #25
Easy Muffin
Join Date: Jan 2013
Age: 24
Meloetta. She is perfection.
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Old 2013-06-06, 01:39   Link #26
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Puerto Rico
Wow, after going through 5 generations....I'll get back to you on that
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Old 2013-06-06, 16:27   Link #27
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My favorite pokemon type is water. I just love how versatile water pokemon are. Half of my top 10 consists of water type pokemon.

1) Starmie (Starmie has been the STAR of my teams ever since pokemon blue)
2) Weavile (I love assassins)
3) Vaporeon
4) Gyarados
5) Swampert
6) Bulbasaur (my favorite starter)
7) Espeon
8) Dragonite
9) Gengar
10) Kingdra
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Old 2013-06-06, 16:59   Link #28
Terrestrial Dream
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Tesla Leicht Institute
Age: 27
Gengar is my favorite.
Favorite starters are Cyndaquil and Piplup lines.
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Old 2013-06-06, 17:23   Link #29
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Derping in League of Legends
Age: 23
Mismagius, Just because of the name...
Snorlax and Heracross and Vespiquen, In Pokémon Platinum I learned about the Honey tree's so I smeared 3 tree's and I got incredible lucky.

My first tree I got was an female Combee, Second tree Munchlax and my last tree a Female Heracross.
Ever since I used them and the first too get lvl 100 with.
Scizor and Yanmega cause they looked badass, Double teaming with Yanmega with his speedboost + subsitute + Batonpass to Scizor with Sword dancing? Epic.

Metagross is one of my favourites when I saw him for the very first time, and Gliscor is just awesome, and Ninetails was the very first Pokémon that I used my fire stone on Vulpix and ever since that I've used Ninetales in all my Pokémon games.

If I could import(Trading if you will) Pokémon in X/Y after I completed it, I will definitely get these guys.
(Also, Vulpix/Ninetales was my first Shiny I ever caught)

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Old 2013-06-06, 20:21   Link #30
◔ ◡ ◔
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My favorite Pokemon are...


... it's hard to cut the list down... and with more and more Pokemon coming out the longer the list gets.

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