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Old 2005-01-02, 01:18   Link #21
A complex "maybe"
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Originally Posted by Forsaken102
Hey, my 10 year old cousin Ariel wanted me to post this for her. This is her first try at drawing, and she'd like to hear what you think.

His name is Tux.


Ahh... corrupting the youth with my love of anime.
She is my HERO!! /clings/ she draws soo much better than me, my god. T_T. /crawls under her desk/
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Old 2005-12-21, 19:09   Link #22
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You mean this thread that I started ages and ages ago is only on the second page now?

And... it's still... (*gasp*)..... here!?

Wow. Maybe I should come back and start posting again...

Oh, yes; and, while everyone is digging through archived files trying to restore stuff...

About a month ago, my computer got a virus that deleted the entirety of my "My Pictures" folder on my computer (... except, of course, the "Sample Pictures" that came with Windows XP... damn the irony!!);

That means that everything you see here in this thread, plus a goodly chunk of art that never made it onto the internet (e.g., most of my art, actually), was lost. I did a quick count, and around 400-600 hours of my life went down the drain. These few drawings in the thread are all that I have left, and I don't have the .psd files from them, either. So, if anyone has anything else of mine that they might possibly remember (Especially NightWish, from his Thanks to NightWish picture; I do believe I actually sent you the .psd file, if you still have that...) I would greatly, greatly, GREATLY appreciate getting those back.

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Old 2005-12-22, 08:58   Link #23
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lol corrupt as much as u want! lol
theyr cool!
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