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Old 2012-05-06, 08:11   Link #1
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Blooded characters (manga)

Blooded characters is the best way I can think to describe it atm. But I hoping to find main characters that can kill relentlessly and dont mind getting thier hands dirty in blood, or covered in it. I am not talking about a saddist who likes to hack and slash at corpse after its death, but just characters that know how to kill viciously on the spot (on a live target). After reading Murder Princess I think this would be another type of genre I'd like to look into. Plus I've always be a fan of Rail Tracer from Baccano which adds to my curosity. I dont really know how best to describe it, but more like a bloody elegance to them.

Not neccessary an evil character, but a character who kills for the right reasons.

If theres any manga titles you can throw at me along these lines, I'd appricate it very much ^_^
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Old 2012-05-06, 10:58   Link #2
word sux
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Gantz manga is pretty brutal. The characters are always taking part in crazy bloody battles so they can live. Some of the best and bloodiest fight scenes you will find in a manga
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