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Old 2012-05-06, 10:22   Link #1
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More recent anime to watch

So I haven't been keeping up with new anime releases since, I don't even know when... I think the last show I watched when it was airing was Durarara!!, so that was quite a while ago in 2010. This is excluding me following sequels of shows I've already seen, such as Natsume Yuujinchou san + shi and Gintama'. So, my request to you all is this: based on the following list of anime I really liked, what would be shows aired in 2011~2012 would you recommend to me?

- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- Darker than Black
- Gungrave
- Durarara and Baccano
- Natsume Yuujinchou
- Sword of the Stranger
- Cowboy Bebop
- Gundam Unicorn
- Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
- Gintama
- Hellsing

I know these are mostly action/sci-fi type shows but I don't really mind some mixing up with genres, I think I'm pretty flexible. I tend to stay away from school comedies though, it's just really not my thing - an episode of two is fine but I can't watch entire shows of them. I've already started a bit of Steins; Gate. This is my full MAL (I know it isn't much XD)

Thanks in advance guys
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Old 2012-05-06, 10:27   Link #2
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If you like Steins;Gate, hit with full force on Chaos;Head : the story is more confusing and ridiculous than S;G, but features a good build-up. Also, it stays dark from the beginning to the end.

I'll also suggest Afro Samurai to you.
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Old 2012-05-06, 11:08   Link #3
AS Oji-kun
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I'd move Black Lagoon off your "to-watch" list and give that a try given your tastes. I think the second season is the better of the two.

Among completed recent shows, I'd recommend these:

House of Five Leaves
(2010, but worth watching; petty criminals in late Edo)
Level E (reminiscent of "Men in Black"; watch esp. episodes 1-3 and 9-13)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica ("deconstruction" of the magical-girl genre)
Ikoku Meiro no Croisee (Japanese girl in late 19th century Paris)
Usagi Drop (slice-of-life about single fatherhood)
Thermae Romae (odd little series about a Roman bath designer transported to modern Japan)
Natsume Yuujinchou Shi (in case you haven't watched it yet)

In progress:
Hyouge Mono (Sengoku period; subs appear about once a month)
Space Brothers (two brothers aspire to become astronauts in 2025)
Tsuritama (Nakamura Kenji + fishing = WTF?)
Sakamichi no Apollon (teenagers discover jazz and romance in 1966)

A couple of other alternatives
Mosihdora (girl uses Drucker's text Management to manage a HS baseball team)
Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san (seinen comedy about dirty-minded demons)
[C] (fighting and finance)

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Old 2012-05-06, 14:54   Link #4
Practical joke
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I've been keeping up with the newer anime shows as well.

i'd recommend:

- Guilty Crown
- Black Lagoon: roberta's bloodtrail
- Fate Zero (currently airing)
- no.6
- Shiki

There are many more good shows around from 2010 and up, but these should probably be fitting your taste or pretty close to it.
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Old 2012-05-06, 16:19   Link #5
North American Haruhiist
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Seconding Sakamichi no Apollon. It also has the same director and composer as Cowboy Bebop.

OK, post-2010 that I would recommend:
Puella Magi Madoka Magica- Dark, very well-done deconstruction of the magical girl genre. Has been called this generation's Evangelion for how many have already seen this show and deconstructing a particular tropes. Episode 3 is where it starts to get dark.
Hanasaku Iroha- A girl named Ohana is forced to stay with her grandmother out in the country, and has to work at the inn that her grandmother owns. The series follows various things that happen at the Inn and Ohana coming of her age herself. Backgrounds in this are amazing.
Inu x Boku S.S Follows a girl named Ririchiyo is an atypical tsundere(she's called a tsunshun because she gets depressed after being mean) who wants to be less tsun tsun to people. Since she's part youkai, she moves into a special apartment building that houses humans who have youkai ancestry, and the series follows how she changes as she gets to know these other people. Episode 6 is fantastic, where one character, Karuta has some of the most moe moments I've seen in the last few years. The last two episodes are pretty great too. The payoff is very satisfying.
Mashiro-iro Symphony- Based on a VN. Very well done anime that follows a nice guy who is selected to help integrate a previously all-female high school. The OP and the ED are really good on it too.

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