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Old 2012-05-21, 22:45   Link #81
milan kyuubi
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First I wanted to thank to all those who neg-repped me for my above post Calling me a 'fan boy' really warms my heart guys, thank you! Just one thing to remember in the future, if I am Naruto fan boy, then what does that make you?
Edit: TSO, I wasn't complaining, I just pointed out that it's strange to call someone certain names for doing something, when you yourself are doing it. That's all Thank you for a neg rep as well, you guys thought me that someone having personal opinion is a bad thing.

Originally Posted by Artful Dodger View Post
...Really? I honestly don't see anything in this fight any more broken (or even as broken imo) than someone being able to take on 5 bijuu. As strong as Itachi and Sasuke are, they really didn't seem that impressive during this fight to me, let alone complaining about them being over-powered.
Really? So crating endless time-lops doesn't count? because with Izanami you can probably defeat all nine bijuu's together imo.

Originally Posted by Artful Dodger View Post
For all the powers that the sharingan has, Sasuke has not made much use of anything besides the MS powers, and even those has been seeming rather mediocre as of late, what with the caliber of opponents we've been seeing.
I never said anything about Sasuke! Sasuke not using those powers doesn't mean sharingan can't do those.

Originally Posted by Artful Dodger View Post
The sharingan can copy jutsu, yet Sasuke has not used this ability for hundreds of chapters. The sharingan can also make an opponents next move obvious, yet Sasuke has not made significant use of this either, in fact, even when he did he was still seriously injured by the likes of Killer-Bee, and Raikage. Even heavy-hitter techniques like amaterasu and susanoo have been shown to be counterable, as he hasn't one-hit killed any relevant opponents with them.
Again you are talking about Sasuke, when I have not mentioned anything about him. Sasuke not using all those powers doesn't mean sharingan doesn't have them!

Originally Posted by Artful Dodger View Post
By no means has Sasuke been rolling over his opponents; on the contrary he actually runs into some challenges, so I don't see why people complain so much him being "hax", especially considering how strong Naruto has become.
I never complained about Sasuke being 'hax'! I complained that sharingan (not Sasuke or any other Uchiha user) is way hexed up.

Lets make a list, shall we...
  • Can predict any movement!
  • Can copy any justy/technique/move, that's not a product from another bloodline!
  • Can see chakra! Detects genjustu etc!
  • Can create and break genjutsu!
  • Can control people's mind/s!
  • Can create tsukoyomi!
  • Can create susano!
  • Can create amaterasu!
  • Can create kamui!
  • Can manipulate and shape amaterasu!
  • Can use izanagi!
  • Can use izanami!
  • Can surpass and control nine tails (and probably other bijuu's)!
  • Can create time space jutsu (Tobi)! But this is under '?' as it's not know if Tobi uses sharingan to pass through things. Although the way his jutsu activates from his eye would suggest he is using his eye!
  • Can create eternal genjutsu (Itachi's crow)!
  • Can evolve into EMS!
  • Can evolve into the rinnegan!
  • Unknown! Current EMS powers!

It doesn't matter if some Uchiha (or somebody else) is not using all/some of this powers. The fact is, sharingan posses all this powers. Which makes it 'so hexed up'.
Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
^The Bijuu are amazingly powerful, but seemingly any Sharingan can literally rewrite reality itself. There is no way to even properly quantize Izanami or Izanagi, so trying to compare them to simple power (the bijuu) is very hard if not impossible (especially considering that the Sharingan actually has the power to control the Bijuu (or at least the Kyuubi)).
This! +1
My Twitter account! Thanks to Godlike1889 for the sig!

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Old 2012-05-22, 03:04   Link #82
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If you really want to realize how hax the Sharingan has become, all you need to do is read the early chapters when it was put in the same class as the Byakugan, the other great doujutsu at that point in the story. Hell, the Naruto fandom use to endlessly debate which was better. the Sharingan or the Byakugan? And there were many who thought the Byakugan was the superior doujutsu based on what we saw.

Now consider that the Byakugan has pretty much stayed the same. While the Sharingan keeps adding abilities that would make a Mary Sue blush.

At this point the Byakugan is a nice little doujutsu that allows Neji to be slightly better than a Kiba. (And frankly way less impressive than Choji in Butterfly Mode) And Hizashi Hyuuga, the top Hyuuga alive, to be above the average jonin, but still less than a Gai or even an Asuma.

While the Sharingan makes a number of Uchiha living gods. And even power ups non-Uchiha who posses it. Imagine Danzou without all his Sharingan? Or how badly out-classed Kakashi would be without his copy abilities and his one hit kill jutsu? He already is a crappy version of his father. Imagine taking the Sharingan away from him?
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Old 2012-05-22, 11:51   Link #83
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Originally Posted by a3jay14 View Post
How do they undo the edo-tensei if kabuto can't be killed? Are they going to persuade him to undo it just like what naruto did to nagato?
Kabuto told Tobi that to dispel Edo Tensei he could use his Sharingan to hypnotize him and make him do the hand seals to deactivate it.

Basically the only way to undo it is for the caster to cancel the jutsu themselves.

Perhaps Izanami has some special ability to peer into a person's mind and know their secrets. Or maybe Kakashi will be stuck in the loop long enough that his will gets worn down and he gives in to Itachi's demand to undo the jutsu.

I'm betting though that Itachi reads his mind somehow and figures out the secret himself.
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Old 2012-05-22, 11:56   Link #84
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I'm thinking that the only way for Kabuto to escape will be to cancel Edo Tensei therefore unsummoning Itachi.
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Old 2012-05-22, 12:13   Link #85
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Originally Posted by Neji112 View Post
I'm thinking that the only way for Kabuto to escape will be to cancel Edo Tensei therefore unsummoning Itachi.
That would be the most logical way out of this.
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Old 2012-05-22, 12:45   Link #86
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I wonder if this is just an Izanami or it is more than that, Itachi being an Edo-Tensei means his eyes can regenerate. Izanami can return the the user and his surroundings into a starting point in time but in exchange for the sharingan eye. So i wonder if Izanami can do this forever or only one time. Izanagi is a one-time jutsu, once activated it will consume the eye in a finite period of time (up to 10 minutes in case of Tobi). So if Izanami is like that then it would be logical that it consumes the eye, therefore Itachi being able to use it for infinity is only because of the magical power of Edo-Tensei, and that is what Itachi meant when saying to Kabuto that he is the weakness of Edo-Tensei.
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Old 2012-05-23, 00:12   Link #87
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Chapter 587 thread has been opened. Please move all relevant discussions to the new thread.
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weekly spoiler discussion

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