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Blayne Barudorii
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Fate Stay Touhou: Touhous interpreted as Servants

Alright so after writing up some rough character sheets I decided to attempt to interpret Touhou's from Gensokyo as Fate Stay Night styled "Servants".

Warning Full Ahead! :sperg:

Some notes, in keeping with Type-moon the stuff I wrote below is not meant to say "Remilia looks stronger than Youmu, thus she automatically wins" but is instead meant to be situational, a stronger servant loses to a weaker one depending as per the VN.

To flesh it out a bit I mixed it up a bit with 3.5e D&D stuff from the D20 SRD. Best not to take any dice listed or damage rolls or saves too seriously this is only very rough interpretation, with some feedback and time I'll try to make a full conversion to 3.5e

Originally Posted by Remilia Scarlet The Eternally Red New Moon

"My my my, why does a mongrel such as you approach the Eternally Young Red Moon?"

Potential Classes: Archer, Caster, Lancer. [In order of most suited to least suited class]

Skills & Abilities:

Remilia can be summoned as Archer, Caster or Lancer.

[Archer] Danmaku: As an Archer or a Caster Remilia can access her Spell Card's B rank as Archer and A rank as Caster. Remilia can fire off dozens of swirling prismatic orbs of energy that explode on contact, however she can only have precise control over a few orbs at a time or firing them in aimed preset volleys. When precisely controlled their flight speed is "Good" and "Clumsy" when not, they deal 10d6 prismatic damage each.

[Archer class always gets Danmaku, and only stage 5 and 6 bosses usually qualify as Archer, though there are exceptions to every rule.]

[Caster] Arcane Spellcasting: Remilia is functionally an arcane spellcaster [Wiz/Pale Master] and knows every spell of the Enchantment, Necromancy, Divination, Conjuration and Transmutation schools and is a specialist in the school of Enchantment. Her barred schools are Evocation and Illusion and uses her master of the school of Enchantment to invent spells to mimic illusion spells unavailable to her.

[Honestly Youkai strike me as Warlocks as they currently work in D&D but I don't know how to play or build Warlocks so Marisa aside I'mma makin' them wizards ze]

[Archer, Special] Vampirism: Remilia is a full True Ancestor type vampire with its advantages and weaknesses as Archer, and Half Youkai-Half Vampire when Caster and half Human-Half Youkai as Lancer. She loses one rank in all abilities during the day, if she comes into contact with rain or crosses flowing water. She also likewise cannot enter someone's home uninvited. She can drain the blood of a victim killing them outright to fully heal any mortal amounts of damage or partially replenish a lumpsum of prana.

[Archer/Caster] Handmaidens of the Scarlet Devil: As Archer or Caster Remilia by only partly draining a victims blood instead of turning them into Dead Apostle or Ghouls may instead dominate their will as per the spell Domination or Greater Geas duration permament. They act as a remote prana source and so long as she has seven such servants (the maximum allowed with Remilia's charisma score) she does not need a Master to remain materialized in the world. They are given the Dead Apostle vampire template but are not full fledged vampires and dispelling the effect will return them to normal within 2d6 days or immediately with a Greater Restoration spell. Remilia can see through the eyes and feel the senses of any of these servants and knows at all times their whereabouts as if they were familiars.

[I kinda wanted it so that the vampirism is deemphasized as Caster and Lancer but couldnt figure it out without nerfing them too hard so I mixed it up a bit]

[Archer, Caster] Blessing of the Scarlet Devil: Remilia may select one voluntary humanoid subject to turn into her Champion who is ranked as a C ranked Servant whom Remilia must provide prana to or the spell dissipates and the effects end. The subject must make a fortitude save or die in the process.

[Archer/Caster] Requiem of the Scarlet Devil: Remilia may remotely consume any of her vampiric servants killing them instantly, doing so restores her a great deal of prana and heals significant mortal wounds.

If for any reason Remilia's charisma modifier is reduced to less than +1 the above spells dissipate.

[Remilia is known for two things, her Charisma and her Charisma Break, I'm mostly substituted charisma to act as "Leadership" so she can have cohorts. Basic idea narratively is that she has 7-9 people hidden around town and you have to find and kill/neutralize them all to weaken Remilia]

[Any] Mystic Eyes of Enchantment: Charisma modifier times per day Remilia may [Su] at-will as a spell like ability use any of the following spells on a subject:
-Geas, Lesser, Hold Person, Charm Person, Solipsism, Schizophrenia, Charm Monster, Daze, Confusion, Suggestion, Sleep, Hold Monster, Power Word Kill*, Mind fog and Rage.

*She may only do this twice per day as it has a huge prana cost and is very tiring, each time she does so she is blinded in one eye.

Fiendish Resilience: Remilia is treated as a Devil in terms of damage reduction and health regeneration, only weapons of cold iron do not face penalties when striking her.

[Rather than give all Youkai Servants Epic boilerplate abilities and traits it is better to make it diverse so that the ones *who do* have it stand out more.]

[I wonder if lead bullets count as cold iron?]

Noble Phantasms:

Noble Phantasm:
[Archer/Caster]Gungnir The Spear the Gungnir[Anti-Personnel]: The spear is described as being so well balanced that it could strike any target, no matter the skill or strength of the wielder.

As a Spear fashioned by Dwarves in the Age of the Norse Gods and wielded by Odin it is A rank and can be thrown and hit any target at any range with perfect accuracy and will return to her hand immediately upon either striking it's target or missing. A Archer, B Caster.

As Lancer Remilia learns Gungnir's true name, Gungnir: The Declaration of the Elder God[Anti-Fortress, Anti-Hero] becoming an A++ weapon.

[Gungnir is actually an existing weapon in FSN and is in Gate of Babylon and is the precursor to Gae Bolg; but it's clearly called something else in Touhou so I made two variants depending on class. IE as Archer/Caster she's only an "owner" so its downranked, as Lancer she becomes a "wielder" is gains its full capabilities]

[Special] Manipulation of Fate, Greater: A+ Caster, A as Archer and B as Lancer; once a day she can manipulate any event or action no matter how trivial or major certain restrictions such that it cannot be a “vague” command but clearly specified and she cannot will herself to “win” an encounter but she can will Gungnir to not miss a particular throw. She can also use it to extend her Independent Action duration.

As Caster it is functionally identical to the Wish or Miracle spell.

Manipulation of Fate, Lesser [D]: CHA times per day Remilia can choose to manipulate the fate of more mundane actions or events, she can boost any one skill by one rank for example to gain a circumstance bonus for any action. If she depletes her Lesser Manipulations of Fate she cannot use Manipulation of Fate, Greater that day.

[My intention here is that Manipulation of Fate has somewhat Death Note like abilities but is more similar to Izanagi from Naruto, she can use it to change "fate" to be more to her liking but should have restriction that prevent it from simply being an "I Win" button, decisive ability yes munchkin's wet dream no but I don't know 100% how to reflect it in text so here's my thoughts on the matter in this blurb]

[Caster]Territory Creation [EX]: As Caster Remilia can use her Caster Territory Creation class feature to permanently summon her Mansion (which is also a Noble Phantasm in of itself) to the Grail battlegrounds with the restriction is must be located atop of two intersecting ley lines. The mansion summoned is veiled by red mist that obscures it from sight and acts as a perception filter, no one without superb magical detection abilities will be able to notice it's presence. It acts as a safe haven and numerous magical items are stored within. While its "true" location is anchored to the ley lines, it is nonetheless a powerful magical construct and it can "appear" to any viewer Remilia allows to see it virtually anywhere.

Remilia knows every magical or otherwise wondrous item within the Scarlet Devil Mansion and can instantly call to her hand any items within, and knows if any item has been taken from it or otherwise moved. She also knows instantly the moment anyone enters the mansion and may will the interior of the mansion to change as per the spell Maze to keep them trapped and wandering for a time or bring them straight to her. It may also be filled with various traps and guards Youkai materialized as E to D ranked Servants under Remilia's control.

While within the SDM Remilia can access the Ley Lines to cheapen the activation costs of any Epic Spell.

[Inspired by the 3.0e 10th level spell "Mage's Magnificient Mansion" it should really be an epic spell but only Caster gets it and its likely to be deployed immediately anyways so whatever, its to emphasis it as being a part of the Caster ability set, is a noble phantasm in its own right AND an epic spell]

[Caster] Epic Spell Casting [EX]: Once per day Remilia may cast an (of the list below) epic spell taking only one standard action to cast, but may cast additional epic spells but at their full prana cost and spellcasting duration unless otherwise specified.

-Epic Mage Armor: Remilia is clothed in magical armor, providing a +20 armor bonus to Armor Class. Unlike mundane armor, epic mage armor entails no armor check penalty, arcane spell failure chance, or speed reduction. Because epic mage armor is made of force, incorporeal creatures can’t bypass it the way they do normal armor.

-[Special] Contingent Resurrection: If slain Remilia returns to life within 1 minute so long as there is even a microscopic speck of dust to act upon and completely restored. Additionally as Caster Remilia is treated as a literal Devil from the Lower Plains and when Slain will rematerialize within the Mansion within 1d6 minutes albeit not fully restored and will take time to fully heal.

-Peripety: Ranged attacks targeted against the character rebound on the original attacker. Any time during the duration, five attacks are automatically reflected back on the original attacker; the character decides which attacks before damage is rolled. The reflected attack rebounds on the attacker using the same attack roll. Once five attacks are so reflected, the spell ends.

-Greater Ruin: The character deals 55d6 points of damage to a single target within range and line of sight. If the target is reduced to -10 hit points or less (or a construct, object, or undead is reduced to 0 hit points), it is utterly destroyed as if disintegrated. Only a trace of fine dust remains.

-Safe Time: Remilia may expended her Greater Manipulation of Fate and/or her Epic spell for the day to avoid any single attack or circumstances that may slay or otherwise mortally wound her that she wishes to avoid, to a maximum of two.

-Epic Repulsion: For as long as Remilia has her maximum Charisma benefit she can create a permanent ward against a specific type of creature. Any creature of the specified type cannot attack or touch the warded creature or object. The protection ends if the warded creature makes an attack against or intentionally moves to within 5 feet of a specified creature. Spell resistance can allow a creature to overcome this protection and touch the warded creature.

[It is surprisingly difficult to balance Remilia so that regardless of her class she is still formidable and tried to introduce trade offs but I think I failed

Additionally I picked Epic spells, 2-3 that seemed thematically fitting to the Youkai in question, also only Caster class can use Epic Spells to make up for lacking in physical ability as you'll see from Youmu later, I picked I think 5 to 6 for Remilia? Mostly because I'm lazy and didn't feel like inventing new epic spells for Mairsa and Patchouli yet, so I could only find 2-3 for them that fit their personality but hey being a 500 year old vampire should have its perks]
This is actually a lot of :words: so I'll post more if people feel that this is fine and are interesting in seeing my other interpretations. Feedback of course welcome and appreciated.

Who else I did: Youmu [Saber], Marisa [Caster], Flandre [Berserker/Lancer/Caster(?)] and will eventually do Wriggle [Rider]. Patchouli [Caster], Cirno [Saber/Lancer].

Which by the way I have a really hard time figuring out who else could be Rider, I'm thinking Muramasa Minitsu but no idea who else could qualify.

Additionally I have the idea that the [Ruler] class can instead of how it currently is in materials can be summoned as a special 8th class to act as Moderator and dole out/remove command seals if the local Humans are deemed incapable. [Shiki Yamaxanadu*, Sanae, Reimu]

*There's even the perfect epic spell for her, Damnation send the target immediately to hell for about an hour.

Ultimately I think I'll do a full conversion to GURPS or 3.5e/3.75e, the question becomes if they should be leveled up as full epic level characters or be technically mid teens sup epics but with functional epic abilities?

sorry for all the words, I hope people enjoy reading this and feel to give me feedback

Basic idea is that yes, it's a little intention that a bunch of her abilities could be abused and broken; but on the other hand I would like to point out that strength is relative and she's competing with other Touhou's with equally broken abilities. For example although I haven't posted it yet but Youmu can make about 60 full attacks in a round and then there's Flandre...
This is actually a lot of :words: so I'll post more if people feel that this is fine and are interesting in seeing my other interpretations. Feedback of course welcome and appreciated.

Mostly testing the waters first, I'll post more soonish I got four prepared total.
- "I used to think spells equaled power, too. Back when I was alive... You know what equals power? Power equals power. Crazy huh? ... If you can lose it by blowing two will saves then you never had power to begin with." - Xykon's much needed Hannibal Lecture to Varsuvius.

If your interested in an Oots style avatar please feel free to PM me and we can work out the details then.
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Blayne Barudorii
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Did Youmu.

Youmu Konpaku Gardener of the Azure Sky:

“Once again I have cut a worthless object.”

Youmu can be summoned as the Saber class.


Half Ghost Template: Youmu is half ghost and may turn into an ethereal form to bypass physical obstacles and fly; in physical form she cannot truly fly but by being a ghost she can slowly float down as if affected by feather fall and jump great distances. Also she can always interact with and see ethereal creatures or creatures made of force.

Superb Youkai Resilience: As a natural born half Youkai she has natural fast regeneration and can recover from even otherwise mortal wounds. [This is about 50% faster than Youkai Resilience]

Niten Ichi-ryū: Youmu has mastered the art of two handed sword fighting and has no penalty for using a sword in her off hand and additionally may use Flurry of Blows to attack additional times during a full attack round.

Kendo Mastery: Youmu through her mastery of Japanese sword arts has transcended mundane limitations and has acquired supernatural reflexes. Youmu may now take a 5-ft step after a successful attack roll and no longer takes attacks of opportunity when in combat and cannot be caught flat footed.

Iaijutsu Mastery: Youmu has mastered the art of drawing her blades to an unhuman level of achievement being able to instantly draw both her swords in one fluid movement, so fast that casuality itself bends as to always strike the target who has moved within her reach. Whenever Youmu takes a 5-ft step action or as a move action Youmu may sheave her swords and any enemy who attempts to attack her moves within her reach, even as a 5-ft step provokes an attack of opportunity that automatically hits with both swords.

[Su] Flash Step: Youmu through years of training in the Konpaku sword school style has mastered the supernatural ability to move in instantaneous bursts speeds for as long as she is not denied her Agility bonus to AC. She can once per day move freely up to 180-ft in a round even on top of otherwise unscalable obstacles. Closed unlocked doors or obstructions do not block her as she just instantly in real time opens and/or closes them or otherwise bypasses them, her movement need not be in a straight line. Every time Youmu takes a 5-ft step Youmu may continue to move and gains a free full round attack action until 180-ft has been traversed in total.

[Yes, this is entirely designed to be abused. Basically I mean this so that every time Youmu attacks someone she can take a 5 foot step, and then she can move and attack again thirty-six times. *This* is fighting at the level of Servants! And I think fits with many fanon interpretations of her abilities.]

Noble Phantasms:

Roukanken, The Lookout-Tower Sword [Anti-Army, A]; Roukanken the longer blade, is said to be able to kill ten ghosts in one swipe. Is a A ranked Noble Phantasm that is Anti-Army capable of releasing in a single slash a cutting crescent shaped wave of positive energy that instantly returns the undead and spirits to the underworld while doing massive damage to anything else, it travels in a cone pattern 120-ft in size. Roukanken will hum a sweet melody that only Youmu and her Master can hear in the presence of ghosts, spirits, or undead. There is a non-trivial prana cost to use this ability and can only use this around four times a day.

Hakurouken, The White Tower Sword [Anti-Personnel, Anti-Sorcery, B]; The shorter blade, is able to cleave through a person's own confusion. It is a sword of Divine Sword of Truth, it's swing will cut through and dispel any illusion regardless of its spellcraft DC and will break any and all enchantments, geas's or magical or psionic compulsions and bindings. It shines a cold blue light in the presence of any such sorceries. Using this ability costs a large amount of prana and can only be used in this fashion twice times a day.

Legacy of the Hakugyokurou [Anti-God, Anti-Fortress EX]: Roukanken and Hakurouken transform to form the Deva God Sword forged in the Age of the Gods to fight the Lords of Hell and the Hell Realm Sword forged within the Underworld to fight the Celestials of Heaven and both found their way into the hands of the Konpaku clan. Their power is immeasurable by conventional methods with the Hell Realm Sword said to be able to allow Youmu to deliver a killing blow instantly from a distance of 15 km away and is potentially capable of slaying gods and the God Deva Sword when swung hits with the force so powerful it is comparable to the Vengeful Gaze of God epic spell subjecting the target to 305d6 damage in positive energy, if the target is reduced to -10 hit points or less it is automatically destroyed as if disintegrated leaving only a trace of fine dust. When swung Youmu can strip any and all magical defences, instantly shatter non Noble Phantasm magical items on the target as if hit by Mage's Disjunction and strip the target of all memorized spells.

Using this Noble Phantasm uses an immense amount of prana and can only be used once every two weeks without lump sum or accelerated prana replenishment, it also is extremely physically taxing and Youmu takes across the board two rank tempory penalty to her stats.
Also add the following Errata to Lancer Remilia

[Lancer][Su]Shadow Step: AGL times per day so long as Remilia has not been denied her Agility bonus to AC she can so long as she is within a darkened room or standing at least one foot within shadow instantly move as a free action to any other shadow within 80-ft. and does not provoke an attack off opportunity.
Basic idea is to buff Lancer Remilia in a way that balances her out more against Youmu.

Generally I kinda imagine Youmu to be something like a cross between a Samurai Jack and FSN Saber expy with a touch of Goemon Ishikawa for humor.
- "I used to think spells equaled power, too. Back when I was alive... You know what equals power? Power equals power. Crazy huh? ... If you can lose it by blowing two will saves then you never had power to begin with." - Xykon's much needed Hannibal Lecture to Varsuvius.

If your interested in an Oots style avatar please feel free to PM me and we can work out the details then.
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Blayne Barudorii
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Many word.s

Yukari Yamkumo The Boundary of Phantasm

"This [Hakurei] barrier kept the outside world's common sense outside, leaving what lacked common sense inside, in Gensokyo. Wouldn't it be nice if the two could play?"

Potential Classes: Ruler, Archer, Caster

Skill's and Abilities:

Ruler Template: As the Ruler class Yukari is a “Moderator” for the Holy Grail War and is a specially summoned 8th Servant, arriving prior to event to select candidates to participate. The Ruler acts to advise and restrain the participants to maintain the secrecy of Gensokyo's existence. Due to these requirements the Ruler class does not divide up a Youkai's powers into separate classes and has all of them available.

A Ruler may remove and provide additional Command Seals to participants but there are restrictions:
1) To remove a maximum of one Command Seal from a Master he or she must have broken the Rules of the Grail War no matter hor minor or trivial (Leaving the area, accidentally being seen by bystanders etc)
2) To provide a Command Seal there must be a contest, regardless of difficulty in which at least two Master's are present, with a clear winner and a clear loser. Ruler may provide a maximum of one Command Seal however she sees fit to the contestants.
3) Leftover Command Seals from the previous war may also be given out to any non-participant Magus, under “pressing” circumstances according to Ruler's best judgement.

[The rules are deliberately lax here for a reason and meant to invoke “honor system guidelines” kind of lack of foresight on the part of the people designing the system. Someone like Shikieiki Yamaxanadu or Sanae would never even think of abusing them because doing so risks threatening the Balance of Gensokyo.]

[Ruler, Caster, Archer] Spell Like Abilities:
At-will Unlimited Times/Day [Misc]: Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand*, Mending*, Message*, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Predistigitation, Identify, Unseen Servant, Detect Secret Doors, Feather Fall.

[*: These abilities visual descriptions change to reflect Yukari's Gapness]
As a maintainer of the Barrier of Gensokyo that keeps the land interdimensionally separated from the world Yukari has access to all spells as at-will spell like abilities with a thematic connection to barriers, walls, obstacles, obstructions, shields, doorways and other force manipulation.

Such as: Mage Armor, Greater Mage Armor, Shield, Hold Portal, Open/Shut, Endure Elements, Elemental Protection [X], Protection from [Alignment], Displacement, Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Doorway, Stoneskin, Invisibility, Invisibility Sphere, Wall of Stone/Force/Iron, Hold Person/Monster, Phase Door, Protection from Spells, Dimensional Lock, Scintillating Scales, Screen, Iron Body, Prismatic Wall/Sphere, Forcecage, Gate, Etc.

She may cast these spells Unlimited/9/9/9/7/7/6/6/6/5 times per day based on spell level. {Level 0, Level 1... Etc}

Epic Youkai Resilience: As one of the oldes-*Gap'ed* Youkai in Gensokyo she has highly developed natural defences, she has +15 Natural AC, and Damage reduction -/20 Epic for bot physical and magical attacks and has Regeneration Fast and will recover from otherwise fatal wounds.

[Ruler, Archer] Danmaku: Yukari can fire off dozens of swirling prismatic orbs of energy that explode on contact, however she can only have precise control over a few orbs at a time otherwise firing them in aimed volleys.

[I don't know what those knife like things are called, anyone know?]

Arcane Spell Casting: As Caster in addition to her at-will spellcasting she may cast Arcane spells that she has prepared at the beginning of each day. She has access to every spell ever invented and every spell yet to be invented. She is a specialist in the school of Conjuration and Abjuration her barred schools are [???].

Youkai of the Boundary: Yukari can see any “boundary” of any object or humanoid creature, meaning she can at a glance see and infer every enchantment, curse or enhancement placed or otherwise materialized. She also sees through any door as if it were open, and any secret doors and passages mundare or magical as if they were not there.

Curse of Dreams and Reality: Yukari can look within a person's dreams and make them reality, conjuring your worst fears and nightmares to fight against. Likewise she can attempt to trap you within your dreamworld of where everything you loved and cared for that you once lost is there with you forever, like the spell solipsism you are rendered helpless unless you can reject the dream; time has no meaning within the dreamscape and should you at any point reject it and break out you find yourself back where you were as if barely a moment has gone by.

Yukari may also create simulcrum copies of people or items based off her own imagination; these items other than mimicing the material weight, size and feel are completely mundate except for a base enhancement bonus and any person copied in this manner see the Simulcrum spell description.

Balance of Motion and Stillness: Yukari is unaffected by movement constraining spells, she can also dispel any such spell in another person. Yukari may also take any spell designed to protect against such a spell such as Freedom of Movement and “reverse” it, the target must save or become afflicted.

Example, if you have Magic Resistance casted giving you +8 to your saves, Yukari can make it so that you must Save or gain a -8 penalty to your saves.

Mesh of Light and Darkness: Yukari is unaffected by sight obscuring spells or abilities, such as darkness; Likewise she may dispel any sight or sense obscuring curse or magic in another person or monster, or take any defencive spell of that nature and “reverse” it, the target must save or be afflicted.

Boundary of the Mundane and the Fantastic: Yukari may disenchant any non artifact non-Noble Phantasm item she encounters, though she may for one round suppress the abilities of an artifact/Noble Phantasm. Yukari may otherwise enchant any item as she sees fit to a maximum of being a C ranked Noble Phantasm.

Xanadu of Straight and Curve: Yukari is immune to any fear, mind altering, or insanity causing effects such as when dealing with Far Realm creatures, spells or abilities, and is immune or otherwise gains a considerable circumstance bonus when engaging Aberrations or Abominations as if they were a favoured enemy as they defy the boundary between “real” and “unreal”, they disgust her and will attempt to destroy them on sight.

Likewise Yukari is unperturbed by non-euclidean geometries, and always knows her relative position when in any non-euclidean space and may always find her way as if walking down a straight corridor. Even if the plane of existence she is within is sentient or otherwise designed to defy logic or sanity.

[Yes, I named them after her spellcards :3: ]

[Ruler Only] Boundary of Humans and Youkai: Yukari can make herself or any other Youkai into a normal human, additionally she may also transform any Human into a Youkai the only restriction being the Human targeted may turn into whichever one they have a subconscious empathy towards. Youkai turned into humans are almost entirely normal humans and lose the bulk of their Youkai abilities keeping only reduced and weakened versions of powers or abilities that they hold the greatest connection to.

To use this power on other targets Yukari must specify conditions that must be physically possible to carry out that will restore the target to normal.

Yukari may also deny a Servant one of their abilities or class features in exchange for losing one of her own. Turning them (and herself) “a little bit more human”.

[This ability screams “Omake 4Koma!!!”]

Summon Shikigami [Su]: Yukari may summon her Shikigami Ran Yakumo to battle for her, Ran as summoned by this method is a member of the [Summoner or Crusader] class. She is a 9-tailed fox Youkai and as such she is semi-divine being with B rank divinity. There is no duration on the spell and once summoned need not leave her Master's side so long as she is provided with prana to remain materialized. She excels both in long ranged and short ranged combat but has trouble at medium ranges. Ran may also summon her own Shikigami Chen [Shapeshifter].

Noble Phantasms

Yukari's Parasol[A]: Allowing herself to float as per the spell feather fall, she can change its size, shape or colour to appear as any other type of umbrella. The Umbrella is the manifestation of Yukari's role as the maintainer of the Barrier surrounding Gensokyo in that it can negate any attack on Yukari, any magical spell casted at or on Yukari is negated and any physical attack is blocked, and adds +10 deflection AC to Yukari but can only block one attack by round. It also protects her against the rain.

Youkai of the Gaps [EX]: If anything sums up Yukari and her connection to the boundary of Gensokyo it's her “gaps”. These shrouds are “holes” in space-time and a conceptual item connected to Yukari's soul and has no physical object tying it to the world other than Yukari herself. They appear as dark portals emanating an ominous purple hue, the gaps can appear in generally any 2-Dimensional shape but typically appear as large crescents. They cannot be dispelled or destroyed except temporarily via Mage's Dysjunction or Superb Dispelling and may be suppressed by an Anti-Magic Field, nor can they occupy the same space as the Prismatic Wall or Sphere spells.

Yukari can propagate 1d6 “Gaps” per round, each individual gap may do one of the below but nothing else. They require significant amounts of prana to remain open and once the supply is interrupted for any reason they disappear.

Propagating and controlling any number of gaps past the first is mentally taxing and physically exhausting and Yukari cannot use her Youkai of the Boundary abilities at the same time.

[From a few doujin's I read Yukari can't “Gap” herself away when she has a barrier up, so I'm trying to mimic this.]]

Yukari can “sit” on them and hover as per the spell floating disk and anyone else she allows. She can use it to bring any object she owns regardless of its location to her as per Teleport Object and can use them to instantly transport herself to her designated “Safe Spot” as per the “Recall” spell.

Using her gaps Yukari can teleport herself or any other person or creature to any location she desires; except To Gensokyo during the Grail War, and cannot during the Grail War transport Servants or their Masters outside the confines of the Island of Montreal.

The “Gaps” also act as summoning circles and should she wish it Yukari can summon her twice her total HD each round of Youkai from Gensokyo to her location, presumably she had dominated their wills or otherwise secured their allegiance prior to summoning them. They are summoned as if by the Summon Creature X spell and will disappear back to Gensokyo (the only exception to the above rule) as per the spell description.

[Let's Peg this at 2 Adult Red Dragon's max per round.]

Yukari may choose to have physics continue to apply to any object passing through or not, additionally Yukari has her own enclosed pocket dimension, where the laws of reality and the passage of time are up to her. The Pocket Dimension is roughly 1 km cubed in volume and may keep as many items or people within that space as she has space for; any people kept within it are kept in suspended animation as to not be harmed by any items floating around but Yukari may take this out of this state to question them but will automatically slowly return to stasis as living beings are not compatible with the laws of reality within the gaps.

Additionally any weapon, spell, etc thrown, fired, or shot at Yukari can be gapped away and stored or fired back assuming Yukari can make a reflex save to catch it.

As such Yukari's most common tactic is to “gap” swords, arrows, knives, spears et cetera; then lets them fall and gather momentum until they reach terminal velocity before “gapping” them to her demiplane where they even if suspending still possess their momentum. Then by merely opening her gaps once per round may select one such item per gap to fire at her enemies.

[There's no reason why her gaps couldn't mimic Gate of Babylon to a large extant, but I draw the line at her exploding things with it and she doesn't have anything resembling Ea.]

[Ruler, Caster]Epic Spellcasting:

[Ruler] Yukari may three times per day cast at-will the following epic spells:
[Caster] Yukari may once per day cast at-will the following epic spells:

[Gap]Dragon Ritual: This spell summons an adult gold dragon. It appears where the character designates and acts immediately. It attacks the character’s opponents to the best of its abilities (on the first round, it prefers to breathe fire on an enemy, if possible). The character can direct the dragon not to attack, to attack particular enemies, or to perform other actions.

[Gap]Dragon Strike, This spell summons ten adult gold dragons. They appear where the character designates and act immediately. They attack the character’s opponents to the best of their abilities (on the first round, they all prefer to simultaneously breathe fire on an enemy, if possible). The character can direct the dragons not to attack, to attack particular enemies, or to perform other actions.

Contingent Resurrection, Contingent resurrection returns the subject to life if he or she is slain. Once cast, the spell remains quiescent and does not activate until the trigger conditions have been met (but each day it remains untriggered, it uses up an epic spell slot, even if the character cast it on another creature). Once triggered, the spell is expended. If the subject is killed (the trigger), he or she is restored to life and complete health 1 minute later, so long as even a tiny bit of dust remains for contingent resurrection to act upon. A shaft of light shines down from the heavens, illuminating the subject and everything within 20 feet. The creature is restored to full hit points, vigor, and health, with no loss of prepared spells.

[Gap]Damnation: Yukari sends his or her foe to within her gap that resembles hell. If Yukari succeeds at a melee touch attack, the target must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = the standard epic spell DC + 15). If he or she fails this saving throw, he or she is sent straight to a layer demiplane within Yukari's gap swarming with fiends. The subject will not willingly leave the plane for 20 hours, believing that his or her predicament is a just reward for an ill-spent life*. Even after the compulsion fades, he or she must devise his or her own escape from the plane. Unless the GM devises a specific location and scenario, the subject encounters a group of 1d4 pit fiends (or balors) every hour he or she spends in hell.

*This spell does not work on Tenshi Hinanawi being a Celestial; figures as she would just enjoy it anyways.

Epic Counterspell, To use epic counterspell, select an opponent as the target. The character does this by readying an action, electing to wait to complete his or her action until the opponent tries to cast a spell (the character may still move his or her speed, because readying a counterspell is a standard action). If the target tries to cast a spell, make a dispel check: Roll d20+40 against a DC of 11 + the foe’s caster level. If the check is successful, the character’s spell negates the foe’s spell.

Epic Repulsion, You can create a permanent ward against a specific type of creature. Any creature of the specified type cannot attack or touch the warded creature or object. The protection ends if the warded creature makes an attack against or intentionally moves to within 5 feet of a specified creature. Spell resistance can allow a creature to overcome this protection and touch the warded creature.

Eternal Freedom: The subject becomes permanently immune to the following specific spells, effects, and spell-like abilities: entangle, hold, imprisonment, paralysis, petrification, sleep, slow, stunning, temporal stasis, and web.

Nailed to the Sky: Nailed to the sky actually places the target so far from the surface of the world and at such a speed that it keeps missing the surface as it falls back, so it enters an eternal orbit. Unless the target can magically fly or has some other form of non-physical propulsion available, the target is stuck until someone else rescues it. Even if the target can fly, the surface is 2 to 4 hours away, assuming a fly spell, which allows a maximum speed of 720 feet per round while descending. The target may not survive that long. Depending on the world where nailed to the sky is cast, conditions so far from its surface may be deadly. Deleterious effects include scorching heat, cold, and vacuum. Targets subject to these conditions take 2d6 points of damage each from heat or cold and 1d4 points of damage from the vacuum each round. The target immediately begins to suffocate.

[Gap]Raise Island: The character can literally raise a new island from out of the sea, bringing to the surface a sandy or rocky but otherwise barren protrusion that is solid, stable, and permanently established. The island is roughly circular and about 5000 feet in diameter. Raise island only works if the ocean is less than 1,000 feet deep where the spell is cast.

Epic Mage Armor: +20 AC etc.

[Ruler Only] Greater Time Stop: This spell seems to make time cease to flow for everyone but you. In fact, you speed up so greatly that all other creatures seem frozen, though they are actually still moving at their normal speeds. You are free to act for one hour rounds of apparent time. Normal and magical fire, cold, gas, and the like can still harm you. While the time stop is in effect, other creatures are invulnerable to your attacks and spells; you cannot target such creatures with any attack or spell. A spell that affects an area and has a duration longer than the remaining duration of the time stop have their normal effects on other creatures once the time stop ends. Most spellcasters use the additional time to improve their defenses, summon allies, or flee from combat.

You cannot move or harm items held, carried, or worn by a creature stuck in normal time, but you can affect any item that is not in another creature’s possession.

You are undetectable while time stop lasts. You cannot enter an area protected by an antimagic field while under the effect of time stop.

[[Gap] Is just meant to signify she uses her gaps partially in casting the spell.]

Link to spell description
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