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Old 2005-12-21, 23:37   Link #1
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Join Date: Dec 2005
New Gunsmith Cats

I heard somewhere on the interbutt that there's supposed to be a new Gunsmith Cats manga in the works? This is my favorite manga of all time, it's what got me started on anime hardcore, so can someone confirm this?
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Old 2005-12-22, 03:25   Link #2
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Join Date: Dec 2005
This is probably one of my favorite mangas of all time and owning every book and piece of merchandise as well being a gun owner doesn't help.

But to answer your question yes their is a new series and it's been out in Japan for awhile now. It's called "Gunsmith Cats: Burst" volume 2 just came out about 3 weeks ago, unfortunately it's in Japanese only and probably won't be licensed for a long, long time if ever.

Which really sucks for me since I can read japanese and just ordered a bunch of manga's from Japan and forgot to add these 2 books to my list.

Here is a link to show you they're towards the bottom.
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Old 2005-12-22, 05:42   Link #3
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Where's the link?! I love this manga!!! Bean Bandit ROCKS!!!! (Rally does too )
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Old 2005-12-22, 10:54   Link #4
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For your info its serialised in Kodansha's monthly "Afternoon" magazine.
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Old 2005-12-22, 11:01   Link #5
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Join Date: Dec 2005
damn, anyone got any info on the plot? More of the same or has it taken a different path? If it's any good, I'll order the raw manga...
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