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Old 2012-06-02, 17:54   Link #81
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Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
If you want to redistribute files and users don't have the fonts you want to use for your subtitles, you obviously need to provide them along with your video files.
Just add them as attachments in mkvmerge GUI. (You might want to revert to "application/x-truetype-font" MIME type though, as some older splitters might not detect the one mkvmerge uses by default as of late.)
Yeah... that's how I understood it at first...

So how do I attach one? Where do I get the font file?
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Old 2012-06-02, 18:52   Link #82
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Send a message via AIM to Desbreko
Go to the Attachments tab in mkvmerge GUI and drop the font files onto the window or use the add button. The top box shows files already attached in the input files; the bottom box shows new attachments that you've added.

Aegisub's font collector (in the file menu) can quickly collect font files that are being used in the currently-opened script, but don't blindly believe it. If you're using any variants, such as bold or italic versions of a font, it will often miss those and only collect the normal version. In that case, you have to go to the Windows font folder and copy the needed files to a different folder for attaching them.
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Old 2012-06-03, 02:57   Link #83
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I just got a new problem...

Whenever I try to trim a video using AVS cutter, it only encodes it for a seccond, then it gives me a 13kb mp4/mkv file...

This didn't happen before...

I tried doing with several more videos...still it happens.

I think this problem started since I installed a K-Lite Codec pack. I tried uninstalling it, but it didn't solve it.

Any idea what's the problem?

It works if the source file is an .mkv file... but it doesn't for mp4. Anyone knows the problem?

Now that I think about it... I think this problem was already there way before I installed the codec pack

And what's more irritating is, it only fails to encode if I cut the anime opening theme in my 8 videos of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san... though I also can't cut the part halfway the episode in my Kore wa vid...

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